Five iOS 5 secrets

Five iOS 5 secrets

Summary: Well, OK, not secrets, but you still might want to check out these neat little tricks!


Five things you might not know you can do with iOS5.

Note: All of these tips apply to iPhone and iPad, and some will even work on the iPod touch.

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#1 Compose your own custom vibrations

Yes, you know that you can create custom vibrations in iOS 5. Here's how:

First, you need to activate the feature:

Settings > General Accessibility

From there activate Custom Vibrations.

Now to create the custom vibrations:

Settings > Sounds

Scroll down to Vibration Patterns and then Create Custom Vibration. Start tapping out your custom vibration!

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#2 Text shortcuts

Here's a real timesaver! Allows you to type a shortcut for a a word of phase.

Settings > General Keyboard

Click on Add New Shortcut... the type the phrase and the shortcut you want to use.

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#3 Make the LED flash as an alert

Want a visual indicator that you have messages of missed calls? Easy!

Settings General Accessibility

Enable LED Flash for Alerts. That's it!

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#4 Restrict iOS system privileges

Get a grip on iOS 5 Location Services privacy settings at:

Settings > Locations Services

Scroll down and click on System Services. From here you have control over what has access to your location information:

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#5 How Apps are noming your storage!

Wondering where all your storage has gone? See for yourself!

Settings > General > Usage

Click on the app entries if you want to delete the data.

Bonus Tip!

A lot of people seem to be having problems finding the camera button on the iOS home screen - just double-click the Home button to make it appear. Simple!

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  • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

    after upgrading to iOS 5, all the applications except Apple's and Foursquare, stopped working. I am not sure what is the reason, but I think it is going to be an issue.
    Ram U
    • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

      @Rama.NET Did you check iTunes yesterday? I did and saw that over 30 of my apps had new updates, which took a long time to download. Apparently many vendors need to do some updates to make their apps iOS5 compatible.
  • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets
  • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

    Hmm, they still seem to have the restriction on autoplay in HTML 5 audio and video. Once again, Apple would force people to develop proprietary apps rather than allow HTML 5 multimedia apps to run correctly.

    Oh and I still don't need a camera app or button on the screen, the hardware one for WP7 works all the time ;-)
  • Here's 4 iOS Secrets that Apple Won't Promote...

    1. The iCloud Control Panel for Windows' Outlook doesn't recognize that Outlook is installed. Any thoughts of using iClound to sync contacts, calendar, etc. are out the window.
    2. The Wi-Fi Sync does not appear to work with Windows 7, so any hope of syncing without a cable are gone.
    3. The Reminders app that is supposed to sync with Outlook, doesn't.
    4. The Reminders app that is supposed to be location aware, isn't, as there's no place to enter the location.
    Considering that these accounted for the majority of the major new features of iOS 5, I'd consider this a major fail by Apple.
    • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets


      Maybe it helps...

      2. It doesn't work for me either but I think it's because my syncing computer is a desktop with a cable and thus not part of the wifi network.

      4. It IS location aware but only on a device with GPS. It works on my iPhone but not on my wifi iPad.

      Sorry, I can't help with your other issues but I don't use Outlook...

      As for me, I can't seem to make my notifications appear on my lock screen whatever I do in Settings.

    • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

      @NameRedacted Do you use Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010? It works for me with Outlook 2010... Also my notes, reminders, etc syn with gmail as well...
      • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

        @browser. Outlook 2010. There are multiple posts on Apple's support forum regarding this problem. Maybe not everyone is experincing it, but over 100 have checked my post alone, so there's got to be quite a few having this issue or something like it.
    • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets


      Update: The location in Reminders works only on ip4, not ip3gs. I have an ip4, but my wife that owns an ip3gs is pretty pissed right now!
      • they work on my 3gs

      • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

        @ccp_z it works on my 3gs.
  • RE: Five iOS 5 secrets

    I was excited to see the LED flash for alerts. I have changed the setting in Accessibility but still no LED flash on missed calls. Is there some other setting in a different location or in the camera that needs to be changed as well?