Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

Summary: Here's what one British critic thinks of the G20 plan to spend a trillion through the brilliant IMF. Here's an American press report on the G20.

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Here's what one British critic thinks of the G20 plan to spend a trillion through the brilliant IMF. Here's an American press report on the G20. Here's a Canadian version. Here's a European wire service account.

Here's Reuters' version of Obama's version of the G20 outcome.[poll id="110"] Hey, even the dour French went home triumphant. Wait'll we get the reaction from tax havens from Switzerland to Monaco to the Bahamas.

The G-20 members, in alphabetical order: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the U.S., the U.K. and the European Union. Spain and the Netherlands were also present. The G20 plans to meet again in New York in September.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    Not really the only issue.
  • As long as "green" technology has to be subsidzided

    and cannot stand on its own it is a drag on the economy
    We need to fix the economy first or the greens will chase away more jobs than they create.
    • UNLESS, the subsidy is provided

      by means of a tax exemption rather than by a grant of money. A subsidy of this type would have NO TAXPAYER COSTS. It would promote new businesses. It would provide new jobs that would create taxpayers. It would raise the standard of living in this country.

      Update victim
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    Two things:
    - High and rising taxes on energy has not had a negative effect where I live. Instead energy consumption has become more efficient. For example better isolation. - But alas much is still wasted in unnecessary transportation.
    - The G20 meeting has been much about render confidence in the financial market. Big amounts of money are spent, yes, but the amounts are still just "a pee in the ocean" when it comes to the world wide distribution of money.
    De Nada
    • Where you live, WOW

      We are talking about the United States of America. Your comments should be appropriate for this environment. They should also be able to stand on their own. You have stated that where you live energy consumption has become more efficient, and provided as an example "better isolation". This requires an explanation of just how this "better isolation" has promoted efficiency, You cite "unnecessary transportation" as a waste. Please define "unnecessary transportation". Is it moving food to grocery stores? Is it moving goods to retail stores in general?

      What does the "world wide distribution" of money have to do with the quality of life? It seems to me that the quality of life has more to do with availability of necessities and then luxuries, rather than the distribution of money world wide.

      The higher costs associated with increasing taxes has the direct result in a reduction of charitable gifts and the subsequent loss of availability of these very necessities to those in what we call "under developed countries."

      Private charitable organizations have proven much more efficient in improving quality of life than any government in history.

      Taxes improve the lifestyle of the ruling class at the expense of those who not in this class.
      Update victim
    • Who do you think you are?

      World wide distribution of money? It is our
      money and not yours, if you want some...make a
      product that we want to buy. Don't use the G20
      socialist fascist politics to steal what you
      should earn. GTH to you and the horse you are
      Uncle Buck
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    T answer the question -- yes it did.

    But not by talking about other matters -- the fact is that our insane spending of money that we don't have has trashed much of the world's economy and definitely the US of A. Once we get out "government owns all" rules passed everywhere, serious ecological trashing will start.

    The only hope the tree huggers had was that technology could find ways to heat and build without denuding thousand year old groves. Our populations are ballooning and when that happens, you have Haiti -- a generation ago a rich source of wood, now a desert where every tree and bush has been cut down to set on fire to boil water. It is not the rapacious bankers you have to worry about, they and their techie friends create the means to leave the green stuff alone.

    But the eco-terroists have stupidly linked commerce with messing up the environment, when it is the opposite. But, I guess it is cooler to go whereverr there is a big world meeting, break windows and get a little TV time than to encourage the technology that will save the planet. A hunded years ago Vermont was 30% forested -- now it is like 80% -- and technology there sure didn't go backwards.

    So yeah, the "peed" on something -- our world economy.
    • AMEN !!!!(no further text needed)

      Update victim
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    U.S.Pres kow tows to "socialist' Euro/Saudi hegemony
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    Has anyone stop to think of this comment that was made at the G20..."Finally, the end of Anglo Saxon Capitalism." I think we are in trouble! Don't you?
    Cynthia R.
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    The G20 meeting did indeed ignore pressing environmental concerns, but that is understandable considering the mess the world economy is in. Sensible, sustainable economic development that takes the environment into consideration is not likely to happen if everyone is just scrambling for survival. I did however, find it encouraging that the G20 nations seemed to all be on board with the idea that the world can no longer tolerate rampant cowboy capitalism, and intend to regulate hedge funds and tax havens. Unregulated hedge funds allowed greedy scumbags to invent and sell bullshit ?investment instruments? worth essentially nothing, hide their lack of value by bundling them in incomprehensible packages, then selling insurance on those shady investments, and bundling the insurance in incomprehensible bullshit packages, and KABLOOEY!! The Ponzie scheme came tumbling down taking the economy of the planet with it. So, now these billionaire ?kleptocrats? who rail against government involvement in the economy, put out their hands to the taxpayers to bail them out, so they can get the bonuses they ?deserve? by divine right, and walk away leaving the bill for the mess in the hands of the average middle class taxpayer. They don?t have to worry about their vast fortunes, because they are hidden in tax havens. Tax breaks should go to those who:
    1. Have the greatest need. The poor should not be taxed so the rich can avoid responsibility for their incompetent management of a company and an economy.
    2. Those who actually create jobs for people. If you close a factory and ship jobs to a third world country with terrible human rights abuses, you should NOT be rewarded.
    3. Those who actually create something of value; food, clothing, goods, healthcare, etc. and not bullshit paper ?investment instruments?

    For decades now the far right has been feeding us a line of crap about how if we just let the rich have all their money, some of it will trickle down to the rest of us. However, it seems that money only ever trickles UP. Enough. I hope the G20 nations can agree on sensible regulations that allow economies to function without leaving room for the type of abuses that got us into the current economic mess.
    • AMEN!!!!

      Nothing more to add!
    • Tell me...

      How can you give a tax break to someone who does
      not pay taxes?

      Uncle Buck
  • Obama talked mainly about this...

    In many different ways Obama repeted, this World of many different cultures must get along.
    Basicly saying, stop bantering & bashing others.
    Something else,... When it comes to taxes, I believe, the only new taxes we need, is taxes on Polititions.
    Here's a starter list...
    *_ $1.00 per word.
    *_ Running for office tax, $10,000
    *_ "Tally their votes" tax, $1.00 per vote.
    *_ Go back on their word, tax. $1,000
    *_ Flip-Flop adjenda tax. $100,000
    *_ "I'm not in the office right now, please leave a message" tax. $1,000 per call.

    And the main one...
    *_"LIE" tax. $100,000 per lie!
    Got any more?
    I believe we could balance ANY budget in record time.
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    Billions. Trillions. Quadrillions. What's the difference? Civilizations rise. Then they coast. Then they fall. And not one wants to go quietly into the night. Something new and different will emerge from this financial chaos. Hopefully much better.
  • RE: Did the G20 just pee on our environment?

    We will have many more financial crises due to large-scale droughts, celebrity hurricanes, rising ocean levels, wars over food and resources in the "fun" years ahead.

    The world is in desperate need of leaders with balls!