AMD plans to release raft of new processors

AMD plans to release raft of new processors

Summary: According to Chinese website Digitimes, chipmaker AMD as plans to release whole raft of new processors, including a brand new six-core line.

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According to Chinese website Digitimes, chipmaker AMD as plans to release whole raft of new processors, including a brand new six-core line.

The first rollout of six-core processors will happen during the second quarter of 2010. These will be Phenom II X6 parts and will be named as follows:

  • Phenom II X6 1035T: 2.6GHz, 95W TDP 
  • Phenom II X6 1055T: 2.8GHz, 95W TDP
  • Phenom II X6 1075T: 3.0GHz, 125W TDP

Along with these six-core CPUs, AMD has plans to debut other processors during second quarter of 2010:

  • Quad-core Phenom II X4 940T
  • Quad-core Phenom II X4 955
  • Quad-core Phenom II X4 640
  • Quad-core Athlon II X4 610e
  • Triple-core Athlon II X3 445
  • Triple-core Athlon II X3 415e

These CPUs, along with those from Intel, mean that there are some interesting times ahead of us.

Topics: Hardware, Processors

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  • AMD has rarely been top dog in performance...

    AMD has rarely been top dog in performance, but at often 1/2 the price,
    it beats the living snot out of Intel when it comes to price-performance

    If you're building a budget gaming PC, it's hard to go wrong with AMD.
    • spot-on . . .

      Yep, exactly why I've been building my own systems with AMD for over six years. I've never had any problem with their CPUs and had very good performance.
      Not to mention I find Intel's business tactics unethical.
    • Cooler and less power consumption too.

      not just half the price, but at considerably lower heat generation as well. That makes for quieter PCs that chew up less power.

      For my money that makes it perfect for Home Theater, or for a small home server that manages backups, data storage, overnight downloads, or whatever.

      I have an i7 in my gaming pc, but AMDs in the dev box and HTPC
  • RE: AMD plans to release raft of new processors

    The Quad-core Phenom II X4 955 it's already in the market.
  • AMD prepares to follow Intel,,,, again.

    • Eh?

      They had been planning multicore CPUs for quite a while. It's not because they ship them later that they are follower, they had enough trouble when shipping the first 'real' quad cores while Intel took a shortcut and shipped a dual-dual-core, to be prudent.
      Mitch 74
    • Are you ready for this?

      It may be leapfrog time again.
  • RE: AMD plans to release raft of new processors

    In the 386 days, AMD-made CPUs ran at higher clock speed than Intel's owns.
    Same with 486: AMD shipped DX4/120, while Intel limited itselft to 100.
    In the Pentium days, AMD's K6 did have Intel's chips for breakfast except on FPU computations, and until the Pentium II came out.
    From the day the original K7 Athlon came out to the day it was renamed 'Sempron', Intel lost at ALL FPU and IPC benches against AMD. It even lost the Gigahertz race to AMD!
    From the day the original Opteron came out, to the day Intel finally got the Core2 out, AMD had Intel beaten everywhere performance wise.
    That's, like, 15 years of pure performance domination! But, of course, Intel has the OEM deals. And now, a processor that performs better than AMD, by using...
    - 64-bit: ah, AMD actually created that.
    - power management: ah, AMD actually started that with the HLT instruction in 386SXL. Intel caught up eventually, and then got ahead - but AMD is close.
    - multicore: ah, AMD had the dual core Operon out first. And a real quad core too. And a tricore, too.
    - integrated RAM controller: AMD had it first on the Opteron.
    - virtualization tech: AMD had started it on the K8. AMD-V adds a few instructions to complete.
    - security: PAE and NX are available on all K8 and later chips.

    Intel may have a stronger R&D laboratory, a much larger marketing fund, and much better weight on the OEMs, but AMD sure wasn't that far behind performance-wise for quite some time, and has a tendency to invent stuff first.

    You just have to see how Intel pissed their pants when, threatening to revoke AMD's x86 licence, AMD counterattacked by revoking Intel's x86-64, IMC, serial bus licence...
    Mitch 74
  • Bravo to the underdog

    I prefer the way AMD processors operate, and appreciate their more ethical business practices, but have yet to to have one outlast an Intel processor, and thatis sad cause I like them AMD folks better.
  • Price to performance Ratio

    Throughout the years, I, like most of you, have used AMD's when building my computers. As far as I'm concerned, using the ratio of price/performance AMD's far superior to Intel. Always has been.. always will be.
    Dakota Duce
  • Cost of 6-core CPU?

    AMD seems to be holding their pricing strategy close to
    the vest.

    I've been using AMD exclusively for builds for personal
    use since 1996. Good to see I'm not the only AMD fan
  • RE: AMD plans to release raft of new processors

  • RE: AMD plans to release raft of new processors

    Oh, now I am confused on my next build.
  • I prefer AMD chips over those of Intel

    I have not had a single AMD chip die on me, and if one were to die, AMD backs their chips with a 3 year standard warranty, as opposed to 1 year with Intel.

    A company who stands behind their product is important to me as a consumer.
  • RE: AMD plans to release raft of new processors


    The AMD Phenom II X4 955 has been out for a while in the Black Edition form... does this mean a non-BE version?

    Also the Phenom II X4 940 exists (obviously sticking the "T" on the end means a variant.)

    It's also been known for a while that the 6-core processors were coming.
  • What socket?

    If they are AM3 socket chips and priced reasonable...they will sell boatloads of them.
  • AMD has easiest install as well with its fans!

    I have been sticking to AMD CPUs for a while now as well - I choose AMD for there speed to price ratio - AMDs price to speed ratio has always been why I chose them - The other thing also about AMD is how easy it is to put the stock fan on to the CPU - What the hell was Intel thinking when it made that stupid push down and twist fan clip design - It is tricky sometimes to lock the darn fan down on the CPU - I have had to build a couple of Intel computers for people who love Intel CPUs and just when I thought I had one of the fan clips locked down and went to lock the leg on the other diaginal side the first one would pop out - I am scared to put to much pressure down on the clip incase I snap the motherboard from pressing down to hard!