Global warming will force dictionary re-write

Global warming will force dictionary re-write

Summary: For most of my life "Glacial (adjective)" has been synonymous with "slow" and "gradual." Get me re-write, it's starting to mean "sudden," and "gone forever.

TOPICS: Banking

For most of my life "Glacial (adjective)" has been synonymous with "slow" and "gradual." Get me re-write, it's starting to mean "sudden," and "gone forever." The new poster child for global warming is what was once the world's highest altitude ski spot: the Chacaltaya glacier, at 17,400 ft. in the Andes. No more glacier, no more skiing. The ski resort closed a few years back, now the Bolivian government plants to hold a wake for glacier, also gone.

An aside, I rarely give investment tips but there seems to be a trend: disappearing glaciers and snowpack. Could mean the only smart investment in the ski industry would be snow-making machines. Unless skiing simply goes the way of gladiators and jousting.

The former Bolivian glacier, Chacaltaya, was being closely monitored by scientists there. A few years back they thought it would last until 2015. But the melt accelerated as bad things tend to do. Now only a few small pockets of snow remain, nothing that could be called a glacier, no melt that could be called "glacial."

One less ski resort, like losing a golf course to drought. Big deal. But much more is in the balance. A native tribe lives on the plain below the galcier and their water supply has come from a river fed by the glacier. The river is running dry and as tribe that outlasted the conquest of Inca and then Spanish and the invasion of TV signals now faces extinction, or urbanization. Which would you choose?

Topic: Banking

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  • Lose some gain some?

    And elsewhere I read that sun spot activity is very very low and the experts don?t know why.

    Let's all please be cautious about what we understand and what we don't. And what we can predict and what we can't.
    • Nothing but lies.......

      Someone explain to me what caused droughts in America from 1850-1860's was it 'global warming' from a horse that had gas?????

      Good grief, everyone needs to stop eating any meats, turn off all electricity, ban all vehicles of any kind, do not repopulate, and make the climate saviour Al Gore happy.

      Insanity, I only wish I could sell swamp front property to these eco-nuts as well.

      If they are so concerned about the environment, STOP using any electronic devices, computers, electricity, A/C and any form of transportation.

      Don't buy anything, don't exhale because you could put out carbon.....

      Just a bunch of Communist lies from our new Leader to control Banks, Auto-makers to what people do, how they live and eat.

      What is next, thought control police???
      • I agree.

        You said it better than I ever could have!
      • It's all about lifestyle.

        You will believe anything that fortifies your lifestyle choice. You will attack anything that threatens your lifestyle. It's not about truth or conspiracies. It's not about science or conjecture. It's about you keeping your current lifestyle.

        You want to hear something funny? I hope you're right. But you have yet to offer an argument that even approaches the threshold to convince me. I suspect there isn't a person or theory that will convince you that our lifestyle will bring about changes on the Earth that will force us all to alter the way we live. Let's hope the change will be to reverse the negative impact we've had on our Planet and not to simply survive.
        • It is a lie, even the scientist say it is......

          Good grief, if you are so concerned and want to 'change' then stop using any electricity, quit your job, give away all of your money, don't eat meat and live in some jungle like a animal.

          YOU can't live in the jungle because you will pollute it, so you will have to disappear off this earth.

          Now you tell me what sense does this make, if you listen to idiots like Gore saying we are in doomsday mode do you believe that aliens are invading Washington as well?

          I am amazed at how idiotic people are who believe anything CNN tells you.

          Brainwashing, 101 you need a number and a suit.
          • All you want is extremes.

            Here's a little experiment. Black... Did you see White? I thought so. Your solution to anything is to wield the biggest hammer. I've got some very bad news for you. Some changes are coming and there's a damn good chance we can't do anything about it. If you were King of the world Christian, there wouldn't be any thing you could do about it either. There will be no political solution for it. No cultural solution. No military solution. No solution. Think anything you want, say anything you want. You don't matter.

            PS I don't watch CNN. I don't even own a TV.

            PSPS I've never even seen that Al Gore movie and I don't intend to either.
        • But the question is, to what extent

          to say global warming is totally man made, that droughts and rains are entirelly a direct result of all the damage man has done to the climate.

          It sounds good until someone points out droughts and floods in the past, well before mankind had any real impact on the world.
          Those questions or facts seem to be missing in alot of these articles, a forbidden subject.

          The one thing no one has ever even come close to proving with out a doubt is: what percentage of global warming is directlly related to man, and what percentage is a natual occurance, something that would be happening even if there were no humans on the planet.

          if 3 percent of the problem is man, is that significant enough to affect the climate in any real way?
          John Zern
  • The hole in the ozone disappeared when the Grand Jury looked for it

    Only NASA could speak on this.
  • Why were tribes nomadic?

    because their rivers ran dry, or the food disappeared. It allways happens, an will happen again.

    Welcome to nature, Harry. You should try and learn about it sometime.
    John Zern
  • What do ANY of these articles have to do with tech?

    Did I click on a link to Mother Jones' website? Or one run by Soros/Al Gore?

    Oh wait, it IS ZDNet...hmm, wonder why these articles keep popping up when they should be on a non-tech website.

    Please, Harry. The sky isn't falling and we shouldn't bury the economies of the world in order to supplement a false vision. Let's stick to topics that are solidly tech. Perhaps you could discuss hi-tech hydroponics...then again High Times probably knows it better.