Obama Tries to Make Federal Government "Conservative"

Obama Tries to Make Federal Government "Conservative"

Summary: Government moves on energy stir political fights and may stir some cleantech spending.


President Obama has issued energy conservation orders for the federal government.

The U.S. government is the largest landlord in the country. The U.S. government is also a major user of energy of all types: gasoline, diesel, electricity. President Obama’s order to federal agencies to conserve could have major repercussions on emissions and energy waste.

Over three-fifths of all Pentagon energy use is in combat zones so Afghanistan and Iraq will continue to dominate much U.S. government energy use. The U.S. Navy has long had a heavily nuc-powered fleet but the rest of our heavy-duty military machinery operates largely on fossil fuels. I recently blogged about how fuel delivered to combat vehicles in Iraq costs about several hundred dollars per gallon. Solar-powered Humvees are not on the horizon.

Obama wants the federal government to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent in the next decade. The target for the country as a whole is 17% in that time. Obama says the government spent more than $24.5 billion on electricity and fuel in 2008. So the Feds lead the American League in energy consumption.

The Feds have a half million buildings and 600-thousand vehicles across the land. The changes will range from biomass generating plants to solar panels to green roofs at various federal buildings.


There’s a coal-fired political battle being fought on the hillsides of West Virginia, a major coal -producer where mountaintop removal has become a favored way of exploiting coal efficiently. The current EPA is not granting all the requested mountaintop removal permits. Coal industry supporters cry foul while environmentalists fear money and pressure will cause the EPA to back down.


The EPA is going to be front and center with its proposal to curb smog, ground level ozone, in the U.S. The agency will begin holding public hearings so all interested parties will be buffing up their talking points. The hearings will be in Arlington, Houston and Sacramento. The EPA is targeting smog because of its damaging effects on human health. If the proposed regulations do go into effect it will spur investment in various low emissions technologies from furnaces to cars to electricity generation. Fossil fuel burning is a major source of ozone in the U.S.

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  • obama conservative = oxymoron

    Linux Geek
    • Hitler reacts to Scott Brown's victory

      • Watch them laugh when Obama talks...

        about "overwhelming scientific evidence" on climate change.

        Richard Flude
      • Brilliant!

        P. Douglas
  • One wonders...

    Obama is happy to spend taxpayers (or in the US's case
    yet to be born taxpayers) money on less efficient forms of
    energy (most requiring backup coal fired power anyway),
    but one wonders whether he'll make any sacrifices himself.

    I note that he personally enjoys are rather large CO2
    emitting fleet of vehicles (limousines, jets, helicopters, etc).
    One would imagine significant cuts could be made to his
    personal emissions, albeit with a lowering of comfort, as a
    gesture to the rest of us not so fortunate.

    Failing to do so might lead some to label him a hypocrite.
    Richard Flude
    • Thanks, I now understand

      Only others must make sacrifices. Got it. Looking forward to his next
      Richard Flude
  • Also in "Stunning Stupidity In The Name of Conservative Economics" news...

    Our Idiot-in-Chief kills the US manned space flight program and tells NASA to study earth sciences and "climate change" instead.

    How's your Mandarin Chinese?
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • Obama is just an incompetent idiot who don't know what to do

    He is in track to become the worst president in history.

    Carter must be extremely happy that Obama won because he is no longer the worst in history. After all, he didn't quadruple the national debt in less than 10 months.

    2nd attempt to post:

    Explict Mandate To SHUTDOWN Guantanamo Is Express In 60% of Citizens Whom Voteed For Hon Barack esq Platform. BLACK Sheep In Black Clothing? Perhaps.

    Anything to Get ELECTED? Perhaps. Yet, For Republicians To Suffer Under LIE Is Unconsciounable. Hon President Barak esq Suffers From Problems of Hon Carter, 30 Year 25% US Government Bonds, About To Pay Out. Baric Is 2nd Largest GOLD Producer In World.

    Your Paper Money Is BURN. Which Kind?

    It Is Statutory FELONY To Switch Parties While In Elected Office. If Public Wanted Republician, that Would have Been Vote. Hon Barak esq Cann't Rally & Sneak Out, NO WAY. Republicans have OWN Problems, NOT Hon Barak esqs', Intra Party Woes.

    Those US Governmant 30% 30 year Bonds Pay Out 500 US Dollars for Each Dollar Invested. Trillions, YEA, Hundreds of Trillions of $ Debt, To BANKS that Print Money, IT WILL BE PAID. People Be Losers, AS Economy Collaspes In Forgein Wave.Chicago Federal Reserve Issued Most of 30 year ~25% Us bovernment Bonds, From Minneapolis, Minn. that FEDERAL Reserve Was burnt Down, So Chicago Is Ultimate Payee Responible. Makes, Sense, Don't IT?

    ForSIX Long Years, Passing BUCK To Other Party Is Whimpy, Loser Strategy & UnAcceptable By Loyal Opposition, Besides Major Statutory Felony, For GOOD Statutory Reasons Hon Obama esq Must Attend to OWN Parties Platform. its Too late to change Promises NOW. Yet, Explicit Mandate Exists by People Traditionally Twarted:REPUBLICIANS. Taking Mandates To Oath & Completed,SHUTTING DOWN ENTIRELY OF GUANTANAMO, those Platforms Must Be Realized, For Good of US Citenzry. Hon Obama esq WON, Now Hon Obama esq Take Lead In Effecting Sworn Platform WithIn Law.

    • A little hard to follow but...

      It is not a felony, misdemeanor, or even bad manners to change political party affiliation while in office in the US. Historically, a founder no less important than Washington didn't believe in parties at all.

      If your point is that the government and our quasi-governmental institutions are scheming liars who will sell out the country for their own agendas, then your dead on.
    • Jeez...

      Attempting to read the gibberish you call a post post gave me a headache.
      Hallowed are the Ori
  • So many words with nothing coherent ....

    Seriously, dude .... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY??

    Your post sounds like the incoherent rant of a drunk or stoned person.

    Hint: alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation and medical cannabis is only supposed to be use for real medical reasons.
  • No Obama Tries to Make Federal Government Socialist

    But if you really want to conserve energy just cut the fed employee head count by 20% this year and 20% again next year.
    Johnny Vegas