European carriers: Nokia's Lumia smartphone "would be much easier to sell" if it ran Android

European carriers: Nokia's Lumia smartphone "would be much easier to sell" if it ran Android

Summary: Carrier executive says "no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows smartphone."


Four of the major cellphone carriers in Europe say Nokia's Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones would be "would be much easier to sell" if it ran the Android operating system, reports Reuters.

The carriers claim that the handsets are overpriced, and already suffer from image problems through software and hardware bugs, and its advertising and marketing efforts have been lacklustre.

"No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone," said an executive in charge of mobile devices for one European operator. "If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell," he added.

Another problem it seems is that stores aren't keen to sell the handsets to consumers. According to the report, Lumia handsets weren't prominently displayed at a France Telecom store in Paris, with the sales clerk offering shoppers iPhones first, then Android handsets.

Following Nokia's recent Q1 earnings warning, credit rating agency Moody's has downgrading the company to a BAA3 rating and the company's outlook to "negative." However, Moody expects Nokia to be "accepted in the market in 2012," and for Windows Phone to become the number three mobile platform, behind Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms.

Image credit: Nokia.


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  • I wonder how long it will be . . .

    . . . . before RootzWiki or some other group find a way to "root" a Lumia and to install Android. :-)

    To say that WP8 will become the third OS behind Android and iOS is to not say very much at all. I'd be interested to hear more about the predictions of market share by the end of 2012.
  • Ghosts perhaps?

    Yeah because nobody is buying the Nokia Lumia in droves. For over a week now it has been the number one selling smartphone in the US according to Amazon and AT&T is out of stock across the board. Unfortunately it's not available in Europe yet. And the 'Software and Hardware' bugs was fixed with a patch days ago. So stop trolling.
    • We can confirm that Windows Phone has failed

      Yet another Microsoft phone platform bites the dust.

      Microsoft and Nokia oddly launched the Lumia over the Easter holiday period (when nobody was buying phones) so they could bias the sales figures to make it look good.

      Nokia's share price has plunged. Moody's downgraded Nokia to a notch above junk status. Those who bought Lumias will be left with useless bricks.
      • Bias sales figures?

        Are you listening to yourself? It's been the best selling smartphone on Amazon for a full week since launch.
      • Far from a "failure".

        People are catching on. It's a common occurrence at school to have people ask me about my HTC Surround and ask if the OS is worth it. After showing off what the OS can do on it's own without apps, people are generally impressed.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Nokias share price drop was from Q1 results of non smartphone sales in

        emerging markets. The Lumia 900 was not even out yet. Very lame trolling.
        Johnny Vegas
      • @Cylon

        The fact that people are asking you if the OS is good is cause for concern. Shows Microsoft and OEMs needs to do a better job in marketing WP7 Phones. I doubt anyone ask whether or not iOS or Android OS is good.
      • @dave95

        Well, the fact that before the Nokia WP hype, AT&T and Verizon reps never really showed off what the OS is capable of. They just shoved you in front of an iPhone or Droid and told you to buy it. But now that there's buzz about Windows Phones, people are going to start asking about it, especially once they see others with it.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Amazon?

      Who buys a cell phone from Amazon? I'd be shocked beyond belief if Amazon sales represented more than a tenth of one percent of the market.
      • Prepare to be shocked.

        Why would Amazon do worse than the corner store that only has paper phones on display? Because of the quality of the sales experience in those stores?
      • Amazon is one of ATT's few outlets

        I bought one from them this month (a Samsung Note).

        Other than Amazon, ATT has what, Best Buy? ATT dismantled their network of crappy online resellers like Wirefly. Those guys were terrible anyway.
        Schoolboy Bob
      • uhm me?

        i have purchased many cellphones from amazon... i go into the store, play with them, decide, research them, and then make my decision and get it from amazon. if you are a new customer, or upgrading with carrier subsidy, it is considerably cheaper to get them on amazon
    • I don't understand why people feel the need to even troll...

      As much as I want to like it, I still question the choice of being Windows only. Seems like the 2 underdogs are now joining forces to wage a lost battle. They were both late to listen to the changing market and customers and they are now paying the price for it in what has be come the most unforgiving, competitive and fierce market there is.

      I've seen the phone way before its release (was at the end of October 2011) I loved its slick look and responsive interface, but I admit I wasn't so crazy about the color though (the one I held was light blue) but wasn't a major issue since frontally the phone looked gorgeous! It was very impressive I must say... the screen was crisp even in bright light and showed hardly any reflectivity nor was prone to massive smudging. I liked immediately the side to side full screen swipes and the feel was nice in hand with size and weight being close to ideal. Unfortunately there seemed no way to swap the internal battery (much like iPhones) and that was a turn-off for me, and there wasn't much expandability... but even at that time I could say that I saw little future in the gamble to tie the phone to a single OS release that had already its problem in trying to convince a market flooded with iOS and Android devices that went well beyond the simple phone... iOS has a full ecosystem including entertainment and integration with OS X via AppleTV for instance, and Android is dominating the alternative and low cost areas... where Nokia or Microsoft thought to position themselves had been a huge question mark since I fist saw that sexy device at a friends' wedding reception in Europe.

      Microsoft never took mobile seriously at all making the mistake of the century. The company invested no money in mobile and the only devices ever available were negligible and had very little punch respect to the competition. Nokia was also late in waking up to the fact that the market was far more ready than they could imagine for handheld entertainment and computing and they should've stopped smoking the crack pipe that was causing them to make better camera-phones when the crowd was screaming give me a computer that fits the palm of my hand and one with internet connectivity I have at home!
      As a matter of fact we're still screaming for that... now are the carriers who don't listen, limiting data transfers... and with 4G now we have the great advantage to consumer the meager allowances at much faster pace! We can shoot 1080p take megapixel photos but we have barely any bandwidth to upload that content and forget about streaming it on the go! Boo-hoo for lame and anachronistic! Well done greedy carriers, well done!
      Not to mention that data STILL can't be shared across users of a family plan and require each subscriber to have a separate data plan... greed meets insanity. To honor the truth only one new "carrier" or better an "independent" reseller operating on the Sprint network, allows sharing of minutes, SMS, data across several devices... unfortunately there are several limitations there... choice of devices, coverage, and you have to spend about $600 to get a top of the line android phone since there are no subsidies. Plus the service isn't cheap. Oh... the carrier is called "Ting" if you want to google it on your own... but I digress...

      As I was saying there was a time when both MS and Nokia could jump on the bandwagon but to do that they had to have some vision and forethought. They had none I can can tell you that since neither companies came out with OS or devices that would have met what people were asking for.
      I was one of those nutcases going around with a Compaq (later HP) iPaq accessorized to the gills including a GSM/GPRS CF module to use it as phone and to use mobile data for email and browsing. That was insane and I was carrying around close to 1 pound od "mobile" electronic equipment including a PCMCIA 801.11b card and PCMCIA 5GB HDD to swap in as needed into the dual PCMCIA iPaq expansion sleeve. Laugh if you like but there was nothing viable on the market back then... not because it could not be on the market, but because the absolute lack of vision of all companies involved despite all signs were pointing to an upcoming and expanding market proven by the success of the iPods ad other portable entertainment-centric devices, companies like Microsoft, and Nokia made all the wrong decisions. When iOS came out such decision proved to be fatal and continuing to dismiss and ignore that market sector, will prove deadly once the iPad hit the market and took over portable computing by storm.

      Nokia was thinking they would keep the dominant position in the mobile phone industry in EU and also have a large chunk abroad, but their lack of vision and the sticking with the nonsense of proprietary Symbian OS even in the aftermath of iOS and Android, was just a prelude to the downward path. Similarly Microsoft not getting serious about developing a mobile OS at the time of pocketPC2003 and Windows Mobile (barely viable for PDAs and simple PDA phones). Nokia has only its head decision-makers to blame for it and so does Microsoft.

      Nokia has also (that's just my opinion of course) made an even bigger mistake not producing an Android powered version of the same phone and perhaps a bigger mistake has been not leveraging their supply chain to create a 7" and 10" tablet earlier on (now is far too late for it).
      I believe Nokia could've been the 1st groundbreaking company (at least go down in a blaze of glory) and create the very 1st dual boot phone (and later tabletPC) capable to run WoA and Android. There would have been a huge amount of users flocking in the direction of the Finnish company, just for that feature alone. Unfortunately that too could be lack of vision of corporate moving at glacial pace and hindering any possibility of real innovation.
    • It's just a bubble..

      It's just a bubble..
      ..then the bubble will dissolve,
      and people will forget the Lumia
      with the Metro UI in safe mode..

  • ..another BS report....

    .....what kind of BS report is this? Which carrieres have they been talking to? WP7 devices biased by sales staff, great news, great surprise....

    Lumia is top-selling with carriers in the UK, Holland, Scandinavia and France. Also in Germany Lumia is not doing bad....
  • silly title.

    AKH - grow up and learn to write professional articles, instead of putting some silly title to the article which doesn't reflect the true picture. An average user in Europe has no clue what 'android' is and they are much more familiar with windows (pc).

    From the article

    ""We don't put this weight behind every launch," said an AT&T spokesman, adding the Lumia 900 had sold out in many stores.

    At a shop in New York, a sales associate pointed out the Lumia to a Reuters reporter, saying it was AT&T's newest phone and many people had been asking for it. "

    So its not all that bad news.

    The Lumia 800 hardware is 2 year old, and they need to get Lumia 900 to the European market soon.

    Nokia and other WP7 phone makers will have wait till October for Win 8 to be released, which will support super phones. Until then, they can't compete at the specs level with iphone/android.
    • WP7 Doesn't need the hardware that iphone/android need

      to have great performance running applications from what I have been hearing. So, does an iphone/android NEED that hardware or is it just poor coding by Apple and Google?
      • Yes. Windows is efficient, Android and IOS are not.

        Android and IOS need better hardware for the same performance.

        To me, though, Android is the more interesting platform - less locked down - and better for an enthusiast.
        Schoolboy Bob
      • -> "Android is the more interesting platform - less locked down"

        And more open to malware too.
  • Overpriced?

    If it ran android it would cost more as it would need 3x more specs to run the bloat...