What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

Summary: I am not making this up. I could not possibly make this up.


Ever wonder what the first Apple II looked like? This is it. The Apple II 29-kiloton nuclear test, originally fired off at the Nevada Test Site on May 5, 1955.

The world is a very strange place. I was born just a little while before the Cuban Missile Crisis. My parents and many of your parents and grandparents were terrified of the possibility of a nuclear war starting in Cuba. I grew up where the primary nuclear avoidance strategy was called "duck and cover." Basically, we were taught in elementary school that you stick your head between your legs and kiss your class goodbye.

The U.S.S.R., the Red Menace, Russia -- this was the Evil Empire, the Supreme Enemy. The Soviets, we were told, existed solely with the desire to destroy the West. Their ideology was diametrically opposed to ours. Russia was the original red state.

China was part of the same game. China was the Soviet Union's little commie puppet nation. China, too, was the great enemy.

We spied on them. They spied on us. We had nukes pointed at their major cities. They had nukes pointed at ours. The big discussion was about overkill -- how many times over could we bomb them back to the Stone Age vs. how many times over they could do it to us.

We were not pals.

Today, the fog of war is even thicker. On one hand, we're buddies, allies, even friends with Russia. We buy their software. Acronis' drive imaging software comes from Russia. Many PHP add-ons we routinely use come from Russia as well. A number of quasi-legal MP3 sites are located in Russia, but frequented by Americans who are willing to pay to get their music kinda-sorta legally, but most definitely cheaply.

With China, of course, we borrow money. Trillions and trillions of dollars. Each one of us is tens of thousands of dollars in debt -- to the Communists (for they are still Reds) in China.

These are strange days. And now, they're even stranger.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced this week (PDF) that they're offering the opportunity for hearings and comment on a wee little purchase of mofo-frackin' uranium by the Russians.

I am not making this up. I could not possibly make this up.

It turns out that JSC Atomredmetzoloto (a Russian company) is trying to buy the Uranium One Irigaray-Christensen Ranch in-situ leach uranium recovery (ISR) facility in eastern Wyoming.

Now, this is not just a Russian company. Oh, no. Atomredmetzoloto, according to the NRC, "is controlled by Rosatom, the Russian Federation’s state agency that oversees the Russian nuclear industry."

Kudos to my friend Jorge who pointed out this little bit of news. I couldn't have said it any better than when he said, "The world no longer makes any sense to me."

Of course, I'm older than Jorge. The world stopped making sense to me a long time ago.

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David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

    The world is not a friendly place. We wish the world was one Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, but the only constant among nations is each governments' self-interest. I think we're the only ones who don't believe this.
    We have already surreneded the 'rare earth' metals industry to China and they are beginning to restrict what the rest of the world gets. (see Wall Street Journal, they've done good work on this. Sorry, can'get link at this time.)
  • Why not?

    Why not? Obama wants to gut NASA and send the rocket building jobs to Russia too. All part of the grand plan.
    • Only goes to show that Obama is more right of center...

      @wkulecz... than left. After all sending jobs to the private sector and overseas is a republican theme. On the extreme right you have people like Angle, Palin, Buck, Miller, etc who would send all good paying jobs overseas, eliminate entitlements so that you can support your grandparents, parents, and your children on your Wal-mart wages with no health care. Nice.
      • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

        @JM1981 just proves that there are always fools and idiots like you among us
      • lmaas...

        ... Nice, can't debate it so you resort to ad hominem's and insults, a true republican.
  • Article a little misleading.

    Uranium One Inc(UUU.TO). is a publicly traded Canadian Company, and yes this company has a subsidiary that holds that Mine. The fact of the matter is that this isn't the US Government selling the mine. Prime example of head in the sand yellow journalism. It took me 2 minutes to research this.
    • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

      @JM1981 And that is the real point that the author still can't admit to himself: the Corporations are the greatest mechanism behind the ruling class' control. A control that crosses borders and envelops most governments of all forms.
  • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

    Uranium One is one of the world?s largest publicly traded uranium producers with a globally
    diversified portfolio of assets located in Kazakhstan, the United States, Australia and South
    Africa. Kazakhstan - 9th largest country and the largest land-locked country.
  • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

    Com'on... WE still have 5000+ Nuc's and so do the Ruski's and Chinese... and some others have their own fat albert's... Sell'em the Urainium... and relax... we have how to de-nuclearize it now from our (I'm a US 6 year VN Vet and been here in Ukraine 19 years now) Ukrainian scientists... It's all gonna be ok, if you 'scared-by-the-news' kids start thinking and working towards winning instead of the daily negative news!! Turn off Fox, Helloooo...
  • Since it's a Canadian company, I'm surprised the news was noticed at all..

    'Cause the US news seems to have missed the attempts by a Chinese company to buy the Canadian company PotashCorp (largest fertilizer provider in the world). And the efforts by a Chinese company to buy a big chunk of the Alberta tar sands.

    American farmers use fertilizer. Lots and lots of fertilizer.

    Despite the common misconception, the US doesn't import most of it's gas from the mid-east, but from Canada - specifically Alberta.

    I'll let the Einsteins here do the math and figure out the implications of fertilizer and oil going west and not south.
    • Considering how many people we have in this country...

      who are full of sh*t, I think we can find a way to survive without Canadian fertilizer. American ingenuity will figure out a way to harness enough crap from both the Rush Limbaugh show and the Rachel Maddow show to feed generations to come.
      • Funny thing - I've been saying the same thing.... (nt)

  • My godddd, who is governing in washinton, what is going on ??

    First we let our most talented companies set up shop in China, so that they can steal our IP and copy it and sell it cheap on the side, now we are giving away material that can potentially be used against us.... I am begging anyone that will listen in Washington, please help and stop all this horrible yard sale of America.... sorry, this makes no sense at all....
    • Oh wow. Are you related to Palin?

      @theguru1995@... I mean really, several of us now have pointed out that this is a mine owned by a publicly traded company. If you don't like it we could always revert to communism, which is what republicans love to throw in the face of the democrats. Welcome to the real world.
      • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?


        Wow you need to go back and read the article again. No ware did it state that Uranium One Inc is a Government Held company. It stated that "U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced this week that they?re offering the opportunity for hearings and comment on a wee little purchase of mofo-frackin? uranium by the Russians"

        This agency will have to approve any such purchase (seriously dought they will, given the Russians cooperation with Iran). I will agree with you that this article is much ado about nothing. Hearings mean nothing, just that they are going to talk about it.
      • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

        @JM1981 -- this is the world that "some wish to say is the real world" Its real if you accept what is presented. I think we have a responsibility to our children. How can we allow URANIUM to be PUBLICLY traded, is this a JOKE ?
    • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

      @theguru1995@... You're preaching to fools. You really think folks in Washington give a rat's *ss about selling out America !? I could even see them selling out their own mother if they can make a buck.
    • RE: What part of selling our uranium mines to Russia makes sense to you?

      @theguru1995@... Please understand.. those U.S. companies operating in China, do so of there own free will. They are in China so they do not have to pay the wages and comply with the onerous safe working conditions imposed in the U.S.. Those U.S. companies know the risk of losing IP, but the cost to share holders of trying to run the business without the same low wages and poor conditions they would be forced to in America, makes it a risk worth taking. The shareholders of these companies are the ones to blame. They are the ones selling businesses to other countries just because they made a better share offer. Don't blame Washinton... blame the share holders who put profits before jobs at home.
      Sorry if I rambled a bit ;}
      Why Knot
  • Limiting judgements.

    Let go of all you know to be "good" and "bad". Let go of judgment of that. For example: the U.S. democracy is "good" while the Chinese authoritarian rule is "bad".

    When you let go of judgments of "good" and "bad", you will be able to let in and observe (scientifically) what is really happening and how the world is framed/structured.
  • You're getting distracted!

    Superficial poppycock! During exigent crisis, administrations have taken over AMERICAN industries. If we're in a nuclear crisis of some sort, I'm sure that the US gov will have no compunction in taking over the Russian uranium mines first. It's a paper conceit. The mine is not actually moving to Russia.

    What you SHOULD be concerned about:
    Russia, Iran, and China think that the U.S. developed the internet as a WEAPON to spread propaganda to undermine their regimes. International cyber security as defined by them involve the ability for them to track, trace, and restrain free speech. They think intrusion, disruption, and theft of our networks is self defense against the spread of our ideas. They are discussing restriction of the free speech and ideas on the internet as cyber security in the UN!