Friday Rant - Logitech G15 gaming keyboard

Friday Rant - Logitech G15 gaming keyboard

Summary: Who wants a gaming keyboard that sucks up to 90MB of RAM?

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Who wants a gaming keyboard that sucks up to 90MB of RAM?

logitechg15_sm.jpgA while back we picked up a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard for the PC Doc HQ.  This is a keyboard aimed specifically at gamers.  It has 18 macro keys, a monochrome backlit LCD screen and backlit keys.  It sure is a sweet looking keyboard.

Now, it's a cool keyboard that does a lot, but all that functionality comes at a price - a load of supporting applications need to be running, and when we took a look at what the overhead was for this apps (which control the screen and macros) we were shocked to discover how much RAM they sucked up.  Depending on the system we tried, we found that these supporting apps consumed between 60MB and 90MB of RAM.  No matter how you cut it, that's a lot of RAM.

Now, I know that there's no way to gain functionality without some consumption of resources, but 60-90MB just for a few keyboard related applications sounds like far too much to me.  I'm pretty sure that with some effort on Logitech's part this could be tightened up significantly - after all, don't gamers want that RAM for something more important?

Needless to say, we're left with the keyboard, but all the apps have been disabled.


Topic: Hardware

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  • Fits my classic definition of crapware

    This is the kind of stuff I would always remove or better yet never install in the first place. I have a Logitech video camera and it's the same thing where half a dozen services and processes are inserted in to the startup. I'm so happy Vista has native driver support so I don't need to load any of those drivers to use the device now. Oh sure you can no longer overlay a funny mustache over your face but you're not killing your PC with crapware either.

    This is why I hate that ?RAM is cheap mentality? from so many developers. They don?t understand that I didn?t buy a GB of RAM so that they get to be irresponsible with it. This is primarily why applications like uTorrent took the BitTorrent world by storm in less than a year because it has such a small memory footprint. When the developer respect?s the user?s hardware resources, the user responds.
  • 90 MB really isn't that much

    Granted it is for a keyboard but it's really not that much when you have 2-4 GB of Ram.

    Of course if everything starts using that much RAM we will run into problems. Ooops that camera software needs 80 MB, the web 90 MB, that external drive, joy stick and what ever else you plug in. Could be a precedent to allow here. I saw hold Logitech's feet to the fire on this one.
  • Initially, I was pleased...

    I have two of these. I bought the second one shortly after the first. Now, I wish I would have skipped it.

    The first one had to be replaced in less than a month because the letters wore off! Luckily, they seem to have fixed that as it has not been a repeat issue, even after nearly a year on one of them.

    My problem lies solely with an inability to get used to the key positions, even after a year and hundreds of hours of use.

    I am a touch typist that can type 80wpm (on a good day), with reasonable accuracy.

    After a year, I still find myself more often than not having my fingers on the wrong keys when I type.

    So, when I want to type "Hello There", instead I get "ir;;p yjrtr"

    If you can't get it right after a year, something is wrong with the design.
    • Oh, and one more thing...

      The backlighting sucks. Even at the highest brightness, it's not bright enough and the lettering is more or a "blurred suggestion" than a clearly defined visual of the keys.

      It's even worse then there is ambient lighting. It wipes out what blue is there, and since the keys are not well defined without the lighting, you can't see them worth a damn.

      This is an issue I have with almost all Logitech keyboards. The lettering is way too small, and not well defined.

      At least for us older folks :)
  • Have had one for over a year

    I have had a G15 for over a year. As a gamer, and an owner of a Gaming Center, I am probably as target of a user as possible. I have recommended this keyboard to my friends, and everyone who sees it is immediately impressed.

    The article mentions 18 macro keys-- yes, it has 18, but it also has 3 macro tabs, so you really have 54. Also, the software lets you assign macros on a per-application basis. As a gamer my machine is no slouch. These says you do need power to run the newer games. I have 4gb of RAM, 90mb is fairly laughable no matter how you cut it. Thanks to the on keyboard CPU/RAM meter (which shows both cores of my CPU) I can confidently say that I never run into a RAM problem.

    Backlighting has never been an issue. The keys have a great weight to them and are very responsive, making even the most frantic FPS a pleasure.

    This keyboard is something I NEVER take for granted. As a World of Warcraft player, I have an instant advantage by having my stats shown on the keyboard, as well as real-time battleground statistics. When I load up Battlefield 2142, I can get flowing data showing me how I'm doing, broken down in more ways than I would have thought possible. With a push of a button I can keep tabs on my whole squad.

    Anyway, my point is that this is a fantastic gamer keyboard. If you aren't using it to its upmost potential then you'd be better off with a cheaper keyboard that will give you the same functionality. Why pay for a keyboard specific for gaming if that's not what you're going to use it for?

    Still, with that said, there are TONS of useful third party apps for the keyboard. The only real complaint I have is that my mute button didn't work very well after I accidently spilled a bottle of Propel into it (it still works, just sticks a bit). Not bad.
    • Sounds all right to me

      Any real gamer is going to have at least 2Gb of RAM. Currently I run with 4Gb. 90Mb is not even a drop in the Ocean to my system...

      How does the board compare to a Razor Tarantula keyboard. Its quite nice but the wide spacing of the keys is real pain... No builtin backlight is also an issue... On the pluses it has v. responsive keys and a nice typing feel (not squidgy like a laptop keyboard)...


      Bob Wya
      Bob Wya