Apple investors remain jittery

Apple investors remain jittery

Summary: While Apple might be doing well, I can't help but notice how jittery Apple investors seem to be. Any bad news relating to Apple seems to cause dramatic drops in stock prices.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

While Apple might be doing well, I can't help but notice how jittery Apple investors seem to be.  Any bad news relating to Apple seems to cause dramatic drops in stock prices.

We've had several examples of Apple's stock price taking a hit over the past few months.  An unconfirmed rumor spread by Engadget that the iPhone and Leopard were being delayed caused a plunge in price, as did the news of the lower than expected activation of iPhones during the first weekend and now a rumor that surfaced on that Apple is having iPod and iPhone production problems.  While each time the stock price has recovered (and recovered pretty fast), the sudden negative effect this news has on investors must be worrying for Apple executives because it's a sure sign that any serious problem that Apple may suffer in the future will be severely punished and a recovery could take some time. 


Topics: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

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  • My thoughts

    You should blog about something other than Apple and especially anything to do with business.
    • Wow

      If you are going to make a comment like that, you could at least back it up with some reasoning. Why shouldn't he talk about Apple and business?

      I think Adrian is right, people are moving toward a more platform-agnostic view of things. I have noticed that with my own clients. Businesses are better served by having platforms that do certain things best. One of my clients in particular continues to use Macs for graphic design because they have found them to be better at handling large files and are more stable in Photoshop.
      • I think you responded to the wrong blog...

        This one has to do with Apple Investors not what platform people are choosing.
        • And you didn't answer the question.

          What's wrong with commenting on Apple or business?

          I think you're seeing such strong reactions because Apple is the big story. Right now news outlets are tracking everything Apple does, and so people are going to react.
          • The reason for my statement...

            That he is getting off track with blogging on Investors feelings.
            This is Technology area not an investors blog.
  • Investors are jittery

    when they have money invested in anything, this isn't just Apple specific.

    Investors are in it for the money not because they have a crush on Apple. I would be jittery too if I had thousands of dollars invested in anything, if your stock falls a few cents you lose big bucks.

    Who wants to lose money?
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  • Apple investors remain jittery

    And Microsoft investors are dancing like a
    cat on a hot tin roof..... if they've been
    reading the news. Vista?

    EVERYBODY is jittery, and trying to avoid
    the straw that breaks the camels back, when
    the stock market is quivering like a bowl of
    Ole Man
    • Apple stocks have always been unstable

      Think about it -

      The company has cornered the market on mobile music, but has no real tangible share of any market for the other products they provide. I know that Apple lovers will say, "that's not true" but give me a break, 3% of the computer market is not worth jumping up and down about. Neither is the historically bad decisions that they have made that have sacrificed customer preference for the sake of style - not at all good business decisions.

      The iPhone is on just about everyone's mind right now - either they love it, they hate it, or they don't give two shits. I am of the third group.

      Investors have probably realized that the hype is not justified, and that most cell customers don't want to spend $600 for a phone that is tied to a 2-year contract when they can get a phone that does more for less. Crafty consumers always make investors nervous.

      The good news - they will bounce back. They always do. But I wouldn't look for them to corner the cell phone market. At least not until they realize that functionality is more important in expensive gadgetry then the "look."
      • Marketshare

        Apple has less market share than gateway...Gateway lost about 8 million last quarter.
        What about Dell what do their profits look like? Apple made 1/3 of the profit that MS
        did last quarter with it's 3-5% of the market. It made about 1/2 of what HP & Dell
        combined made in Net Profit. You can't make money selling bargain basement PC's.
        • Where did your accounting and finance degree come from?

          Learn something before you speak. You can't look at one quarter and make a judgement. As I said, it's about trends. Apple's trends are unstable. They always do this - huge numbers on a release, huge fall-offs when something hits the news that reflects poorly. This affects other companies as well, it just seems from the previous 30 years of industry that Apple is more apt to it than the other companies.

          Read before you rant. I wasn't bashing Apple. Just saying that their computers are better than their business decisions.
          • There's no edit - so here's a correction

            I mentioned trends in another post, not the one that this one is replying to, however the point is the same.
  • Apple stock has been moving fast

    In both directions. Fortunately the "problem rumors" that drive
    the stock down are fairly quickly shot down and the stock
    recovers. Analysts are talking about AAPL at $200 when only a
    few months ago they were talking about $100 or $120.

    I think that most of the fast sell offs are from investors that really
    don't understand Apple and the potential for Steve J or Jonathan I
    to deliver the unexpected. If the rumor about a new iMac design
    on the 7th is true then watch the stock jump as soon as these
    investors see the new design. Of course there will always be
    Non_Zealot here to make it look like a failure.

    While there will continue to be problems rumored I believe that
    Apple is going to continue delivering new products through the
    holiday buying season and each new product will bump the stock
    up a bit more. Then there will be MWSF 08 which will bring out
    more reasons for the stock to increase. (It's going to be a bad
    few months for NZ . . .)

    Knowledgeable investors are going to continue to hold onto their
    holdings while investors that never thought of Apple until they
    learned it was a hot stock will continue to have the jitters.