What's this all about?

What's this all about?

Summary: The purpose of this new ZDnet blog is help sort out what's happening and what's hype in the Green Tech world. Green is the key word here.


501.jpg The purpose of this new ZDnet blog is help sort out what's happening and what's hype in the Green Tech world. Green is the key word here. It implies more energy-efficient, perhaps even environmentally friendly and presumably not overtly inimical to life surviving on this planet. However, let's be honest. In this age, "green" must necessarily mean "money" as well. And that carries with it all the usual hype, BS, melarky, scam and sham that we have seen in every other current realm of tech and politics and marketing. Let's not assume anybody's being totally candid in matters of global warming and green technology. There's way too much money and power at stake. Any place where money, government regulation or subsidy and political power intersect is going to be a messy place. Green Tech is likely to become one of the busiest intersections of power and money on our planet. There are already claims that petroleum production's already maxed out, and we all know that energy and capital are two things without which a modern economy does not thrive. Hence China's rush to build ever more coal-burning plants to generate ever more electricity. This communist/capitalist country now apparently generates more CO2 than even the United States.

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