Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

Summary: According to Business Insider, Motorola's Xoom tablet is a 'flop' having only sold 100,000 units so far. But are these numbers accurate? Do they even matter?

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According to Business Insider, Motorola's Xoom tablet is a 'flop' having only sold 100,000 units so far. But are these numbers accurate? Do they even matter?

First thing to bear in mind is that these aren't Motorola sales figures, they are instead the figures an analyst came up with:

According to an estimate from Deutsche Bank, Motorola has only sold 100,000 Xooms thus far. Deutsche Bank got its estimate after looking at the Android developer website to see how many people were using Honeycomb.

The Guardian's Charles Arthur does an excellent job of explaining the origins of these figures:

It's official! The Xoom is a flop! Thus quoth Silicon Alley Insider, running its inky finger down a note that has emerged from Deutsche Bank, where an analyst - we'll see if we can join the dots for you - saw John Gruber's (of Daring Fireball) link to the Android Developer statistics, which show - at present - that more than 65% of Android devices which access the Android Market in the past 14 days are running "Froyo" 2.2, for example.. but only 0.2% are running "Honeycomb", the tablet-only Android version.

The analyst then, aided by some ComScore 2011 numbers on adoption of Android in the US site:comscore.com, and decided that the 0.2% showing there for Android 3.0 ("Honeycomb") translated into 100,000 sales of the Xoom.

OK, so this 100,000 number is based data, but the way the data's been twisted and manipulated and interpreted, it could be nothing more than a guess ... or a lot worse than a guess.

It's a number.

But assuming it's near to accurate (and I always hate assuming ...) does it represent success or failure? After all, Apple's pretty much stitched up the tablet market, with 'iPad' having become almost synonymous with 'tablet' in the minds of consumers.

Until we get better numbers (numbers that don't need Nostradamus to decipher them) I'm withholding judgement for now.

Anyone here bought a Xoom?

Topic: Mobility

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  • It's always best to hold out for REAL solid data.

    Speculation is the game of fools.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • Shipment of fools

      @James Quinn We should wait until Motorola posts its financial results with REAL data, and then write a bunch of notes saying that we now know how many Motorola sold into the channel, but we still don't know how many XOOMS have actually been sold.
      Robert Hahn
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        @Robert Hahn <br>I read elsewhere that Motorola's sales estimates for Xoom were 50,00 for the first quarter and 150,000 for the second quarter. Those are low in comparison to other, similar devices. For example, iPad2 sold 300,000 on its first day. So, if Motorola has not achieved even the low estimates that it set, then that is a cause for concern . . especially for Motorola and its shareholders.<br><br>@James Quinn, it is not speculation, per se; rather, it is research. Those are quite different concepts.
  • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

    Yes, I bought a XOOM and it isn't relevant how well the XOOM Sells...

    There's a whole army of these devices coming in the next few months and as I said before, 4G matter... Wait until those hit and we could see another trend like the Thunderbolt (in fact I'm betting on it)...

    Of course you'll have the Sony PS Framework as well so we'll see PS1 / PS2 level stuff coming as well and that will bring a lot of games with it.
    • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

      @Peter Perry

      I bought a thunderbolt and returned it when Verizon came out with the mifi 4G hotspot. If Verizon gets a 4G Iphone then I will switch to it...assuming AT&T doesn't have LTE service that's far and away better.
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        @AdonisSMU Like I said, 4G Matters and honestly, I knew people would want it but I was shocked by the volume of users that want 4G... Everywhere I look that damn phone is selling faster than anything else out there.
      • Only idiots want 4G

        @Peter Perry 4G is nothing but a sales pitch. Neither WIMAX or LTE is real 4G.<br><br>If you want "4G" now (in USA), they you are a gullible idiot who is easily conned by false advertisement. A true smart person would wait until the service is actually implemented and the technology is proven.
    • Cellular connection is a non-issue with tablets.

      @Peter Perry

      It is as simple as that. Given that 1/3 of iPads are cellular enabled and only 1/3 of those ever activate the cellular connection; 3G, EDGE, 4G, WiMax... Simply does not mater in the larger scope of the market.

      So Android has a serious distribution challenge since the broader scope of people are after WiFi only tablets and carriers have a disincentive to push WiFi only tablets.

      There is no way of doing B1GOF with WiFi only devices. No contracts to sweeten the deal. So you are limited to count on BestBuy for distribution; sales locations that have little incentive to push a specific product over the other 5,000 products they sell.
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        @Bruizer Interesting stats on cellular-enabled iPads, etc. Where did yu get those figures? Are these just US-based? etc.

        Many thanks
      • The ratios came out about 3 months after iPad was released.


        And then AT&T in their financials had the number of subscribers that signed up for iPad service.

        With the iPad, the cellular connection is not a big aspect. It adds $130 plus a monthly fee if you use it. Since these things tend to be more home use, most people seem to have opted for WiFi.

        Another way to look at it. 8/9 of the people that buy a tablet task it closer to a laptop than a smart phone.
      • Ummm... 1/3rd?

        @Bruizer : Don't you mean half--or more? Based on models available, fully half of the iPad models are Wi-Fi and the other half cellular capable. Based on reported sales, nearly every retailer sells out of the 3G versions before they sell out on the Wi-Fi only versions; this would give the lie to that statement.

        This also means that the majority of your second statement is false and that Android people aren't necessarily waiting for the Wi-Fi version, but may rather be waiting for the 4G version to come out so they don't have to waste time and money shipping the un-equipped Xoom back to have the radio installed.

        Without solid data across the board, we can have no realistic concept of how many units have sold or will sell.
      • Apple reported in their financials that ave selling price for iPad was $600

        @vulpine@... what does that tell you? with models price from $500 to $830... it tells you that the vast majority of people opt for the $500, 16GB WiFi only iPad by a rather wide margin..

        your faulty logic assumes that Apple would stupidly produce equal quantities of each model of iPad and not produce more of the ones that actually sell in higher volume.. WiFi + 3G models sell out because apple knows that very few people are after them and only produces and ships them in likewise small quantities.. doesn't that make sense?
      • Afraid not, doctorspock

        Bruizer gave no hard evidence that only the Wi-Fi 16Gig models were selling more. In fact, my own observations show that those are the last models left in stock, not the first to go; which is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to make us believe.<br><br>Again, without hard, real numbers, we won't know the exact ratio; but when you do some simple observation, the cheapest is not the most popular.

        In other words, DocSpoc, "No".
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        @vulpine So in other words either you small minded hatred for Apple won't let you understand or you simply can't grasp such a simple concept?
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        @nonbiased: Who's got the hatred for Apple?

        I'm an iPad user and I can tell you that nobody that I know or that I have watched purchasing iPads have actively looked for the cheapest model on the floor unless they couldn't afford better. Both my wife and I--on separate occasions--purchased our iPads and neither of us went for the 16GB model, though I accept that she bought a Wi-Fi version and I bought 3G. If anything, the 32GB versions appear to be the most popular based on personal observation as the 16 is consistently considered too small to serve as an effective media device and the 64GB model too expensive for 'just a media device.' Personally, the 64 would be almost perfect if you wanted to carry a massive collection of videos and audio to view anywhere, any time, but the 32 Gig is an ideal compromise letting you carry a number of full-length movies and a decent portion of your iTunes collection while still giving you ample storage for downloading RAW photos from your camera and using it for different productivity purposes.

        Narrow minded? No. I'm quite open minded--more so than the anti-Apple zealots who claim the iPad is nothing more than another Apple 'toy'.
  • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

    Probably, although I'd think 100,000 is a generous number. Looks like I was right all along, tablets are just a fad.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

      @Loverock Davidson iPad sold 2.5 million last month, if it's a fad it's showing no signs of slowing down.
      • He didn't say iPad was a fad...


        He said tablets were a fad... Think of it like iPod... When people go looking for portable music players, there are two categories, iPod and other... In this case, Tablet equals Others, aka iPad wannabes, and of course, ipad equals iPad.
      • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

        Don't worry, it will.
        Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Has Motorola only sold 100,000 Xooms?

      @Loverock Davidson
      You're completely wrong...tablets are not a fad. The iPad is a raging success and the tablet market is growing quickly. Xoom is not a flop because of the lack of demand, it is a flop because it's price point fails to compete against iPad. For non-techies tablets are a dream come true and they love them...don't forget non-techies are the mainstream and people reading this zdnet article are NOT mainstream...we are geeks. Mainstream people do not like PC's and tablets are finally giving them an easy to use solution that lets them turn off their difficult to use PC. Let there be no mistake, tablets are a big part of computing future and anyone that doesn't see that has wool over their eyes!