Green building boom

Green building boom

Summary: Green building growth predicted for the U.S.

TOPICS: CXO, IT Employment

A study sponsored by the Green Building Council sees major spending on green building in the U.S. for the next four years. The study finds almost 8 million jobs supported and nearly a half trillion dollars in green building economic activity through 2013. The current level of green building activity is estimated at two million jobs and $100 billion in GDP.

“Our goal is for the phrase ‘green building’ to become obsolete, by making all building and retrofits green – and transforming every job in our industry into a green job,” said Rick Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chairman of USGBC.

Topics: CXO, IT Employment

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  • Somebody please explain something here.

    How can these green building--and associated manufacturing--jobs not be the same old "not green" jobs just slid into a new spot? Are these in addition to the "not green" jobs. Are the old "not green" just canned and dropped from the rolls of humanity. If any of these are true except for the idea of old jobs moving to a new reality, then isn't this all preposterously expensive? I've yet to see this addressed.
    • Call it $7 TRILLION

      Yes, like the cash for clunkers it cost
      $24,000 for every $4,500 the big Oboma
      aka Barry Sorento.
      printed the paper money with no gold

      So it is like the $7,000,000,000,000 the
      US owes to China, they are wanting their
      money now.

      We don't have it, so what happens when
      you can't pay back a debt...

      Sorry, you can't continue to print paper
      money when you are ranked 48th in the

      Jobs what jobs, all of the jobs are in
      China since we import everything.

      No worries, we will finish exporting
      the other jobs left once our fearless
      leader signs the 'Tax & Trade bill' to
      destroy the rest.
    • It can't

      "How can these green building--and associated manufacturing--jobs
      not be the same old "not green" jobs just slid into a new spot"

      In fact it will end up costing jobs as the wasteful expenditure will be paid
      for by the productive sectors of the economy.

      Welcome to the new world of "green" economics. The fantasy land where
      cost is something other people pay.
      Richard Flude
  • RE: Green building boom

    Perhaps your confusing job and product. A person can do the same job installing an energy efficient water heater vs one that is not. What the article is saying is that spending on green projects supports (...the continued employment) of workers and contractors. They are not claiming the creation of completely new jobs.

    Also construction is one of the areas where green tech makes sense since efficiency means that machines can do more with the same resources or do the same work load using less resources. You don't need a Global Warming narrative for green products to make economic sense. McGraw-Hill construction has written quite a lot on this and by their research, the majority of construction companies are now using or employing green technologies of some sort in their building matierals and processes.
    • Yes, but...

      A frequent claim is that using low-emission, energy-efficient practices costs too much. The article is pointing out that it doesn't need to, and that investing in green technologies has long-term benefits.

      One of the issues with polluting industries is that it can be difficult to include the cost of the pollution in the cost of production. The various types of carbon trading schemes are an attempt to include a cost for CO2 emission in the cost of production. It is cheaper to produce a product if you don't have to worry about the environmental effects of the production process.

      If it can be shown that energy efficient and low emission processes can be cost competitive with the high-polluting alternatives, then one of the arguments against using green technologies is refuted.
      Fred Fredrickson
      • A bunch of lies

        Walk to work, stop eating meat, don't pass
        any gas and heaven forbid do NOT use
        a computer device of any kind since it
        was made from OIL!!!

        Eco-nuts are the biggest group of hypocrites
        on earth, they use electricity, paper,
        computers, A/C and they buy gas and they
        pass gas to!

        Good luck on the unemployment going at
        this rate $7 Trillion will soon be
        $10 Trillion and China is NOT loaning
        any more money since the dollar is
        ranked 48 in the world!


  • $7 Trillion and growing

    So explain this the US Dollar is now ranked
    48 or 49 in the world.

    Yes, it is really worth it when Oboma has been
    running the printing presses and ruined the
    value of the dollar.

    Now he is going to tax the living daylights out
    of businesses with his cap & trade or destruction
    of business.

    Enough is enough STOP spending money before
    the USA is a banana republic.

    Russia/China/Middle East is wanting to get rid
    of the dollar because it is worthless!

    • The dollar is worthless because they see how stupid the average American is

      They do not have the mental capacity to understand
      what must be done to prepare for the future. They
      are STILL trying to deny global warming. How stupid
      can you get????
      • So the extinction of ancient dinosaurs

        So I guess the dinosaurs passed too much
        gas and caused the ice age a few thousand
        years ago.

        By the way the earth is only 6,000 years old
        in Bible years and the eco nuts want every
        one to do without except them!

        Al Gore is a billionaire now thanks to his
        scam, first we were going to burn up now
        the climate god was in a snow storm up north
        and people laughed.

        I am still laughing at these eco messiahs
        doing without driving, computers, electricity,
        paper or heaven forbid plush toilet paper!

        The United States is now bankrupt and
        these idiots are wanting to finish it
        off with killing off all of the jobs.

        So tell me genius what are people going
        to eat and how what will they do for

        I guess population control is big on
        your list as well...

        • Yep, you illustrate the problem so well. With that kind of ignorance, we

          WILL be in debt to the Chinese and Japanese. They
          will be making our cars, solar panels, wind
          generators, etc, and our unemployment will
          • Strange we do not manufacture anything

            Name one thing we manufacture, visit your
            local Wal_Mart and find your American
            made products.

            Sorry, people want the cheapest product
            and shop at China marts across America.

            I find it amusing how spending $7,000,000,000,000 in debt is really going to
            create jobs....

            Is that why the unemployment rate is at 16%
            and climbing in REAL numbers.

            I am sure the solar panels are the answer,
            another brainwashed obomanaut screaming
            to do without.

            Meanwhile, I sure don't see Al Gore giving
            up his limo's, 25,000 square foot home and
            his $20,000 a year GAS bill for one of
            his mansions.

            A bunch of hypocrites, Socialist telling
            the minions how to live.

            Drive your Yugo, walk to work and eat
            vegetables but don't CRAM your eco
            messiah down my throat.
          • About Al Gore's mansion

            Methinks you exagerrate.
            Does your Bible have any imprecations against bearing false witness?


            Al Gore simply puts his money where his mouth is.
          • har har

            Me thinks you are a eco nut.
          • Money since he is a Billionaire now...


            I wonder how much he is making now....

          • Good points.

          • Donnie, why not create a GreenLinux distro,

            and let that be your contribution to a better world?
          • The solution is really really really simple.

            It applies to you, me, every single state, the federal government, even kids can understand the solution. [B]STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON"T HAVE[/B].

            You know what, it really is that simple. If we stop borrowing, we don't increase our debt. That, however, goes against every fiber of the current administration, that wants and needs the government to play a major role in everyone's life, and the way you accomplish that is to get enough people dependent (preferably for a lifetime) on the government to survive. Enter Cap and Trade. Tax everyone more, funnel the subsidies to the poorest (redistribution), take your own cut of the revenue to fund other redistributive programs, and you start to get to the point where those dependent (hooked) will always vote for you lest the other "evil" people remove your subsidies.

            Of course, long forgotten, the subsidies would never have been needed if Cap and Trade were not enacted, hence the [B]ALL OUT RUSH[/B] to get it passed before enough people see the hoax of man made global warming for what it really is.

            As Bill Clinton said, just PASS ANYTHING, since you can never repeal it once it is passed. You can then take your time and make it into what you want. That is the over-riding strategy of the current administration, pass everything fast.

            Why can't we just do intelligent things for real reasons, such as reducing pollution, cleaning up our air, etc. "Climate Change" is simply the crisis de-juor to enact the control needed. 30 years ago, the same crowd was decrying us falling into an ice age.

      • Science is PROVING it isn't happening.

        Donnie, where is the science SHOWING it's happening? Arctic ice is back to 1970 levels, Alpine snowfall is back, and the reason Antarctic ice is dropping is due to sublimation, it is TOO COLD to snow or build up, but as anyone who has 8 month old ice cubes in their freezer, they sublimate.

        Even the BBC, once champions of the "cause" seem to be accepting and reporting that it isn't happening.
        [B]This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

        But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures. [/B]

        CO2 hasn't been reduced, ocean temperatures are not rising (they have actually decreased nominally since 2000), so where is the hear buildup? It's kind of amazing that when the sun ended it's more radiant than normal cycle, the earth stopped warming up.

        Cap and Trade are about NOTHING but redistribution of wealth, tax revenue and control.

        All we have are invalid climate model predictions, but when things are measured with scientific method, Global Warming (oops, climate change) is not supported or seen.

        No, the weakness of the dollar has nothing to do with American's attitudes about the "settle science" of "climate change", it is entirely about spending 1.4T more than we have, only being able to borrow 800B of it, and this year, with our current deficit spending, $2T of "magic" money churned out by the fed on the printing presses will be pushed into circulation.

        As of right now, the banks are hoarding all the new cash that is printed, but one they start pushing it into the market, our dollar will sink and sink and sink.

        BTW, calling anyone who doesn't believe the pseudo science stupid only shows how entrenched you are the it "has to be true because it must be true". What's the vested interest. Science (you know, those stupid European scientists too) is showing MAN MADE Global Warming (oops, again, apologies, climate change, had to change that name once reality set in) for the hoax it is.

        • Very good post.

          You have a sound mind, and are clearly not taken in by those alarmist gaia-worshippers.

          Donnie is put to shame by this.
        • Take BBC article with a grain of salt.

          It's been debunked here:

          Press releases and news articles are not primary sources for scientific information.

          You can find a news story to support whatever your viewpoint is. The news can point you in the right direction but, as CEC says, think for yourself - follow the links. and see if the news is consistent with the primary sources.