You don't have to be a rocket scientist

You don't have to be a rocket scientist

Summary: know that rocket fuel ingredients are not the best chemicals to have in our drinking water, or baby formula.

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6 know that rocket fuel ingredients are not the best chemicals to have in our drinking water, or baby formula. Now, I've sworn off baby formula, but I'm still hitting the water faucet with addictive regularlity.

What's up? Actually, what's down, as in the ground and ground-water? Perchlorate. Here's Environmental Working Group's (EWG) analysis of the contaimination found during federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) testing. EWG's pushing the lcurrent EPA to reverse earlier rulings on perchlorates. They say perchlorate salts are thyroid toxins. And the CDC says it is found in drinking water across the land, and in much domestic cow's-milk-derived baby formula. Perchlorate does interfere with the thyroid's ability to use the iodine it needs to function. We can't blame this one on China. It's our own rocket and missile testing and fireworks since World War Two that sprinkled perchlorate across the land. The percholorate problem is especially bad in California, once the heart of the aerospace industry back in the days....

Then previous regime at the EPA ruled that perchlorate was not a human health hazard, thereby saving the Defense Depatment and private aerospace contractors millions of dollars in clean-up. Some states have enacted perchlorate concentration limits for drinking water. Here's the Food and Drug Administration's webpage on perchlorates in our food and water. Here's the website put together by the industrial firms linked to the perchlorate prob.

The perchlorate ion is ClO4-, and is most often used as ammonium perchlorate or potassium perchlorate. In rocket fuel it serves as an oxidizer. When heated the perchlorate ions break down and release O2. Perchlorates are also used in many fireworks, thus getting into the water system that way as well. The perchlorate salts are derived from perchloric acid, HClO4.

The FDA says you can get home water filters that remove the perchlorate ions from tap water. Does that sound like a greentech business waiting to happen? Here's thre NRDC's guide to existing water filters and how to determine which ones work for which water contaminants.

Topics: Telcos, China

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  • Well Harry I don't believe you.

    Just another scare article.
  • I never knew

    ... that sugar, zinc, and oxygen (to name three rocket fuels) were all that nasty.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • this guy is a total wingnut

      actually, he's an ignorant wingnut who loves to worry about non-existent
      problems and grope desperately for the teat of the mother tyrant to keep
      him all warm and safe in her iron arms.

      The world is full of useful idiots. This ass will probably keep singing the
      environmental song even when he has to stand in line for toilet paper,
      flagellating himself for the sin of using a paper product.
    • Don't forget hydrogen...

      Can you believe it? They have that stuff in water!
  • Oh, for crying out loud

    it must suck to be you. You have got to be the most
    miserable creature on the planet, constantly in a worry and
    a fret over the next big scare that's going to kill everyone
    on the planet. It's obvious that bliss isn't the result of
    ignorance, anxiety is, because you'll swallow any load of
    crap shoved your way.

    Man, no wonder liberals never smile.

    • Actually, I'm a liberal and I smile a lot

      But these people are not liberals. They are enviroloonies. Those people DON'T smile because they want to have everyone kowtow to their extreme environmental beliefs (that all chemicals are bad and that we should go back to living like we did in the Dark Ages), and use these scare articles to get us to do so.

      That said.... this isn't a scare article. This is something that was on USAToday a while ago, and if it's on that major newspapers website.... it's not a scare article, unless it's about global warming.