First look at Windows Vista SP1 (build 6001.16659)

First look at Windows Vista SP1 (build 6001.16659)

Summary: Earlier today I downloaded the standalone installer for Windows Vista SP1 and installed it on a few systems to see what it was like - and I thought you might like to take a look at it.


Earlier today I downloaded the standalone installer for Windows Vista SP1 build 6001.16659 and installed it on a few systems to see what it was like - and I thought you might like to take a look at it.

vsp1-0012.jpgDon't expect huge UI changes after installing SP1 - the changes are small and subtle. In fact, if you're not familiar with Windows Vista, you might miss the SP1 changes. I've put together an image gallery showing some of the most significant changes.

Here are some of the changes:

Other points worth noting:

  • The install process took about 40 minutes on my system
  • The system rebooted 4 times
  • So far, I've not come across any SP1 related issues 

What I'm really interested in seeing is how performance and reliability is affected.

Stay tuned!

Topics: Operating Systems, Microsoft, Software, Windows

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  • 4 times?

    Was that due to some applications you had installed, or recommendations (like now or later options, you chose now) or it just had to reboot 4 times? This is NOT a big deal, 40 minutes out of your life, well, IT will hate it, but cest lavi, just curious.

    • No, 4 reboots ...

      ... there was the one at the end of the install followed by another three automatic ones before Windows got back to the logon screen again.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • That many reboots...Criminal

      Well, since most businesses have yet to deploy Vista, the IT departments will just add SP1 to the image and install Vista with SP1 at the same time.

      Except for kernel updates, (which you shouldn't do unless it fixes an issue you are having), linux requires ZERO updates. I have had systems that have never been rebooted in over 5 years. Except for the kernel, all updates were done. Why does Microsoft Windows needs to have so many reboots?
      linux for me
      • I ave to admit ...

        ... I thought the install had gone wrong, but I talked to a few pewople who assured me it was OK. However, I guess the number of reboots might change with the final release.
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Hardly criminal....

        ...your comment is a petty overstatement.
        Feldwebel Wolfenstool
      • Keep in mind, this is a beta.

        Not the final product. I suspect the re-boots will be minimized in the public release.
        • Exactly

          A whole lot of 'hoohah' about nothing.

          The reality has always been that Vista was always going to have its teething problems - this is just another opportunity for the anti's to get on a band wagon and folg a dead horse. For those ignorant enough to keep that up, bad luck!

          I have run Vista without SP1 and despite some initial small issues generally the install has been very good. It really should go without saying, but for the doubting masses i'll say it anyway, SP1 (proper) and any further SP's will no doubt solve almost all issues that are cause for customer concerns.

          Enough said.
          • typo

            "...and folg a dead horse."

            [soz... *embarrassed*] I believe the word is "flog" as opposed to "folg" - a non-English word which i am yet to find a definition for.
          • typo

            "...which i am yet to find a definition for."

            I believe it should be "for which I am yet to find a definition".
          • Oh Sorry

            I believe I meant to say, "Belvoir is a fastidious, petty so and so".

            Try sticking to the subject instead of being pedantic about a minor typo.

            By the way, you sad and sorry guy - get a life.
      • DOS 6 - Haven't rebooted in 7 years!

        ...and ZERO updates. Can you believe it! And I don't even have to replace the kernel.

        Oh, and I haven't rebooted my typewriter EVER.
        • Reboots

          My slide-rule is still sitting in my drawer (has been for 35 years) and hasn't required a reboot yet either! A little lubrication and screw tightening, but no reboots!

          -CB ;)
          • Gasp...

            "A little lubrication and screw tightening, but no reboots!"
            Ooh... Sounds so... Naughty.
          • Mine's been there for over 40 years...

            ... no reboots AND it's still on its first CMOS battery ;>)
        • Obviously you have another, Usable computer...

          Or you would not be posting on the internet...
          Have you actually had a use for it other than as a typewriter?
        • DOS

          and memory is cheap. Who needs more than 640kB of memory anyway? :)
      • Linux reboots

        Funny timing on this story - I was notified this morning that there were updates for my Ubuntu 6.10 system by the update manager, and after it took about 10-15 minutes downloading and installing the updates, it told me I needed to restart the system.

        I think most of the updates were KDE related (nothing for the kernel that I noticed), so most likely I could restart the KDE components and achieve the same results, but it's probably just easier to have the user restart, so that's what the update manager called for.
      • Why so anal about reboots?

        SP1 installs with no interaction. Start it, walk away. So what if it reboots 4 times? People, you really need a life if this bugs you.
        • HA HA

          Awesome comment~ :)
        • reboots

          When those reboots cost time and money there is very good reason to gripe about it. My server runs BSD and my workstations run Mepis and Suse. No down time from reboots because of updates. Good luck with your Visduh ;-)