House servers suffering from financial bail-out

House servers suffering from financial bail-out

Summary: The U.S. House of Representatives website continues to suffer severe latency this morning.

TOPICS: Servers, Banking

The U.S. House of Representatives website continues to suffer severe latency this morning. A Firefox visit at 6:30 am Pacific time took easily 10 seconds to load and the associated style sheet never did load. The problem appears to stem from a massive overload of traffic from citizens downloading the rejected financial bail-out bill and trying to comment on the "Write Your Rep" feature. ABC News reported yesterday that feature had shut down, with site administrators posting a "go away and come back later" message:

While we realize communicating to your Members of Congress is critical, we suggest attempting to do so at a later time, when demand is not so high. System engineers are working to resolve this issue and we appreciate your patience.

Obviously, it's time for the House and other government agencies to look at doing a serious upgrade. House spokesman Jeff Ventura agrees:

If this is sort of your barometer of what a landmark legislative event is, clearly you want to scale up to that level, probably in the not-too-distant future.

Topics: Servers, Banking

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  • simple solution

    The Congress must replace those servers with Linux boxes that can handle the trafic, so the people can communicate and the lawmakers can listen and fix the economy.
    Everebody wins in this scenario and there will be no need for $700 billion bailout.
    Linux will again save the day.
    Linux Geek
    • Even simpler solution...

      Congress should stick a fork in this bill!! The people clearly do not want it.
    • That is what is causing the problem

      they allready [i]are[/i] running Linux on those particular servers.

      It is little wonder they are having these problems now that 30 people are attempting to write their congressmen
      • Nope! WGA probably caught them.....

        and hit the servers with "reduced functionality".

        Now it will cost 2 billion $$$$$$ for licenses and another billion for hardware upgrades that are capable of running WGA AND DRM simultaneously.
        Ole Man
  • They probably reached their cap.

    Now their service has been degraded.
    • LOL!!!! 10

      Hallowed are the Ori
  • More to come

    Is this news or par for the course? Why should this be a surprise?

    It's just like everything else government runs (or wants to run) - crappy.
  • Its the other kind of servers that are inadequate.

    "Obviously, it???s time for the House and other government agencies to look at doing a serious upgrade. House spokesman Jeff Ventura agrees:"

    Actually I think it's time for our Representatives to stop considering legislation that compels the entire country to respond with a collective "ARE YOU NUTS". The current servers would be more than adequate for a Congress that practices responsible legislation.
  • RE: House servers suffering from financial bail-out

    Again, big deal. Like they said, go away and come back later.
    • Congressional Buffoons

      Remember it's "Shut up and pay your taxes!"
  • RE: House servers suffering from financial bail-out

    Johnny Q. Taxpayer is still outraged that the Senate passed a patchwork of too much in hand outs, no financial responsibility for the use of funds, etc.
    An attitude of whatever is wrong will be fixed next week, IF EVER. SameO SameO "Business as Usual"

    The Gov't. in total just doesn't "get it."

    The thinking people of the U.S. are FED UP with political shenagians and obfuscations of facts.

    If it had been done right the first time there would not be a demand for doing it again for the third time.
    • Maybe IT was the cause of Wall St. meltdown

      I've read several articles that "blame" the sub-prime and financial meltdown on a computer model.

      Whatever, the cause, it is crazy to allow any betting outside of Lost Wages, Atlantic City and the few other legal casinos plus all of the Native American establishments. Part of the options market is that I'll buy so many tons of corn today at a given price, so I can keep making Ethanol or corn flakes. That makes sense. The other part of the options markets allows anyone to buy a "contract" that the DJI (or something else) that "bets" the market will go up or down. That's gambling. It has nothing to do with resources or any job creation or retention.

      But telling people who want a house that they can afford it on their income (interest only loans, low rates that increase in 1 yr, etc.) is no different than the drug dealer on the corner giving out samples. The end result is the "receiver" is out of luck.

      If anyone on this forum thinks that they can prosper without access to credit (them or their employers or the city they live in), look at 1932. There was only 25% unemployment. but it was world-wide and the 2 events that brought back the economy was FDR's Keynesian economic deficit spending and WW II.

      Which of those 2 events do you want repeated? I opt for the "bailout" or "guarantee". Korea, Vietnam and Iraq I & II were enough for me!
  • RE: House servers suffering from financial bail-out

    Maybe now citizens will start seriously thinking about voting all of the incumbents out. O yea I forgot, nobody wants to stop getting Federal money for local projects. And so the cycle continues.
  • RE: House servers suffering from financial bail-out

    Most of the people that are categorically opposed to the bailout (or rescue or whatever you want to call it) are too engrossed in non financial matters to understand what is really, really going on.
    Credit is drying up. Try to buy a car. If you are a contractor building commercial buildings call your supplier or your bank to order material or to hire more workers and see what happens. An item in the business news a few days ago: MacDonalds wanted to get loan fro Bank of America to enhance their coffee making equipment. The answer they got was --Sorry.

    Or wait till you try to buy the latest technology toy and find you can't because the bank has reduced your credit card's limit.

    The more you learn how this mess is structured the more scared you should be.

    • I disagree

      I think the people that care enough to contact there representatives also care enough to understand this situation and why a "bail out is bad." Bottom line, if these assests (meaning over priced homes) aren't worth investors holding on too then why would the american taxpayer want them? The same day the House voted this bill down the Federal reserve created 600billion in credit for banks and such to lend, this really has no bearing on why banks won't lend.