Google Chrome is insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0

Google Chrome is insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0

Summary: Google Chrome is fast ... insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0.

TOPICS: Browser, Google

Google Chrome is fast ... insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0.

Here's Chrome vs. Firefox 3.0.1 vs IE7 vs. IE8b2 in a head-to-head shootout running the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

Google Chrome tops SunSpider JavaScript benchmark

Here Google Chrome completed the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark in a average of 1,791 milliseconds, nearly half the time that Firefox 3.0.1 took to complete the test. In this test Google Chrome absolutely blows away IE.


Let's see how the browsers compare to each other when tested using the V8 benchmark suite. This suite carried out five tests:

  • Richards OS kernel simulation benchmark, originally written in BCPL by Martin Richards (539 lines).
  • DeltaBlue One-way constraint solver, originally written in Smalltalk by John Maloney and Mario Wolczko (880 lines).
  • Crypto Encryption and decryption benchmark based on code by Tom Wu (1689 lines).
  • RayTrace Ray tracer benchmark based on code by Adam Burmister (3418 lines).
  • EarleyBoyer Classic Scheme benchmarks, translated to JavaScript by Florian Loitsch's Scheme2Js compiler (4682 lines).

With this benchmark, the higher the score, the better ...


As you can see, Google Chrome savagely beats all the opposition running the V8 benchmark suite a whopping ten times faster than Firefox 3.0.

Google Chrome certainly has delivered on the speed it promised, and so far testing indicates that the browser is very robust - over the past few hours I've been hammering it very hard and I've yet to have a crash.

Here's a single Google Chrome Window with 70+ tabs open and the browser is still nice and responsive and there's not even a hint that it's struggling under the weight of the open tabs.


Topics: Browser, Google

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  • how about with Safari 3.x /4.x & Opera

    I would like to see comparison chart with with Safari 3/4 & opera
  • RE: Google Chrome is insanely fast ... faster than Firefox 3.0

    Fast, yes, but without adblock (or equivalent), too painful to use.
    • Tell me about it

      I downloaded and fired it up just for the heck of it and the first thing I noticed was just how MUCH advertising crap ZDNet throws in your face.
      • I don't find the ZDNet ads that obtrusive. And, for me it is interesting to

        see who is advertising. That is part of the tech story. Heaven forbid that I might actually buy one of the advertised products.

        I did once have a big problem with ZDNet ads consuming tons of CPU, but, after complaints, they resolved that very quickly.
        • Well...

          The advertising is obviously annoying, but the connections each page load needs to make to connect to the ad websites it what slows down web browsing. Firefox 4 life.
        • I thought you were all about choice

          unless it's a google product, then whatever they spoon feed you is the only choice you need to make, I guess.
          • Having a screen full of ads is great!

            Well, unless its a screen full of ads in IE, FF, or the Safari web browsers, then they're annoying and useles, the companies writing them should be blasted.

            On the other hand, we should all be thankfull that Google's looking out for us, serving us screen full of ads on things we really need...

          • I can think for myself

            Thank God I have the intelligence to think for myself. I don't like a browser thinking it can tell me what ads I should see. Is Google going to show me ads of companies that don't run ads on it's browser? I doubt it. That's why I block every browser I have from trying to put ads on my home page. I don't like Gig Brother guiding me and neither should you.
        • The Ads on ZDNet Are Not That Bad

          I have seen sites that truly horrible in terms of the number of ads they have. ZDNet is pretty reasonable. I respect the fact that ZDNet needs money to operate; just as long as the ads don't get obtrusive.
          • I agree with you but ...

            I hope ZDNet keeps their ads reasonable & unobtrusive.

            One site I visited was NOTHING but one big ad disgused as a "legitimate" web site.
    • Adblock

      absolutely correct
    • Adblock?

      You might try what I do. Just refuse to visit sites with an excess of ads. Problem solved.

      FWI I don't mind the ads. Someone needs to fork over the bucks to pay for the time and effort required. But if there are too many ads (not currently the case with ZDNet) it's not worth my time or trouble to visit...especially since there are so many other places where I can get the information/news I want.
      • I am under no obligation

        to ensure a company makes money. If they shove annoying ads in my face, I block them out. End of story. If they whine about it, I reply that they need to find a business model that doesn't annoy their users to the point where they block ads or leave the site.
        • Awwwwwww

          Poor wittle baby doesn't wike ads shoved in his face, awwwwww!

          What a bunch of whining crybabies. Not like you're forced to click on an ad or buy the products and services they're promoting. Your "I am under no obligation to ensure a company makes money" has zero relevance to ad blocking, since you're under no more obligation to support advertisers whether their ads are visible or hidden.

          Unless you're such a mindless, moronic drone that you have no self control and must purchase products and services you see advertised out of uncontrollable compulsion.

          So take your pick: Whining crybaby or mindless, moronic drone...which are you?
          • re: awwwwww

            Perhaps you should read a book entitled "Fahrenheit
            451." I am of course referring to the scene in which
            the main character is pummeled with advertising while
            riding a subway. Sure, we can ignore them, but not
            completely. Eventually they get to us, especially when
            they blend right into the actual content. Sure, ZDNet
            isn't terrible, but it's still pretty bad. Usually, I
            barely notice, but just now taking the time to
            actually look, and it is pretty ridiculous.

            Basically, I'm just pointing out the only "mindless,
            moronic drone" is the one who likes to have "mindless,
            moronic" advertising crammed down his throat all the
          • re: awwwwww

            Surely you're joking. A screen full of ads that have no physical interaction with the user is hardly akin to being "pummeled" with advertising.

            I tell ya what...if you're ever in a situation where you're actually, physically pummeled, why don't you then think about this post of yours and then consider which you'd rather do again: Go to a web page with ads on it, or be physically pummeled in real life.

            And yes, you can ignore them.

            I've been on the web for about 14 years. I don't use ad blockers. I spend most of my work day and some of my personal day on the web.

            So far, the ads have not "gotten to me".

            Oh, gee, I wonder if it's because I don't have the immature mental capacity of a 1-year-old and I can actually tell the difference between an ad and the content I went to the site to find in the first place.

            I'm not sure who you're referring to when you write about the mindless, moronic drone who likes to have advertising crammed down his throat, because ignoring ads isn't anything like having them crammed down your throat.

            Because you're ignoring them.

            Get it yet?

            I imagine not, since you're too busy trying to dream up parallels to works of fiction that are entirely irrelevant to this discussion.

            Next you'll probably tell me that all the advertising is subliminally telling you who to vote for in the election and you KNOW it's really happening because you can see it clearly using your "They Live" sunglasses!
          • bandwidth

            Actually, I'm more annoyed about the bandwidth drain. Most businesses, particularly SMB's and non-profits, are running on very limited bandwidth. Ads that increase the bandwidth demand per page viewed by as much as 4,000% are becoming the bane of many of us.

            I don't mind ads, since they pay for the content - BUT - is it really necessary to create and use flash ads, animated gif ads, full blown multimedia ads, etc..., aka bandwidth hogs?
            Dr. John
          • Please know what you are taking ...

            If you would bother to read Heinlein's F451 you might possibly realise that you are in fact a mindless drone. At least he knew the difference between advertising and controled subliminal messages, which is wat he was refering to in has book, and harmless advertising. SSome of of us are capable of free thought even if you aren't.
          • F451

            Heinlein didn't write F451, Bradbury did.
          • You don't sound terribly 'free'

            Considering you're tied to Flash pop-up ads and animated java script sales pitches floating across your IE screen...

            hasta la Vista, bah-bie