Is administration to blame for comm failures during Katrina?

Is administration to blame for comm failures during Katrina?

Summary: Paul Kaputska over at advancedIP Pipeline is blogging that the Bush Administration is to blame for the communications breakdown the Gulf region is suffering from right now.

TOPICS: Telcos

Paul Kaputska over at advancedIP Pipeline is blogging that the Bush Administration is to blame for the communications breakdown the Gulf region is suffering from right now.

As Hurricane Katrina rudely pointed out this week, there's still no coherent, nation-wide first-responders communications network, a technology failure that must fall, in part, at the current leader's feet.

Instead of encouraging innovation in networking, the Bush administration's new leader of the FCC seems determined to affix old-school thinking to new technologies. From all we've read about the Katrina aftermath so far, none of the "standard" communications technologies -- landline phones, or police and fire radio systems -- were able to fully handle the crush of communications. Newer services, however, like text messaging, stayed up and running, in part due to their more efficient use of limited bandwidth.

What do you think? Are FCC policies to blame for the first responder difficulties this week? 

Topic: Telcos

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  • Administration

    Sure, it,s got to be Bush, doesn't it?
    You guys really scrape to cover up problems caused by that wonderfull,honest,upright etc.etc.
    • Administration

      You know my car ran out of gas the other day, that must have been Bush's fault too. I couldn't have been my fault just because I didn't fill the tank.

      You people make me sick. No matter what happens its Bush's fault.
      • Administration

        Y'know, this is exactly what the Republicans were saying about the Democrats while Clinton was in office. Everything was his fault, regardless of what it was, even when the Republicans were in charge of the Houses. It's how we deal with things. Between W and Clinton, there is no comparison. Clinton was a true leader. Bush is just the opposite. Remember when promised he would not go into war without a good exit plan? He lied. But I state the obvious, he's a politician.
        • Wake up

          A fire escape has no value when the fire is in front of the excape.

          Ten fire escapes have no value if you cannot get to any of them.

          Ask any fireman, fires are unpredictable. Forest fires are even worse, you cannot control the weather, wind, and many other issues that jump up when you least expect them.

          Every fire call starts out the same and few end the same. By your definition, fireman need to get their act together and are frequent liers because they often do as much damage putting out a fire as the fire caused.

          We accept that as a cost of fighting fires. Warfare is no different from fighting a fire, only the scale and cost factors.

          As for Clinton, he only did what got votes. He knew about Bin Laden and did nothing because it would not have generated votes and may have caused some minority people to scream at him.

          If Clinton would have taken on Bin Laden, we would not be in Iraq now. Bush made a decision that worthless Clinton could never had made, the hard decisions.
          • He tried to respond to Bin Laden...

            ...but the Republican controlled Congress said he was "wagging the dog" -- an attempt to deflect from his domestic problems (*-Gate as the Republicans called everything). Every response he tried, the Republicans blamed him for it!!!
          • By starting a war..

            ..with the wrong guy inthe wrong country for the wrong reason!
          • Whe you're blinded by ideologies...

            you cannot see further than the tip of your nose, because the ideology frame your thinking. It puts some boudaries in your thinking that prevents you from seem log term, and prenvents you from considering the past without bias.
            I can see that given the Saddam past experiences, it is not hard to see the alliances he could have done to advance his evil objectives. I cannot think of any other evil gov in Middle East to be attack.
            Now, judging from how the whole of Iraq people dodge bullets to go to voting, I can see how you have all the reasons to oppose the war.
            Shed the ideology, learn how to think for yourself.
      • Then who's fault is it?

        Perhaps you couldn't afford to fill it up and that is certainly Bush's fault. As CEO of a corporation, whioch is nothing more than Bush is, when something goes wrong, it is my fault. It's the lies, stupid.
    • It is Bush's Fault... or at least those advising him

      As a former supporter of GW, I feel compelled to offer this. A forward thinking "LERDER" might have had the foresight to understand that today's technology is more than copper wires and radios. The head of the FCC most certainly should be aware of the new and newer methods of communication and prepared to assure the American public that everything humanly possible can, should, and will be done in the event of a catostrophy of this or even lesser magnitude. Instead he and the rest of GW's cronies seem content to maintain the status quo everywhere but the Middle East. THESE ARE AMERICANS IN TORUBLE HERE!!!!!!!!! Althought I believe GW is a good man... I feel that he's simply not equipt for the tasks at hand... and that's a shame.

      For all his faults, Bill Clinton was first and foremost a leader. Were he the pres during this time of need for those in and around Naw-leans, I believe the response from the American people would have been stronger and much more supportive. Clinton understood technology and the need to continue to grow it and integrate it into today's modern life. Something that "The Old Boy's Network" can't seem to grasp. Perhaps its cause they are "OLD BOYS"
      • Clinton's technology grasp

        Sure he understood. After all, his Vice President invented the internet! Clinton was first, and foremost a liar.
      • Nope, not Sick Willie...

        He wasn't really a "leader" as much as he was a "wet finger in the air" to see what action would get him the most positive reaction. What did he ever do to demonstrate his "understanding" of technology"? GW is a leader, shown by his willingness to do the "right thing", without feeling compelled to test the winds, and stick to it regardless of the attacks.

        N.O. needed a Rudy Juliani and all they got was Ray Nagin.
        • Bush

          Bush would not know the truth if he fell over it in broad daylight. He probably killed too many brain cells during his drunken school days.
          • Sure

            It was Bush that started Katrina. He ordered CIA to start that hurricane so it would devastate Louisiana because they have a democrat mayor and a democrat governor and also there is a lot of poor black people in Norleans that need to be punished. charlesmo
      • Clinton the Leader

        Clinton was a leader, he would lead where ever the polls told him to go...
    • Administration

      I'm willing to bet you blame Clinton for everything, though, don't you?
    • Oh ! Cut the Crap !!!

      Wasn't it the Government who created the internet in the first place?! Specifically for the purpose of providing distributed - attack resistant communications?

      Now they're blaming the ISPs and cellphone carriers for not providing connectivity during the disaster!

      Why does the Government NOT have ways to connect to the internet via satellite or whatever?
    • Administration

      I did not know Clinton was responsible for it taking 3 or 4 days for for help to start to trickle in to the gulf aria. Bad Bad Clinton.
  • blame,blame, blame

    the first thing that happens after a disaster is the blame game. in this case blame the current administration in washington,d.c. ........puleese. i don't care who's in office at 1600 pennsylvania ave. be they republican, democrat, or a "bleeping" headless chicken.while this could have been prepared for over time,what do people do? they build cities below sea level surrounded by water, they build multi-million dollar resorts with casinos right on the beach, and when nature absent mindedly decides to clean the beach,blame it on washington,d.c. as a former 1st responder here in missouri we had our personal backups in case of power outages. ever hear of c.b. radios. we used channel 2 off and on for years. and with the boost in technology we started using handheld c.b.'s 10 years ago so we were never out of touch with each other in the field. and in the case of new orleans, everybody knew some day this would happen. they haven't upgraded their levee system in 30 years or longer and were did they put the pumps ? undergroud! they don't even bury their dead underground there. so who's to blame ? it's the stupid people who govern areas like new orleans who live their who life with their brains, buried underground with the water pumps.
    • blame,blame, blame

      My friend, you're 'spot on'. This is unfortunately a mid-term exam. We learn from trying. I've been looking for people that agree with you about blame. The blame starts at the bottom and goes up. The citizens should have realized, the city should have insisted, the parish should assist, the state should oversee and the federal government should be the ones to co-ordinate the other's efforts. Will there be mistakes? Dern tootin'. Will we learn from this? Absolutely. Let's get the families back together, look for work where they are, give them a hand and forget politics until the proper time for review.
      • blame,blame,blame

        The problem is that one side is terrified the other is going to gain some kind of political advantage out of handling this situation. When you add to that the failures at the front lines with the New Orleans first responders abandoning their posts you end up with a cascade panic effect. The end result is that the people who are high and dry and couldn't affect anything that happened one way or the other are standing around pointing fingers at each other because they fear the other will gain some kind of advantage out of this like Guilliani did out of the 9/11 mess.