Headed to CES? Some green tech companies you should visit there

Headed to CES? Some green tech companies you should visit there

Summary: CES will continue its tradition of showcasing greener gadgets and the technologies that go into making them as part of the Sustainable Planet exhibit area.


From renewable energy battery innovators to technology recycling coordinators to even GreenPeace, there are close to 40 green-tech wannabes exhibiting as part of the special Sustainable Planet exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Some of the more novel items you could expect to see:

  • The YoGen by Easy Energy (yes, Yo as in YoYo) - This is a small device that is powered by, get this, a rip cord that you pull to charge your handheld, MP3 player or other mobile gadget. It attaches to devices via a mini USB. Here's a prototype photo.

  • Bits Limited will show its third-generation Smart Strip. These power strips sense which attached devices are being used, and which are not, and switches them off accordingly. (It is smart enough to know, supposedly, which devices relate to each other, so that if your computer is on, your monitor will be on, and vice versa.
  • Solar Technology will be talking up the Freeloader Pico, a new solar charger that comes with four different connector tips for charging several different sorts of devices.

There's a lot more in store for green tech enthusiasts. Here's the complete Sustainable Planet exhibitor list.

Topics: Mobility, Emerging Tech

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  • Global Warming = FRAUD

    People out of work, homes foreclosed, no food and
    this Tree hugger agenda is going to FAIL.

    Enough is enough..
    • Doesn't Matter

      Energy efficiency and alternative energy are both excellent points to pursue, regardless of whether or not AGW is a reality.

      We, globally, need to start creating new ways to end the combustion era and decentralize power production. We have the technology today to take every home off the grid; we just need to make that technology affordable and practical for the individual.

      I wouldn't actually want to kill the grid, but make it more robust by making each individual home/office/etc a productive part of the grid, and include massive centralized capacitors to store excess energy for redistribution in case of local equipment failure or temporary undersupply.

      If yellowstone blows, solar would be unavailable or seriously underperforming for large swaths of the world for extended periods of time. A large decentralized system could theoretically mitigate the affects.

      Wind and Wave power aren't, in my opinion, the way to go as both involve removing energy from existing climatological sources without any effective research into the results of removing said energy (altered atmospheric and oceanic currents caused by massive wave or wind farms would have climate effects on scales that would dwarf the AGW carbon based warming models.)
      • What are you talking about?

        Please tell us what technology we have today that woould let us take every home off the grid.
        Johnny Vegas