Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

Summary: Behold the Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G incoming.


Behold the Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G incoming.

This rumor comes to us via Dutch tech site AppleSpot.

I don't speak Dutch, and the Google translation is horrible, but the gist of the piece is that the iPod touch will get the iPad treatment and have a 3G module fitted. Users will be able to pop in a 3G SIM card and get cellular data access while out and about.

It's an interesting idea, and kinda fits in with all those 'iPhone lite' rumors that have been floating around. Just throw the Skype app onto that puppy and you're good to go. That said, I don't see it happening. Why? Because I don't really buy these rumors of an 'iPhone lite.' So far the older model has served well as a cheaper iPhone without incurring any additional R&D or manufacturing costs for Apple.

Do you really think that just after announcing the iPhone 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) Steve Jobs is going to pause, then turn back to the audience and say "oh, and one more thing ... here's a crappier, cheaper version of the new iPhone we just announced!"? I don't think so!

Oh, and right now the iPhone 3GS is, if you go for a contract, essentially free.

How much more 'lite' can you get than that?

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  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    This is stupid and really - is this even worth repeating? Honestly - is this what your job has become?
    • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

      ease up man. if you don't like the man, stop reading his work. you do have3a right to express yourself, as he does. he does it eloquently, you on the other hand do not
  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    I am Dutch and it seems that Google did a decent job since your interpretation of the article is correct. The only worries they have is not if the iPod will come, but how the telecom industry will react to it? Read Skype.
    Do I believe they will launch it: no.
  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    I don't think Skype would be the killer app. I think a killer app would be multimedia streaming (video/pictures/music) from one's home computer or from a central server with more storage space than the iPod itself. That way you don't need storage space on the iPod except for cache and programs, and you have a cheap device, and you never need to sync. This assumes good coverage of course.
    Michael Kelly
  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    Who would want 3G on their iPod? That is what the iPhone is for. Rumor has to be false.
  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    First, please try to recognize the effects of carrier subsidizing iphones. It costs about $70 a month for an Iphone with data and voice plans. Many cannot or will not pay that much. The purchase price is the minor part of the price because it is subsidized. A $50 iphone 3gs is NOT a bargain. It still costs $1680(+-20%) in carrier fees over two years.

    So for many markets, especially outside the US, a phone that you can buy without subsidy is needed, and it has to come in around $200-$400. In this market Apple is getting killed by Google, and they have said they will respond.

    But Apple makes so much with the Iphone 4, they don't want an iphone available for $300 (or so). So it makes fantastic sense to call it an Ipod 3g. Sure it is really pretty much an iphone3gs inside (probably with manufacturing simplifications). The difference is a marketing distinction, to separate the $300 phone from the $1600 phone.

    So they might well come out with a lower cost phone you can buy internationally (maybe in US also), that is affordable (eg. no high cost phone/data plan required). They will have to differentiate it marketing wise from the Iphone 4 (or 5). They can do this with labelling, and perhaps with service. Maybe the phone won't be carrier voice capable. I'm told data SIM's are available for moderate amounts in many countries, so many youth could use this with just data (many youth are more messaging oriented than voice oriented anyway).
  • RE: Apple 'Rumor of the Day' - iPod touch 3G

    I can only hope this is true. I would love to get an iphone but why would I pay for it if my job gives me a blackberry for cell and data for free. They also gave me an ipad with data. However, as much as I love the ipad, I still don't see myself carrying it around pretending it was an iphone. and ipod touch with data access would be my savior so I use an IOS enabled device in my pocket. Otherwise, I couldn't justify getting a regular Ipod touch either. Fingers Crossed!!!