If green is the new black, then 100 MPG is new green

If green is the new black, then 100 MPG is new green

Summary: Images of the IDEA, plug-in utility vehicle. Courtesy Bright Automotive.


Images of the IDEA, plug-in utility vehicle. Courtesy Bright Automotive. And today a car rolled into the heart of the beast, right up to Capitol Hill amidst all that government posturing and power. And this car's makers say THIS IS THE FIRST 100 MPG CAR THAT IS A PLUG-IN UTILITY VEHICLE. Made by Bright Automotive, IDEA mass production is to begin in 2012 at an annual rate of 50,000 units, creating more than 5,000 jobs. AP says they won't hit the 50K mark until 2013.

One company involved in the car's introduction is Envision Solar. They're goal is to make parking lots into solar power plants. I blogged about Envision way back when this blog first started. Architects designing parking lots that turn barren pavement into shaded solar farms. Envision wants to supply the solar tree recharging stations that go along with the IDEA, the electric vehicle from Bright Automotive. The company is based in Anderson, Indiana.

An interesting footnote: the Bright CEO is John Waters, who invented the battery pack system for General Motors’ EV1 electric vehicle, which was discontinued after three years in 1999. If Bright succeeds in the market, Waters will have his sweet revenge on GM. Bright's looking for a $450-million loan from the Department of Energy. I'm betting they get it. Indiana has seen its RV industry tank, with little hope of recovery in near future. Indiana barely went for Obama in '08 and the Dems won't want it to slip back into the red.


The IDEA is making the rounds. Bright Automotive and Envision Solar will take their IDEA and CleanCharge/Solar Tree® System to Stavanger, Norway May 13–16, 2009 for the “EVS24 Towards Zero Emission,” a world conference on electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Participants from 40 countries will attend. IDEA will not be made of steel, but lightweight materials, reducing the energy needed to move it. Aerodynamic design will also reduce air resistance.

There's been no selection of a battery supplier for the IDEA, and no price point can be discerned so far.

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  • Great, another $450 million down the sewer

    Yup, let's make sure those Indiana folks vote Dem by showering them with money borrowed from our children and their children. Hey, how about the concept that if an idea makes sense, the money will come from the vc community? If the vc community says it won't pencil out, then why should they get cash from the feds? Oh, wait, we already answered that one.

    The current level of abusive spending is just stunning to me. We are destroying ourselves from within.

    The funny thing about all this is that as the business community senses future doom from government involvement, they pull back, which then The Messiah claims is a clear signal that government needs to get even more intimately involved, and the cycle perpetuates itself.
    • WASTE of money!

      Geez, I am sure this will NOT sell no one can
      pull a trailer and work on this Piece of JUNK.

      • How many people need a vehicle that can do those things?

        Most people don't have a trailer to pull unless they have over 100K income. For work vehicles, people are more likely to buy a truck and again..... those are usually owned by the business that they work for, not the workers themselves.
  • So were you screaming this loud wheh...

    ...Reagan, Bush and Bush II collectively created about 80% of our post WWII federal debt?
    • Oh please

      Yeah, the previous federal debt was created gradually OVER 60 YEARS. The Messiah then goes ahead and DOUBLES it over just a few months.

      Sure, I can see that there's no difference whatsoever.
      • Doubles it?

        I think you had better get your math checked. He increased it by 50%, spending on things that NEED TO BE DONE: building roads, repairing roads, etc.

        The only reason that he is having to do deficit spending now is because in 4 Republican administrations, these IDIOTS who I personally call "Repukians" let our roads gradually fall into disrepair.
        • wow thats constructive

          "Repukians" - would you talk to your mother like that? :P
  • *yawn*


    But not the first 100 MPG car. Just the first one that is a utility vehicle. The hybrids and electrics have been showing that it's possible for other types of cars for quite some time now.

  • Hmm...... how expensive is this vehicle?

    Unless they get it under 30K or guarantee that it will last more than 30 years with little to no maintenance on it or very cheap routine maintenance.... this is another 'pipe dream' vehicle.
  • If you are over 6' you are a carbon violator

    Why not take existing car models and use electric assist on them. These so called green cars are too small for tall people. Especially when you are middle age and lose some flexibility to get in and out of them. Kind of like a house with 5'-6" doors in them.

    By the way, that 100 miles to the gallon is marketing BS. That is mileage plus grid assist. This car will only get half of that if not plugged in. Get a VW turbo diesel instead. I will wait for the ultra capacitor tech because batteries are too heavy, expensive, lack energy density and take too long to charge.

    Also what is with the AMC Pacer ugliness in the Green Community? Green is supposed to be beautiful. Not some nerd in a dweeb mobile.
  • a good step forward... cost effective though?

    This looks like a good step forward for companies that would like to supplement their fleets who want a hedge for high gas prices. 100 MPG is probably an overstatement as the point of this type of vehicle is to load it up with weight which will decrease it, but that must be better than 20 MPG or less for sure. I suppose the big question is at what gas price is this vehicle cost effective... Lets hope this is American innovation for American jobs :)
  • RE: If green is the new black, then 100 MPG is new green

    You know, of course, that the original EV1 DELCO-REMY battery pack was DEFECTIVE??

    The only lead-acid battery that worked was the PSB 1260 from Panasonic Storage Systems, giving the 1997 and 1999 EV1 using that battery over 100 miles range.

    The GM-Ovonics NiMH battery, while inferior to the PEVE EV-95 MiMH batttery, gave the EV1 over 140 miles range on a charge (EPA estimate).

    Being a GM goofball means he's PRONE TO FAILURE.
  • RE: If green is the new black, then 100 MPG is new green

    I would really like to see a good study on what the carbon footprint for generating all that electricity is. I wouldn't be surprised if the outcome is that a coal fired VAN is better for the environment.
    • carbon footprint

      While I am concerned about how to manage the carbon footprint of electrically powered vehicles it's a fact that a single generation source develops less carbon than would individual sources.
    • depends upon the mode of generation...

      The nice thing about electricity generated on a large scale is that it is generally more efficient than the internal combustion engine (really good ones are around 18-20%) where there is in fact a physical limit on what percentage of that heat can be turned into work to move your car. Long story short, even coal power plants can operate at much higher temperatures and thus be much more efficient in turning heat into energy (40%-60%).

      If your electricity source is nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, or whatever, I suppose it should be carbon neutral anyhow :)