16GB iPhone now available ... oh, and a 32GB iPod touch

16GB iPhone now available ... oh, and a 32GB iPod touch

Summary: The Apple website has just winked back into existance and on it is the new 16GB iPhone.


The Apple website has just winked back into existance and on it is the new 16GB iPhone.

16GB iPhone now available Â… oh, and a 32GB iPod touchApart from the new increased capacity, nothing is changed.  The 16GB iPhone retails for $499 while the 8GB model sells for $399.

For those of you expecting the iPhone to support 3G or have a GPS or some other cool new feature, you can put your credit cards away ... for now.  Same goes for those waiting for a MacBook Pro upgrade.

Also added to the line up is a 32GB iPod touch.  This also retails for $499.

Hmmm, 32GB iPod touch ... tempting.


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  • 32GB iPod Touch

    That's half the memory of a flash memory Air. And, a lot thinner, lighter, and cheaper. Very tempting indeed! And SDK's to come to add functionality.
  • A 32GB iPod touch is exactly what I would want

    But at half the price it's listed at. So I'll keep waiting for something better.
    Michael Kelly
    • I'll bet you NEVER buy one!!

      But it's real fun to post pointless messages like yours, isn't it? Did you feel the
  • tempting indeed

    30gb really is a sweet spot for me. However, I'll wait until it's $200 thank you very much
    • You will wait forever!

      But then, we all know that, don't we. You are a wait-and-seer. I'll bet you wake up in
      the morning and go "hmm, what will I buy for $200 today? Oh, not a 32Gb iPod
    • $299 maybe, though $399's a more likely drop

      $200's not an Apple price for anything outside of a bottom-end Nano.

      I've got a 16 GB iTouch myself, and even sprung for the $19.95 extra apps so I could get a memo feature. I have to admit, I sobbed bitter tears when I saw the ad for the 32 GB model - just six weeks after the holidays when I got mine! Steve Jobs - why did you Leo me?!?!?!?!?

      It's a great media player with a few PDAish features thanks to the extra apps, though I'm waiting w/bated breath for the apps from the SDK to see if I can get more PDA functionality. The iTouch is close to what I kept hoping the Treo would become now, but missing a few essential features (phone aside, of course).
  • RE: 16GB iPhone now available ... oh, and a 32GB iPod touch

    32G, 3G and GPS would make all worth while for me.
    • Except you could have all that now elsewhere

      and guess what? YOU DON'T! So why bother posting such drool?
  • RE: 16GB iPhone now available ... oh, and a 32GB iPod touch

    You know what I think? I think "existence" is spelled e-xi-s-t-e-n-c-e. Hard to argue with that.
  • Wow, almost as good as an Archos!!

    For the same price as the 32GB iPod, you could buy a 160GB Archos. Sure, the iPod has half the resolution, a smaller screen, 1/5th the storage space, and 1/10th the codec support but other than that, it's the best portable media player EVER!!! :)
    • Caution....

      Just don't become afflicted with Archos Option-itis.
    • And a Hard Drive with the chance to fail

      I don't know about you, but having to reload a MP3 Player with 160GB again, might just kill a few hours.

      Especially on my USB 1.1 systems.
      • Ummm... it's a 32GB flash drive

        no hard drive in there
        • Oops, nevermind...

          thought you were talking about the iPod... my bad
      • Was that tongue in cheek?

        Refuting that the smaller capacity of the iTouch is better than the other because it takes less time to load less content?

    • That thing is huge.

      Might as well take your laptop with you.
      If you can't fit it in your pocket, its not even in the market.
      Sorry Charlie.
      • Huge as in 10% larger?

        12cmx8 instead of 11x6.5?


        About the only way to make the Archos smaller is to make a foldable screen or reduce the screen size from 4.3 inches to 3.5 inches.

        Comparing to the iPhone is not valid, the Archos is not a phone, but if you want a WiFi multimedia player, it is (price/feature) wise something you want to look at.

        • Get 10% larger yourself and try putting on your

          current pair of jeans...:P

          Turns out that it's also true in portability "Size does matter"

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
          • Off Topic, but neither work in jeans.

            Unless they are the super baggy type (way too old to be cool doing that), even my Meizu (1/2 the size of an itouch) isn't going in my pocket, too easy to break the screen.

            Regardless, sorry I brought it up in the first place, the everyone go with the iTouch.

        • Huge as in It may not fit in your pocket.

          For a portable media player 10% larger is a big deal.
          Plus it's more than twice as heavy.

          And to spin numbers completely out of control.. ;)

          Archos 160 4.8"W x 3.2"H x .75"D = [b]11.5 cu. in.[/b]
          iPod Touch 4.3"H x 2.4"W x .31"D = [b]3.2 cu. in. [/b]

          10% larger now is revealed to be 360% larger all around.