Would you go the extra mile to get rid of an old computer responsibly?

Would you go the extra mile to get rid of an old computer responsibly?

Summary: There was a massive electronics collection day this week in Washington, D.C.

TOPICS: Hardware

There was a massive electronics collection day this week in Washington, D.C., coordinated by asset disposition company Redemtech. The company hasn't reported yet on how much was taken in, but they did send this photo of a Capitol Hill employee who not only made a donation but carried it to the site via one of the greenest modes of transportation available, his bicycle.

Eric Joyce, Manager of Escalation Bureau, U.S. House of Representatives, rode his bike into the Capitol from Arlington, Va., with a desktop strapped to the back.

Eric Joyce, Manager of Escalation Bureau, U.S. House of Representatives, rode his bike into the Capitol from Arlington, Va., with a desktop strapped to the back.

Some of the equipment collected from the drive (the stuff that is reusable) will be donated to Horton's Kids, a charitable organization in the D.C. area. Redemtech says it is teaming up with TechSoup to develop more programs that redeploy reusable technology collected through recycling drives to eligible non-profit organizations.

Here's an additional report from onsite.

Topic: Hardware

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  • The dump works good for me....

    Throw it away and be done, I have heard enough about how the earth is ending and if we do not stop eating meat, driving, using A/C we are all doomed.

    I can't wait till 2012 to get a person in office that will not destroy auto-makers, manufacturing and tax anything that breaths or moves.
    • Why the dump?

      If it won't do any harm like you say, just dump it in your attic or garage or a corner of your living room. Or, you could chop it up and put it under your bed.

      Why don't you think about what your personal cubic acre would look like after a year or so if all the crap you made stayed right there in Christian's little acre. Everything including the exhaust from your car.

      Your mind must be tiny if you believe something is gone when you throw it in the dump.
      • Here's your answer: convenience.

        That wasn't hard, was it?

        Now, if enviro-anxious guys like you want to spend time to pick it up, feel free to do that. But you won't. So that proves even enviro-believers have convenience/'truth' trade-offs.

        Now, stop worrying, and get some entertainment. Oh - almost forgot: stop polluting! (your very existance is a problem - OMGawd!)
        • Convenience you say?

          Then lets everyone be convenient. So why bother doing your dishes. It's so inconvenient. Flush the toilet? What difference does it make. Unleaded gas? Too expensive. Take out the trash? No one's going to pick it up so why bother. Recycle computer waste? What a pain, dump it on some poor sucker's lawn (I've seen it happen).

          Are you getting the idea? NO? Oh, that's right. You don't give a flying leap about anyone but yourself. You are the problem Mr. nizuse.
          • Chill out man.

            You're a worse offender than I am, with those kids you chose to have. Not just worse, but waaaayy worse. Because they will use diapers, buy products with chemicals in them, buy maybe 5 cars in their lifetime etc. etc. And of course they will also have children (more pollution that you chose to generate).

            So my footprint is lower than yours, so fix your own problems. I'm not worried, and if you want to see a state of mind as a crime, well, sad for you. Oops forgot something - can you pick up my ray-tube tv tomorrow?
          • Where... the hell... are you coming from?

            You just make crap up and then rail against it. You are in a dream world. There is nothing I, or anyone can say to effect your thinking. Only Prozac could do that. Good luck. I'm glad I'm not you.
          • Too bad

            You'd be happier if you were. Because then you'd understand that the
            earth isn't fragile, the biosphere is not on the verge of extinction, CO2 is
            plant food, not a pollutant, and humanity is not a disease plaguing the

            Now, excuse me while I go fire up my SUV and feed some trees.
          • Typical

            when refuted, and faced with painful facts about yourself, you stop arguing and start calling names.

            Good work. You just lost - in a very public way.
          • No, the biosphere is not on the verge of extinction.

            We are not the biosphere. The biosphere will go on no matter what we do. I just might not include us. At the very least we will have to work harder to stay comfortable.
          • Don't tell me how to be happy.

            What works for you may not work for me. Knowing that I'm at least trying not to be part of the problem helps me to be happy. Unfortunately just being an American makes it very difficult to be Earth friendly. Can you remember a time when there weren't any plastic grocery bags? There was a time when customers brought their own bags. That is just one tiny aspect of our throw away culture.
          • Good for you that it makes you happy.

            I have no problem with that. It would be useful however if you recognize that you are a hypocrite, before you blame others.

            Now stop worrying, and chill out. The people haven't given in to the enviro-lies religion get on with their lives as they see fit. If you see that - or them - as a "problem", that's your private problem I'd say. I have better things to do.

            Always fun to see how enviro-gaia-worshippers get angry when you confront them with their own hypocracy. Never fails!
          • No need to "chill out".

            You keep saying that. Chill out? Do you need to chill out? You seem to like that phrase. When you tell someone to chill out does it make you feel good? Superior? And you seem to think I'm a hypocrite at the exclusion of yourself. We're all hypocrites to some degree when it comes to being Earth friendly. As far as I'm concerned there is only one way to be totally Earth friendly and even then the disposal of the body leaves heavy metals in the soil. So just to make myself clear so you don't jump the gun, I'm not advocating that the Human Race kills itself. Got that? Somehow I think you'll be tempted to make some hay with it. Maybe that's why I dropped it on you. Who knows? Look I'm willing to hound you 'till the cows come home (organic of course). This is what I do for entertainment. You have shown yourself to be a black and white thinker. Very absolute. That makes you kind of dumb. You have made up your mind as to what kind of person I am. You have no idea. But keep trying. I think I've found a new playmate.
          • Oh, now he's suddenly here for 'entertainment' lol

            let's nog go there.

            Again, you are a hypocrite. If you can't stand the fact that others choose not to believe what you worship, or have different opinions, then you need to find a way to deal with that other than blaming those others or trying to burden them. It's all in your head.

            Now, do make sure that you don't take the car tomorrow eh? Lol. "bite bite"
          • you know

            when the save earth movement started in the 70s
            they claimed by 1999 half the earth would be unable to grow food stuffs for the ozone layer would be gone. the 2/3s of the oceans dried up. and lack of food having forced the goverments to go away...

            Funny how non of it has come to pass yet this sounds a lot like what we are hearing now.

            And if you look at what most Scientist are saying now. that for the last 10 years the earth is now cooling down. And funny how the solar flar output is down as well. from a 20 year all time high...

            Here take a look at some facts not political lies for more power to the goverment and less to the people
            When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
            Thomas Jefferson (1743?1826)

            And now some truth in science
        • I have better answer. Consequence.

          It may be convenient for me to dump toxic chemicals in your back yard. If you get sick its not my problem it's still the "convenient" solution. Why should I haul it all the way to the dump when your land is right there? Oh is that trespassing? Fine I'll use my land which connects to the same system of ground water that leaches into your property. After all there is no environment, there is only "convenience."

          Social irresponsibility is never the answer.
          • "Social irresponsibility"

            Ah the usual tactic. Define a new crime "Social irresponsibility" - be vague about that, and especially flexible enough to capture behaviour that you deem inappropriate. Hey, it's even flexible enough to capture - yet-unknown - behaviour that you won't like in the future.

            You're free to clean out my dump btw.

            Oh something else. I am way more 'environmentally friendly' than you. You have kids, and are therefore responsible for massive pollution. And for the record - I am all pro kids. I'm just displaying your hypocracy.

            Painful heh? LOL!
      • That is what dumps are for.

        Why would anyone store junk in their house unless they are a pack rat? Actually rotting food is more poisonous to human life than a few PVC appliance bodies. Biodegradable is also a bio hazard. But your house only has so much room that you have to throw it in the dump.

        If the garbage pickup will not collect it which is most of the time, I just cut it up and make sure they do. The reason they don't take it is so they can tax you on a refuse (recycle) charge. It all ends up in the same place except car batteries and chemicals. A CAT just bull dozes it into the landfill what doesn't burn in the incinerator. And yes I have seen computer equipment in the claw.
    • Then being a...

      ...good steward obviously means nothing to you?
      • Strawman alert

        Putting the waste in a landfill is being a good steward. You have been
        brainwashed into thinking that putting natural materials taken out of the
        ground back into the ground is going to destroy the planet.
        • Idiot alert!

          Your thinking follows whatever makes you feel better. Some of what you believe may be true but that would only be happenstance. Your are too GD lazy to alter your lifestyle one bit so you believe whatever reinforces it. I bet you have a beer gut and play with guns too.