Google Chrome OS announcement

Google Chrome OS announcement

Summary: Highlights from the Google Chrome OS announcement today.


Highlights from the Google Chrome OS announcement today.

  • No launch, beta or devices today (contrary to what was being reported on some outlets)
  • Chrome OS a year away
  • Project goes fully open-sourced today
  • Just over a year since Chrome browser launch - 40 million regular users
  • 39x faster JavaScript compared to IE8
  • Over past year, Chrome browser updated 19 times
  • Chrome browser for Mac and Linux coming, as are extensions
  • Google want Chrome OS to access GPU, have better access to system resources
  • Perfect storm of converging trends - Netbook growth, cloud, laptop and netbook becoming more like phones, phones becoming smarter, overall increase in mobility
  • Google Chrome OS focuses on three things - Speed ("fast like a TV"), Simplicity, Security
  • On Chrome OS, every app is a web app, simple to use, easy to maintain
  • All data on Chrome OS is in the cloud
  • "If I lose my Chrome OS machine, I should be able to go out and buy another and be up and running in minutes ..." No local data
  • Cold reboot demo - to logon screen in 7 sec, full OS in another 3 sec
  • Chrome OS looks like Chrome browser
  • Applications can be pinned as favorite applications "tabs"
  • All data stored in the cloud in Google Docs
  • Streaming music from YouTube
  • Google OS make good entertainment platform
  • Reading ebooks
  • Microsoft has been working on a killer app for Chrome OS ... Office Web App ;)
  • "Want computers to be delightful and work"
  • Looking through USB flash drive:
  • All Chrome OS storage based on solid state drives
  • Speed improvements based on following changed:
  • Verified boot to improve security:
  • Reboot to recover - reimaging on the fly:
  • Security for an Internet age
  • User data on machine is always encrypted and always synced to the cloud - local data is just a cache
  • "Not another OS, but choice for users"
  • Google working with OEMs to come up with reference hardware (SSDs, WiFi cards ... etc ...)
  • Target time frame - end of 2010, for Holiday market
  • Google want larger netbooks with larger keyboards, touchpads etc
  • Chrome OS not downloadable - will have to buy a Chrome OS device ... hmmm
  • Developers can get Chrome OS running on a netbook today - "You need a screwdriver"
  • Flash works, YouTube works ...
  • Here's a video for you:
  • Expect to have prices in the price range people are used to today ...
  • Google Chrome OS device will be a web-based "companion" device
  • There will be some things the device will not do
  • Everything that works in Chrome browser, works in Chrome OS (codecs etc)
  • "A lot of what you see in Chrome OS will make its way into Chrome"
  • Initially focused on netbook form-factor devices, in future could run on laptops and desktops
  • Will Chrome OS run on non-Intel (x86) platforms such as ARM? - Yes
  • Printers - "We're taking an innovative approach, more next year. Yes, Chrome OS will print"

The announcement is now winding down (Q&A) so a few personal thoughts:

  • Chrome OS sounds interesting but the device reference platform means that unless hardware vendors unify netbook platforms, it's not a real competitor for Microsoft/Apple
  • Chrome OS is definitly aimed at people who are deeply rooted in Google web apps ...
  • I like the security model, and the cloud-based data and settings system is a nice idea, especially for people who lose/break devices regularly
  • Biggest hurdle I see - connectivity, and how the device will work when not hooked to the web


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  • Just as I thought

    "All data on Chrome OS is in the cloud"
    "All data stored in the cloud in Google Docs"


    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • bad and bad

      no chrome os for me ......
      • Yeah

        That unfortunately is a deal breaker for me.

        I'll be sticking to my dual boot Windows 7/Fedora Core setup on my netbook.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
        • Well, I can certainly

          understand and share in your disappointment, but Google is doing the right thing here. You guys know what you are doing and do not want an appliance. Most users however would probably be better off with an appliance. In addition, taking on MS with another PC OS is probably not the smart thing to do.

          If I can have full control over what I put in the cloud and what I keep on my PC, full file format compatibility as well as keeping back-up copies of the cloud stuff on my PC, I would give it a go for light duty portable use. All day battery on a 1.5lbs 10" $200 netbook is just too sweet to pass up.
          • Economister - Remember What Happened to T-Mobile Sidekick Users?


            Okay - Microsoft managed to get [b][i]most[/b][/i] of people's data back...[b][i]eventually[/b][/i]....

            But I have to say, without a local storage option I am [b][i]very[/b][/i] skeptical.
    • USB Drives

      It supports USB drives. Just put your stuff on that ... or are you opposed to automatic back-up?
      • I'm opposed

        To Cloud Computing.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Google Chrome OS announcement

    So it is virtually useless for me as internet connections are not ,and will not be in a foreseeable future,reliable enough in my country.
    Moreover i don't trust Google or any other company enough to store my data online.
  • Best way to use Chrome OS is

    to embed it with Ubuntu/ Windows and user would
    allowed to go for an extra button, to choose
    logging into Chrome OS. Ubuntu already has Grub
    I don't have much knowledge about it). You can
    even make such an add-in for windows, where on
    pressing F8 during boot-up, you would get
    default choice for
    Chrome OS, that would take you to a place, away
    from Windows even in Windows.
  • Web Apps Only - No Thanks!

    "On Chrome OS, every app is a web app"

    Just what I need, a computer that's a worthless brick when not connected to the internet. (grin)

    (As a practical matter, some applications are better suited to local usage.)

    Just what I need, 100% dependance on Google's online applications.

    No Thanks!
    • I thought so initially but...

      I think that OS has a lot of advantages, mainly security features. If I every buy a netbook, it might be with that Chrome OS.

      Also I dont think it's aimed to be a desktop computer.
  • RE: Google Chrome OS announcement

    Google is doing nothing more than spouting out vaporware right now. I don't know who they think they are fooling with this. Chrome OS sounds terrible, its even worse than I could have ever imagined. All Google did was make an internet appliance. Yet Google's fanboys are going to proclaim their love for Google and say how innovative this device is and how Google is the first to do such a thing.

    They need to ask themselves what happens after 6 months of its release (assuming it actually gets released, I still feel its vaporware) when the Google employees give up on it like they have with other products and services. Remember, Google's employees aren't out to please you, the customer, they just want to do as little work as possible so they can have more time to play with office toys.
    Loverock Davidson
    • As always, no matter which way you turn...

      ...the tsunami that's about to sweep you away is
      directly behind you.
      • Did You Hear What Molly Wood Said About Interviewing Steve Ballmer? :D - about 10 - 12 minutes in, she pretty much points out how Ballmer doesn't think Netbooks are going anywhere so he doesn't think a XP-Win 7 upgrade path is worth working on, has zero actual interest in a Zune "Apps Store", doesn't have a clue about Windows Mobile...and best of all, she sums up his philosophy with "We're really big, Apple's still small - we win." ::snicker::

        Headrock? Are you actually - Steve Ballmer?!?!?!?!? You're just about as stupid and deluded, Heaven knows....
    • You sound as dumb as...

      ...Ballmer who blasted the iPhone because all it does is provide phone versions of webpages. Stupid, that is what the common man does with computers in their spare time.

      I wouldn't want one on my desk at work but it would support most of my needs at home. My Mac/Boxee media system does the rest.

      I will agree that Google gets board. Looks what they did with Live Labs ThumbTracking. They got board and just closed it on everyone. Too busy failing to buy NBA teams.

    • It is not vaporware.

      It exists right now. You can download the source
      and build it RIGHT NOW.
    • Just like Android. Getting nervous? (nt)

    • You're divine!

      Yes! As always, Loverock Davidson points us the way: the pure, sheer happiness of using Microsoft products, instead of the nasty, smelly, slimy Linux.... Yikes!
      Lovehog Dorkson
  • Very very innovative! I would imagine that they will also offer

    cloud based remote desktops, and cloud based remote applications as well, based on NeatX, though maybe not in the first version.
  • ChromeOS based on Ubuntu

    This news is hot and fresh? Hold on to you pants people. We just got an update that Chrome OS is based on UBUNTU Karmic Koala.
    You can see and even look at the Source code of the upcoming Google Chrome OS here.

    I am Calling it GooBuntu