Has Microsoft goofed up Windows Update again?

Has Microsoft goofed up Windows Update again?

Summary: I'm getting reports that Microsoft has been goofing about with Windows Update again and changing settings without user permission.


I'm getting reports that Microsoft has been goofing about with Windows Update again and changing settings without user permission:

Woke up this morning to a Windows log in screen? Swear you set that option "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them"? We did too.

In what appears to be a major glitch at Microsoft, Windows users are trickling in from across the globe reporting that their machines downloaded and installed updates they did not consent to. Rubbing salt in the wound, machines were also automatically and forcefully rebooted at the default 3am time frame.

We have requested comment from someone on the Windows Update team as this incident raises serious questions -- Why does Windows have the capability to override a user's choice? What are the legal ramifications for installing software on a machine without consent? Is the user still bound by the EULA they never read?

I can't say that I've noticed this but I'll look into it.  If anyone has experienced this I'd like to hear from you.  It seems that only Vista is affected by this issue.  If this is true, I'm interested how this fits in with Microsoft's promise to be more transparent and open with updates.

Thoughts?  What's up with the Windows Update team?

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  • At a guess...

    I would suppose that the change (if made) made to prevent the auto-update was missed during a build, or the code to change the behavior of certain updates was not ready yet. In either case, I have a hunch that this will be the last time this happens. Auto Update off will really mean off, not maybe.

  • RE: Has Microsoft goofed up Windows Update again?

    My XP pro 64 restarted last night for an update. Lost a large simulation running over night.
    • My XP pro x86 did too...

      I woke up to find my PC rebooted and all my open apps were closed, which i thought was weird.

      Hmmm.. vista only?
      • My XP Home did this as well and then some

        Has MS Goofed Again, what a dumb question, of course they have and its not the first time, they stuffed an update up for XP about 2 months ago, and this update caused a Blue screen of death, but there was an update prior to that which caused XP to automatically update as well. It happened to me, I had my XP system set to notify me but let me take action, but after one of a bunch of updates my system started downloading and installing on its own and about 3 days later the "BAD" update happened. Get with it MS
        • XP Pro, yo...

          It happened to me with a virtualized XP pro setup. Right in the middle of configuring Sp*c*w*rks at the end of the day. I was mad because I wanted to finish before going home. I have a screen shot too. Looks just like the Vista screen shot in the original article.
    • Answers right here

      [i]Lost a large simulation running over night.[/i]

      In case anyone is wondering why the semiconductor industry refused to follow Intel's demand that we all switch to MSWindows for IC design.
      Yagotta B. Kidding
  • Happened to my vista laptop last night. I was wondering what happened.

    MS is so stupid! I don't know why they insist on rebooting your machine to apply updates. Can't they just let the user to shutdown the machine and restart it when he/she feels like to? What harm will it do when the machine is in shutdown state? I had to stay up for a few minutes just to wait it to reboot!

    Also, it happened to me several times already my thinkpad T60 with Vista Premium complains my copy of vista is not genuine!!! Once it even locked me out--no desktop, only help diaglog for Lenovo support info. Then it'd come back normal after reboot like nothing has happened. What a piece of crap!
    • WGA is killing XP and Vista for business use.


      You're not alone. What you described as being locked out by complaints of a non-genuine OS is the fundamental reason why Vista and XP + WGA are not suitable for business use.

      Imagine a lawyer being denied access to his documents. Imagine a retailer being denied access to his cash register computers.

      For this very reason, I cannot recommend XP or Vista for business users. We are a small ISV with several Windows-only applications. We're looking at re-writing everything for Linux, as the Windows platform has become untenable.

      • Have u checked for wine compatibility?

        Hrothgar - PCLinuxOS User
      • XP is still possible

        As long as you have the disks pre-WGA, you can still legally use XP without installing the WGA patch. IT at work has a permanent embargo on WGA, and re-inforced the policies to make any updates absolutely blocked. With Vista, you don't have this control. I blogged that a WGA free version of Vista will be made available for large corporations, they will tell MS to place their Key Servers in a dark smelly place. For the masses, WGA is simply what you must agree to if you need/want to use the MS os.


        P.S. Crossover just released their newest version and Crossover will work with you specifically to make your applications work in wine, you just need to contact them.
  • Message has been deleted.

    • Hey Ballmer seems as ZDNET shut you up .

      It's a shame Microsoft can't do the same . Your mouth may be the demise of Microsoft
      , and I'm hoping it is .
  • This happened to me Monday or Tuesday AM I think

    Yup, this happened to me in Windows Vista the other morning and I was SURE that I had set my machine to request permission before installing. Nice... Just do whatever the heck they want.
    Roger H
  • RE: Has Microsoft goofed up Windows Update again?

    Yup! You are right! My Windows XP at work automatically and forcefully rebooted on it's own when I came early in the morning and was back at the login prompt. It did it forcefully because I had a Notepad open all the time and usually Notepad will ask you if you want to save the Notepad or not before it even reboots.
    • Notepad closed on its own without be prmpted to save and rebooted Win XP!

      Yup! You are right! My Windows XP at work automatically and forcefully rebooted on its own when I came early in the morning and was back at the login prompt. It did it forcefully because I had a Notepad open all the time and usually Notepad will ask you if you want to save the Notepad or not before Win XP reboots.
  • Microsoft???s promise to be more transparent -hahahaha

    why do you believe that????
  • Unauthorized computer access is a crime in most states

    I've mentioned it before in these blogs. In most states UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO A COMPUTER IS A CRIME, USUALLY A FELONY.

    The EULA would be irrelevant because AFTER the person clicks on the EULA he CHANGES the settings.

    The LEGAL effect of those changes would be "Yes, Your Honor, I DID give her a key to my apartment. But then I CHANGED THE LOCKS."
    • Have you read the EULA?

      Especially with Vista, it gives MS the right to remove, update, and ENFORCE these for any software at any time with the right to revoke your RTU if you don't. The EULA is not a one shot deal, it is all encompassing and forever. I submit they legally did nothing wrong. Now publicity wise, as George wrote a long time ago, MS seems to be determined to shot themselves in the foot over and over and over again.


      P.S. If you don't want this to happen, MS had the solution, reject the EULA. You accepted it, case closed.
      • The question is

        Would the EULA be legal and/or hold up in

        The answer: It doesn't have to. A computer
        isn't worth the legal cost to challenge it,
        and anyone with enough money to challenge it
        is more interested in preserving the illegal
        money-grubbing capabilities of such
        organizations than stopping it.
        Ole Man
        • You speak the truth

          The EULA would not hold up to basic consumer rights, etc, but it would cost a hundred million $s to prove it into the supreme court and MS would probably earmark at least 10B for the required "grease" to make sure the EULA is preserved. As it stands now, the EULA is gospel, you agreed to it, and therefore you accept all that they do.