KY moves to create email registry for sex offenders

KY moves to create email registry for sex offenders

Summary: Bill would make failure to register emails and IM screen names a felony.


In Kentucky, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill to require convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and instant message, chat and online screen names.

Failure to do so would make become a Class D felony, which carries a sentence of one to five years. A subsequent offense would be a Class C felony, which carries a penalty of five to 10 years.

Norman Arflak, secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, told the committee the registry would give law enforcement a place to start when investigating sex crimes against children when computers are involved. The registry would allow law enforcement to create a searchable database of the screen names.

The bill would allow for the re-imprisonment of parolees. If a paroled offender communicates with a child over the Internet -- a parole violation -- but does not actually commit a crime, the offender could still be thrown back into prison.

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  • Hope There is More

    Totally believe keeping a watch on the offenders, but this method just creates more spending of tax dollars with limit benefit... How many email address do you have? How easy are they to get with bogus information, and delete.. Why don't we try to enforce the laws we have and instead of making a name for yourself with a law that is limited with it's enforce and usefulness.

    It's really difficult just turning on a computer much less being on the Internet.Web cam and uploading large video files is almost impossible.This isn't libido it's something else.I think that sex offenders belong in prison.
    • Sex Offender Life of Crime

      The word sex offender and the sex offender registry do not = Pedophiles. You need to learn that not all sex offenders have committed a crime against a child. Futhermore some of the people on the sex offender registry are on it because they were 17 years old and had sex with a 15 year old friend.
      Tim Pa
  • user names & screen names are reused

    the trouble with this is that user names and screen names are reused by different people. i cycled thru several hundred names for one on-line game i play before finally finding one. who knows who or what used it before? when another ISP bought the ISP that i was using a few years ago there were previous recent owners of a few of the email account names i chose. who were they? what were they into? there is virtually NO identification verification performed by any internet services. suppose you inadvertly chose a screen name that was shared by a monitored offender? i don't subscribe to the conservative mantra of "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear from us spying on you" just like the guy who killed the two offenders in Maine after getting their addresses from a web site, what prevents the vindictive among us from purposely using a convicted offender's screen name or email address for the purpose of creating more problems for him/her? this is a stupid idea that has the potential to harm more innocents than stop any bad guys. it's another case of technology exceeding the ability to understand it by people with power.
  • RE: KY moves to create email registry for sex offenders

    Lawmakers continue to exerbate the problem with "feel good," "ineffective" legislation. 60 million people have been molested in this country and 30 million will go on to repeat a molestation. Incest and friends of the family make up for 98% of the registry yet have a recidivism rate of between 1 % 2 percent. Prevention through Education and that at the community level is the KEY. Not more feel good laws. Politicians and entertainment are out for votes and ratings. It's about self aggrandizement in the name of protecting children and the laws they pass are doing "MORE HARM THAN GOOD!
  • RE: KY moves to create email registry for sex offenders

    To better understand my first post, please visit my website at and view the article "Incest - A Family Tragedy."