Are you ready for a wrist-mounted computer?

Are you ready for a wrist-mounted computer?

Summary: Ridgeline, a specialist in rugged industrial computers, has announced the W200 wrist-mounted computer. Are you ready for a wrist-mounted computer?

TOPICS: Hardware, CXO, Mobility

Ridgeline, a specialist in rugged industrial computers, has announced the W200 wrist-mounted computer. Are you ready for a wrist-mounted computer?

The W200 has a pretty sweet spec. Manufactured from magnesium alloy, it boasts a 3.5 inch touch-sensitive screen, backlit keyboard, hot-swappable battery pack, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. All that's left for you to do is pick the OS - Windows CE or Linux.

Now, the W200 isn't a consumer product, but if you added a cellphone, a camera,  support for video playback, a port for removable storage (Compact Flash or SD card), and throw in a few games and you have a pretty sweet consumer device. Slap on an Apple logo and you have a sure-fire winner.

But would people buy a wrist-mounted computer? After all, anything like this has the potential to make you look like Leela or Joe 90., and the W200 looks huge. That said, some of the early Garmin Forerunner GPS devices were huge (except for the wrist strap which was too small to fit on my wrist ... but I'm not the typical build for a runner) so there are some people who are happy to walk around with a device strapped to their wrist. Given a robust design and a good set of features, I could see myself using one.

Would you wallk around with a wrist-mounted computer? What would be your OS of choice?

Topics: Hardware, CXO, Mobility

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  • You're discounting the "dork" factor ...

    ... that killed the Segway. That thing might be great for doing warehouse inventory, but walking around with it on, you'd look like a complete tool.
    • I agree ...

      ... it's hard to cool up some things.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • Dork factor and Bluetooth

      How about Bluetooth headphones. Talk about a high dork factor, but they survived. Some times dork=cool.
    • Dork factor? WHAT dork factor?

      If you slap an Apple logo on it like Adrian suggested, there IS no dork factor.

      In fact, if you didn't have one on your wrist, you would be considered a dork.

      Of course, you do realize that there would have to be a 3rd option - OSX - for the gizmo - more than likely the iPhone variation. Somehow, a wrist computer with an Apple logo running Windows CE or Linux is so wrong on SO many levels...

    • lol

      lmao!! that made me bust out laughing. very true :)

      might as well wear motorized flippers and computerized goggles that have high quality digital zoom while you're at it.
  • It would look good with X-Men costume.......

    Seriously, I mean it.
    • LOL! (nt)

    • Or ...

      ... BatMan!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • TRON guy picture... stuck... in... head... GAHHH! [nt]

    • Well now ...

      Now I REALLY want one !

      BTW, there was a British company that built a prototype just like this over
      ten years ago, believe it or not.

      It was designed to run on Mac OS 9 and used a trackball. Never came to
      market, as far as I know.
  • Is it waterproof?

    If it could survive a swim, perhaps I might.
    Otherwise, not a chance.
    • Probably only ...

      ... showerproof
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • It needs a killer app

    Having cell phones and RIMs hanging off my belt was very Han Solo geek, but people still did it. You're not a nerd if the cool kids are doing it :)
    • Hee's a pic just for you

      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • What was the name of that Palm wristwatch?

    A couple of years ago I bought (at fire sale prices) a wristwatch that ran Palm PDA software. Took a day to discover why I was able to get it so cheap. Tiny screen, useless battery life...

    But in this case, the screen is much larger and more usable. Don't know about battery life, though.

    But no, no one is going to wear one of these for everyday tasks. I see warehouse managers and FedEx drivers using one, though.
  • No.... Just... No.

    I think Blackberrys are enough. Good luck getting laid wearing this. :)
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • :)

      [b][i]"Good luck getting laid wearing this."[/i][/b]

      I suggest you remove it first. Your shoes, too.
    • Now there's a challenge for someone ...

      "Good luck getting laid wearing this."

      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • Ha ha ha

      Now that made me laugh, in OTH, rofl
  • It's far too nerdy for Apple to consider.

    Though, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a Microsoft logo on it.