Has Apple just confirmed the iPad 3 'retina display' screen?

Has Apple just confirmed the iPad 3 'retina display' screen?

Summary: Let's take a close look at that press invite.

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, Mobility

Has Apple just confirmed it its press invite to the iPad 3 event that the updated tablet will have a 'retina display' screen?

Here's the image from the invite:

Image credit: Apple

Let's take a closer look at that calendar icon:

Now compare this to the existing calendar icon in the current iPad screen:

I don't know about you, but that shot of the 'iPad 3' seems a heck of a lot clearer and smoother to me. You can't tell what it is, but the rumors that the pixel density might have been bumped up from 1024x768 to 2048x1536 might have been confirmed in this shot.

Also notice something else that seems missing? The Home button. That said, the tablet could be in landscape mode and therefore not visible in that shot.

[UPDATE: I now think that the iPad in the shot above is in portrait mode because of the way the water droplets line up.

The Calendar icon in in the same position on-screen as my DocsToGo icon below:

Here are the same droplets on the official invite:

Those droplets DO NOT appear on screen in landscape mode.]

Seems I might have been wrong all along and the iPad 3 will indeed have a retina display screen.

What do you think?


Topics: iPad, Apple, Mobility

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  • On its side?

    Just judging by eye, looking at my iPad 2, the bezel in the invite seems too thick to be on the side.
  • Yeah...

    I completely agree with you. You were wrong all along.
  • Retina density - but size may differ

    It could be an 8" device (as some rumours have it) - and possibly still 1024x768, but my money would be on 1280x1024. That would still look substantially crisper, without the supply chain issues of a 10" retina display.
  • hello

    why are my comments not appearing?
  • Those droplets are probably from

    Those droplets are probably from the fanboy's busting their nuts all over the Ipad3.
  • And if you zoom in closer...

    and turn it to a 45 degree angle you can see a message saying that Paul McCartney is dead.
  • My iPad 2 has a *cough( retina display

    Just nailed my iPad 2 to the wall, and fcuk me from 6 feet away it has a fab retina display on it :-)
    • Did you use a nail gun, and...

      ... how does one "French Connection (UK)" oneself, exactly?
      Tony in TLoTRS
  • Has Apple just confirmed the iPad 3 'retina display' screen?

    Its hilarious that you are putting so much focus on the image of an invite.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • naah

    the real secret sauce is smellovision! the wonks at apple have worked out the 4 orthogonal smells and can mix any smell up just by creating an appropriately weighted cobination of the eigensmells...
  • The invite picture has the iPad on landscape mode

    Notice the space between the icons and compare it to the size of the finger. Now while the finger's size could vary, the size of the icons in comparison to the gap between them is not likely. My bet is that the iPad definitely has a home button but probably also has a higher resolution screen.
  • That hand isn't touching a real screen.

    It's touching a photo, with a light source behind it.

    The picture nevers CLAIMS to be of a real product - you are making assumptions.