Firefox is on Steve Jobs' hit list!

Firefox is on Steve Jobs' hit list!

Summary: Steve Jobs wants to kill off Firefox (and Opera) and re-instate a new two-browser regime.

TOPICS: Apple, Browser

John Lilly, Mozilla's COO, spotted something that I hadn't noticed about Steve Jobs Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote the other day.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's two thousand words worth of images for you:

Safari vs. IE vs. Firefox

Safari vs. IE vs. Firefox

Notice how Steve seems to be indicating that Safari will wipe out the competition and leave only IE and Safari in the running.

Some of you will probably be thinking that this is some kind of oversight or or mistake by Apple.  Lilly doesn't think so:

But make no mistake: this wasn’t a careless presentation, or an accidental omission of all the other browsers out there, or even a crummy marketing trick. Lots of words describe Steve & his Stevenotes, but “careless” and “accidental” do not. This is, essentially, the way they’re thinking about the problem, and shows the users they want to pick up.

This is just another example of Steve Jobs being once again blinded by his own reality distortion field.  It also goes to prove that those that say that Safari 3 for Windows is merely aimed at developers are totally wrong - where the heck would Jobs find so many iPhone developers?  Not on this planet for sure. 

I've been using Safari 3 for Windows on and off since the beta was released the other day and apart from the pimped-up inline find and a few other nuggets, there's nothing that makes Safari 3 stand out.  In fact, from the critical perspective of stability, Safari 3 is by far the worst browser I've ever used.  Crashes and lockups are common for me on both Vista and XP.  The only reason that we'll be seeing people using Safari 3 will be because it comes from Apple, and there aren't many of those running Windows.  There's no way that Safari is going to erode Firefox's market share - at least not unless the guys at Cupertino fire up the photocopiers and add features like add-ons to Safari 3.  100 million users?  No way.

But there you have it folks.  Steve Jobs wants to kill off Firefox (and Opera) and re-instate a new two-browser regime.


Topics: Apple, Browser

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  • He's gonna have to hit a LOT harder to knock out Firefox.

    LOL. He is sooo out of touch with reality on this!

    Safari may be a decent browser, but [b]even ignoring the bugs porting it to Windows[/b] it's by no means a Firefox killer. Firefox has a pretty large user base and won't be displaced that easily.

    I don't even think it'll displace Opera that much - Opera, even though it's not as common as IE or Firefox, is still a good, solid browser with most of the features you'd expect.

    He'd better have some sort of killer features and good marketing to pull this off. Firefox had tabbed browsing, a sense of security, and a big, two-page ad in the New York Times. What does Apple plan to do?

    Unless he's got a HUGE trick up his sleeve, I'd say he's crazy. Personally, my bet is on "crazy," because I seriously doubt he's got a trick THAT big up his sleeve.
    • I didn't see anything in Firefox to make me change

      from Safari. Maybe I shouldl give it another go.
      • Things that make Firefox Great

        Reasons you MUST have Firefox

        Built in spellchecker - checks everything in every text field for spelling errors. Right click on the misspelled word and it shows you the correct spelling.

        Add ons
        Download Statusbar - shows the status of downloads at the bottom of the Firefox window
        DownThemAll - downloads all specified links from a webpage (perfect for pictures)
        Formfiller - quickly input repeated data like addresses

        But the real bread and butter is for developers like me
        FireFTP - ftp client
        IMacros - form filler/link clicker/data miner - try it and you will love it
        Firebug - modify websites on the fly for debugging purposes
        Tamper Data - View post/get requests and edit what is being sent

        The add-ons is what makes Firefox the browser that it is. Without them it is just another browser
  • Steve Jobs isn't blinded at all

    [i]This is just another example of Steve Jobs being once again blinded by his own reality distortion field.[/i]

    This is just another example of Steve Jobs attempting to blind the rest of us with Apple's RDF. I would say Jobs is brilliant for convincing an army of 30 million paying customers to spread out over the Internet and defend a multi-billionaire like he is some type of poor injured puppy run over by Bill Gates' H3. Watch, they'll be here soon to tell you how much of an idiot you are. :)
    • Message has been deleted.

      • Caution

        You are about to be censored for telling the truth and using accurate words.
        • Truth from him is questionable...thus why he is blocked - everywhere.

      • Interesting

        Interesting - I've seen Vista crash - but I've seen every other OS on the planet do that stuff also.

        I've never seen DEP shut down the firewall, though - and I've got my DEP turned on. That looks like an old bug - I think they fixed that a long time ago.
        • Or it's Photoshopped

          The screen reads "Microsoft Firewall Service." But the service is actually named Windows Firewall. The underlying file is Mpssvc.dll, which contains "Microsoft Protection Service" as the description string. And it runs within a Svchost.exe process which contains other services, so if it were shut down it would shut down the Service Host instance.

          My BS meter is pinned at 11 on this one.

          As for the first crash, that's a hung app, not a system crash. Big difference.
          Ed Bott
          • and worse yet...

            "a leaopard is choking" is trying to pass this off as the latest "massive issue", rather than a random happenstance.
  • Safari will own Macs, iPhone.. and Windows.

    You're forgetting one thing: once the iPhone launches, there will be tens of millions of
    new Safari users, who will want to sync all their bookmarks and stuff with their PC..
    that's likely going to work best with Safari on Windows and Mac. And once they're
    used to using Safari on their iPhone, they'll probably prefer using that on their PC too.
    Especially if it means all those Safair-enabled application written for the iPhone are
    accessible on their PCs via.. yes, Safari.. too.
    • Remember iTunes


      Remember how iTunes took over a big marketshare of media players for windows.

      It was the easiest way to synchronise your PC with your iPod -> many people using iTunes to play music on PC just for that reason.

      I'm guessing they're trying the same tactic here.
      • He's being brilliant .

        After all APPLE is all about the hardware , with the software coming in second . Hmmm , software optimized for the hardware , that sounds really nice .
        • 3 bugs just released for Safari................

          lol........IE7 has tabbed browsing. You guys here griping have about as much technolgy knowledge as a milk cow. Give me a break. Safari will never have that market share and Jobs is no Genius.......his stockholders know that the iphone will someday wear out as have the ipod noveltiys. They have went totally off of the course from their core business and they will never be nipping at M$'s heels. They had their chances many of times but messed it up.

          • You do not own any stock huh?

            Lets compare the last 5 years

            M$ had better be concerned. And if you think Jobs is not a marketing genius your an I-D-I-O-T ;)
          • Wait on that's a gamble...

            the iPhone may be a gamble, we will have to see, Job$ has had his flops...NeXT anyone.
          • That depends on how you define successes and flops...

            Remember, when Job$ returned to Apple with Gate$ help, Apple bought NeXT for
            NeXTstep/OpenStep, which became the basis for OS X. Then there was Pixar, and all
            of the hits since he's been back at Apple.

            I'm thinking though, that this might be his first mistake (the AT&T deal is a joke).
        • the only software that apple make thats any good if

          the only software that apple make thats any good if you can call it that is for there closed OS

          run on there hardware when they come out into the real world and try to run on other os's they run into what every other coder runs into.

          not every configuration is the same and the apple coders just are not up to the task.

          when the ipod fad dies and it will something else will come along that will be the next in thing and so the argument that you are going to have to have there browser to sync everything is just FUD.

          and as far as the iphone go's not everyone is jumping up and down waiting to get one it's going to be a hard market for apple to gain market share.

          why because there phone

          1 is over priced but thats nothing new

          2 most people are happy with the phones they have.

          3 not many are going to jump carriers just to get an iphone.

          4 i'm sure phone makers are now getting ready to come out with there own finger touch screen phones witch is the only thing the iphone has that other highend phones don't at this time.
          SO.CAL Guy
          • Touch-screen phones aren't anything new

            Number 3 is the biggest problem iPhone will have, though.
      • Thats why I did not buy iPod

        I was planning to buy MP3 player and iPod was obvious choice. However once I realised that everytime I have to sync songs, I need iTunes installed on that PC, I dropped that idea. I opt-in for SONY MP3 player instead.