BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

Summary: ... at least in highly Photoshopped images


Crackberry has what is claimed to be exclusive pre-release images of Blackberry OS 10 - but I wouldn't get too excited if I were you.

The images are allegedly from a marketing document that was sent to the site by a tipster. While the document might give us some clues as to what BlackBerry 10 OS will look like, we can't take too much away from these images because:

  • First, they're marketing materials, something which I find to be highly unreliable
  • Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the images have been heavily (and at times, badly) Photoshopped.

You can head over to CrackBerry to see the full images, but here's just a few of the 'shopping flaws I've come across:

Image credit: Crackberry

Several things stand out here, the clarity of the hands holding the handset compared to the screen, the jaggedness around the edge of the screen, and the roughness of the icons at the top-right of the screen.

Image credit: Crackberry

There's so much wrong with the above image I don't know where to start. Where does the silver trim on the right-hand side of the handset vanish to? Why is there staggering at the top of the screen? Why do the icons at the top-right not line up correctly?

Image credit: CrackBerry

Image credit: CrackBerry

More screen alignment issues at the bottom.

These images are really rough. So rough that they might be early marketing material (possibly placeholder stuff given that the hardware displayed is old stuff), or they could be faked. Either way, I'm not putting too much stock into these leaked images.

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  • RE: BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

    Hmm, it looks like a cross between Windows Phone and Android. I really hope it takes off for them and they can get back in this game.
  • RE: BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

    I actually think they'll score a bigger hit with the Playbook. I'm one of those Android developers that registered and submitted an app for the free Playbook. And even though I'm a big Android proponent, I've never really liked Android tablets (still don't). But I've always liked the Playbook. My personal opinion is that the Playbook and Touchpad (webOS specifically) have the greatest potential in tablet world.<br><br>Blackberry is going to have to do what Android did and converge their tablet and phone OS interfaces if they want to be a major player in both arenas. But I do think they're sneaking up the rear with the Playbook. Good interface, powerful and the price is right.
    • RE: BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

      I agree with you entirely regarding the potential of the Blackberry Playbook. I hope more developers will go the same way!
  • RE: BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

    This is a sober take on what has become a de facto part of the game in mobile marketing. Some Apple employee is always forgetting a next-gen iPhone is a bar in Cupertino. Where was this found, at a Tim Horton's in Kitchener? I doubt the QNX phones will look like this...
    Cantech Letter
  • RE: BlackBerry 10 OS makes a sneak appearance

    Good observations.

    Where is the influence from which RIM acquired a year ago? They seemed to have had some cool stuff and would hope it would make its way into BB 10 and the new PB OS.