Environmental pollution increases crime rate?

Environmental pollution increases crime rate?

Summary: Is there a link between pollution and higher crime rates? An article published in The Journal of Economic Analysis theorizes that lead contamination increases crime and violence.

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Is there a link between pollution and higher crime rates? An article published in The Journal of Economic Analysis theorizes that lead contamination increases crime and violence. The author based her theory on known effects of lead on children and their behavior. She also says the major souirce of lead pollution in America through the early 1980s was leaded gasoline, not lead-based paints. Leaded gasoline went away after the U.S. Clean Air Act was passed. Today American children's lead levels are now about one-fifth of what they were in the late 1970s. Lead levels have remained higher in American blacks than other ethnic groups through the entire period.

A piece in the New York Times summarizes argument for and against the lead-leads-to-crime theory. Interestingly young Americans are now policing three countries where leaded gasoline is still widely used: Afghanistan, Iraq and Serbia. Wouldn't you think the U.S. government could use a little suasion to get those folks to stop using leaded gasoline? I'll bet the Pentagon already has a list of all known oil refineries in those nations. Whaddaya bet?

It's worth noting that the Clean Air Act in the U.S. and its amendments were NOT passed with support from the regulated industries in general. The usual arguments that the government restrictions would cut profits and force more out-sourcing were used to try to stop the law. It does mean that if you want to burn leaded gasoline, you gotta go some place like Serbia or Iraq.

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  • Every country that cleaned up lead has had a huge drop in crime rates

    The lead clean up has caused a steady and significant drop in the crime rates in all countries that have cleaned up the lead in them. The current crime rates in the US have been dropping ever since the lead was removed. Lead damages the part of the brain that controls impulses and the first series of meetings with Congress they spelled out the facts about the causal connections between lead and crime rates. The countries that removed lead all have the same dropping crime rates as well the US has.

    Industry complains about every single change in bad behaviors they have and yet the changes create positive benefits for the consumers and the corporations and every single environmental change for companies has made them stronger, not weaker. There is no doubt that the changes moving away from lead are real and they are measurable. The current crime rate in the US is at an all time low because of the lead removal and the same goes for all the other countries in Europe that have cleaned up the lead as well.

    Another change that industry resisted tooth and nail was the removal of ozone eating gases in air conditioning systems in cars, in particular, that was eating up the ozone over thirty years ago. These ozone eating gases caused the huge holes in the ozone at the north and south poles but when they were removed from the cars the ozone hole got bigger and bigger until the last of the gases in the air were used up. Last year was the first year in 30 years where the ozone holes shrank and that was right on target for the removal of ozone eating gases and when the ozone hole should have repaired itself. If the ozone eating gases were still there, you can bet that life on earth would be getting harder and harder over the next fifty years or so as more and more radiation hit the earth.

    The environmentalists are also right on track about the global warming effects as well and if we don't remove the carbon the consumers that the electric companies don't want to protect will die off along with them. We can't wait another two years while George Bush fiddles as Rome burns here his administration either has to act or we have to impeach him and his coterie of brain dead morons. Until the environmental crisis is over we need to remove all Republicans and corporate friends in DC but this removal can save all our butts, including the butts of the rich industrialists that complain the most about not peeing the water well.

    Another thing that was resisted by industry was seat belts and air bags. Last year was also the lowest death year for automobile drivers in American history but if we listened to the Republicans we would have had yet another year of increasing road deaths instead of the exact opposite the lowest death rates on the highway in American history. The industrialists, all of them, except the green from start companies that started in the 1970's have been terribly wrong and the environmentalists have been shown to be correct. Human health and safety should be the corporate first line of defense and corporations should not be allowed to do harmful things any more. The old line corporate world just didn't get it but now we can point to ever increasing business for safe products and lower pollution based services and show that the ones who are competitive are the ones who avoid all the law suits in the first place and make goods and services that are safe and clean. I wonder what the conversation in the laissez faire offices of Mattel are thinking these days about the cheap over seas labor and non safe manufacturing processes they moved to like every other corp in the world for no legal restrictions on pollutants? Kind of hard to justify poisoning our own kids, isn't it? For more profits?
    • Funny you should post this...

      As I watch the hippies in Santa Cruz daily... you have to chuckle because for all their weirdness, they had it right all along! Ironic, yes? ]:)
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