Apple releases iPhone update - Trashes some unlocked iPhones

Apple releases iPhone update - Trashes some unlocked iPhones

Summary: Does the new Apple update brick unlocked iPhones?


[Updated: Sept 27, 2007 @ 3.05 pm -  Kent has posted a photo of his bricked iPhone.

Apple releases iPhone update - Trashes some unlocked iPhones 

That bricking looks optimistic to me ... as long as it connects to the PC via the dock OK I'm confident that the hackers will have a fix.

[Updated: Sept 27, 2007 @ 2.50 pm - BEWARE!!! Kent Pribbernow of The iPhone Blog claims that his iPhone has been bricked by the new firmware update. He had an unlocked phone so he was playing with fire

Apple releases iPhone update - Does it trash unlocked phones?Doing a bit of sleuthing I discovered the potential root of this problem. The IMEI number displayed onscreen does not match that found on the back of my iPhone. So apparently whatever issue is to blame it has to do with baseband settings reconfigured by anySIM. Ok, iPhone Dev Team. I’m counting on you jokers to work out a solution.

Let the bricking commence ...]

I'm getting reports that Apple has released update version 1.1.1 for the iPhone.  What I'm interested in finding out is if this turns unlocked iPhones in iBricks.

The download is big - 152.3MB - and features the following warning:

" ... applying this software update may result in your iPhone becoming permanently inoperable."

Well, does it?  I really want to know!  I'm scanning around looking for confirmation - I'll let you know when I find something interesting.

Here are some of the non-bricking features that Apple have added:

  • Support for iTunes WiFi music store
  • Louder speaker and receiver volume
  • Spacebar double tap to add period and space
  • TV out support
  • Turn off GPRS/EDGE when roaming
  • At least 10 security updates

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  • Buried in there...

    And, buried in there was a big security update. 10 vulnerabilities in all:


    Ryan Naraine
  • RE: Apple releases iPhone update - Does it trash unlocked phones?

    It might be difficult to find anyone who was willing to take that risk.
    • I dont think it will be....

      Because when Apple released the iPhone, certain folks bought just to take it apart and show the pictures of what is inside.
      • I stand corrected.... some people will try anything (nt)

  • Engadget has people performing the updates

    Mostly, no iBricks. Check the comments.
    • O-Rly?

      [i]Eldin Turnadzic @ Sep 27th 2007 3:02PM
      i had an unlocked iphone with a att sim card in it and i did the update now its telling me Incorrect sim with the att sim card tried restoring doesnt work same problem

      NeutralAndrew Wise @ Sep 27th 2007 3:29PM
      i am having the same problem, going to try to unlock with independence, ifuntastic, whatever can help methe thing is, i used anysim to unlock the phone, but never got it unlocked!
      and now it's saying my cingular sim card does not work, WTF?![/i]

    I'm just thinking back to all of those who said: [i]Apple would never do this! They are too nice![/i]

    You all get exactly what you deserve when you buy an Apple product. I've seen many, many, many unlocked phones (not iPhones) and not [b]one[/b] of them gets bricked by updates. Apple went out of their way to do this to you.

    Snicker, smirk :)
  • My Windows Mobile device just KEEPS on working...

    My rep and I are laughing hysterically because we patch our Windows Mobile phones every week and they continue to work flawlessly. The Windows ecosystem is built to last. I sit for hours on end and sync my Windows Mobile phone with my Vista Ultimate PC and my Dell Axim handheld. MCS is coming to my house to prepare some "secret sauce" to allow Windows Mobile to also sync with my XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 and Windows Mobile are so hot, the temperature in the room actually goes up when I use them.
    Mike Cox
    • 8.0

      Would have been 7 ("the Windows ecosystem is built to last"; must be taking your John Carroll pills), but the last line gained you an extra point.
      John L. Ries
    • Ba da Bing!

      D T Schmitz
    • So you're unlocked right???

      So that means your windows phone is unlocked right? Because if it isn't then your whole little song and dance is meaningless. Locked iphones updated just fine. Will your phone still update if you unlock it?
      • It isn't even Friday...

        ... but looks like Mikey is having another fish dinner tonight - hmm - pan seared Carlino with fresh lemon juice and a nice rissoto.
        Confused by religion
        • 9.5

          8.0 for mike, 9.5 for your response.
  • RE: Apple releases iPhone update - Does it trash unlocked phones?

    Here`s a hint for the DEV team, if the IMEI does not mathch with the # on the back CellPhone,the BSCs (Base Station) will not reconigse the Cellphone part of the iPhone, So search for a software to re-write the IMEI to the original, Then it will work again.
  • RE: Apple releases iPhone update - Does it trash unlocked phones?

    If the "children" can't play by the rules they
    need to learn they can't play in the game.