Apple upgrades iPhone OS to version 3.1.3

Apple upgrades iPhone OS to version 3.1.3

Summary: Apple has released iPhone OS to version 3.1.3 (7E18), replacing the OS on all models of iPhone and iPod touch devices.


Apple has released iPhone OS to version 3.1.3 (7E18), replacing the OS on all models of iPhone and iPod touch devices.

We have the following fixes:

  • Fix for iPhone 3GS battery level reporting
  • Fix for app crashes on launch
  • Fix for app crashes while using Japanese Kana Keyboard

There's also a bunch of security fixes:

  • Playing a maliciously crafted mp4 audio file may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution 
  • Viewing a maliciously crafted TIFF image may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution
  • A person with physical access to a locked device may be able to access the user's data
  • Accessing a maliciously crafted FTP server could result in an unexpected application termination, information disclosure, or arbitrary code execution
  • Mail may load remote audio and video content when remote image loading is disabled

I've installed it on my iPod touch and everything seems to work fine.

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  • Make sure you tell them what it breaks

    Courtesy of Apple, this patch punishes those who
    dare want to add functionality to the device they
    purchased to bring it up to the standards that
    have been set by other handheld computing devices.
    • boo hoo hoo

      You knew what you were getting into when you bought the device. There are plenty of other products out there you can buy which are open source. My Nokia phone is fantastic and wao (wide ass open)
  • Battery Level Reporting problem only on 3GS

    I have an iPhone 3G and occasionally it will tell me the battery is full even though the phone has been on all day and has been used but when I reboot the phone it will show that the battery is NOT full.

    While I like my iPhone I find that the performance has greatly degraded since I first got it and the Apple "Geniuses" are less than helpful. It takes a lot longer to boot up and power down than it ever did before and I hear audio delays and degradation especially if I am playing a game like Solitaire that has no audio so I can play the iPod in the background. The "Geniuses" tell me that is normal and I should upgrade to the 3GS for better performance. Despite it not doing that when I first had it and the performance issues only been since the last 6 months or so I guess it must be me then. So much for that Applecare and customer service.
    • Bit-rot

      It happens to all of Apple's OSs. You just have to
      live with it I'm afraid. :(
      • I was told that did not exist

        I mentioned that and was told that was a myth (again by the apple geniuses). My favorite was when his snotty co-worker said that it is only Windows that suffers from OS rot.
  • RE: Apple upgrades iPhone OS to version 3.1.3

    Quite frankly, fixes for the 3GS don't help 3G users. Apple must
    have have assumed that the memory issues experienced by 3G
    users would induce them to upgrade to the 3 GS. It does not. At
    this point, I'm inclined to throw the apple under the bus and move
    to the Sprint 4G network. I am sorry I upgraded to OS 3. It causes
    more problems than it solved.
  • RE: Apple upgrades iPhone OS to version 3.1.3

    The iPhone 3.2 software will likely include support for apps that are designed to dynamically adjust the screen size to cope with both the iPhone and the 9.7in screen of the iPad. <a href="">car title loans</a>