Will Google book settlement solve orphan works?

Will Google book settlement solve orphan works?

Summary: Google and book authors have settled over Google Book Search. The $125 million settlement will create a fund to pay royalties to authors and, Google, thinks cause orphan works copyright holders to come forward and claim their share.

Google settles with book authors

Is this the solution for orphan works? Google has reached a $125 million settlement with book authors, which will create a Book Rights Registry to ensure authors get paid royalties from advertising on Google Book Search.

According to Google, the deal will be great for everyone!

First, it will give readers digital access to millions of in-copyright books; second, it will create a new market for authors and publishers to sell their works; and third, it will further the efforts of our library partners to preserve and maintain their collections while making books more accessible to students, readers and academic researchers.

Google also thinks this will address the orphan works problem – older works possibly under copyright that can't be shared or mixed or archived because it's so hard to discover the copyright holder, if one even exists – because the money will attract copyright holders to step forward.

We think the Registry will help address the "orphan" works problem for books in the U.S., making it easier for people who want to use older books. Since the Book Rights Registry will also be responsible for distributing the money Google collects to authors and publishers, there will be a strong incentive for rightsholders to come forward and claim their works.

Details on the settlement here.

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  • Also music?

    Will music be included in this system? There is a vast amount of music that is out of print and available only as illegal bootleg copies. What if an author or publisher refuses to go along with this deal?
    • No music, just books

      This is a settlement of lawsuits over books. Authors
      who don't want to be part of if can continue their
      lawsuits. Details are all at the link I provided.
  • RE: Will Google book settlement solve orphan works?

    The Google registry could be a model applicable to orphan works resolution. I blogged about this yesterday at Art Law For Everyone: www.artslawyer.blogspot.com

    Re workable orphan works legislation: artists have to stop saying "it's impossible" and start working on real solutions.
  • RE: Will Google book settlement solve orphan works?

    What a refreshing piece of ne2ws!