Your computer's making you sick

Your computer's making you sick

Summary: A new study from Britain's Imperial University says your computer and other electronics could be making you sick. A London newspaper says the study's going to be published in August.

TOPICS: Hardware

A new study from Britain's Imperial University says your computer and other electronics could be making you sick. A London newspaper says the study's going to be published in August. The research will blame electrical charges from computers, TVs, stoves and other electrical appliances for giving people asthma, influenza and other ailments.

The newspaper report on the research says electronic devices give off electrical fields that "charge minuscule particles in the air such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and highly toxic pollutants. Because they are so tiny – less than 80 times the thickness of a human hair – they are constantly airborne and so are being breathed in all the time. The electrical charge makes them stick to the tissue of the lungs and respiratory tract, causing infection and increasing the impact on the body."

Topic: Hardware

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  • And laptops can make you sterile

    Seriously, there is research to support that:

    You know, there comes a point when you just have to say "Shut up" to science/research and live your life. This whole thing about electrical fields is stupid. Honestly now, where in a modern city can you go and NOT find yourself around electronic equipment? The earth itself bathes us in it's electro-magnetic field, so is that making us sick too?

    I just find it all a little silly, that's all.
  • Something else that might make you sick.

    Scientists recently discovered that being alive means a 100% chance that you will die. :p

    Better shop for that casket while you still have time.
    Mr. Roboto
  • Slow day?

    And people in Norway are "allergic" to electricity. Any other Luddites you want to waste electrons on?
  • RE: Your computer's making you sick

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