Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

Summary: During Intel's latest financials conference call, CEO Paul Otellini discussed plans to put Windows 8 onto phones. Wait ... did he say Windows 8? Where does that leave the Windows Phone ecosystem?


During Intel's latest financials conference call, CEO Paul Otellini discussed plans to put Windows 8 onto phones. Wait ... did he say Windows 8? Where does that leave the Windows Phone ecosystem?

He did say Windows 8 ... in fact he was very clear about it:

The plus for Intel is that as they unify their operating systems we now have the ability for the first time: one, to have a designed-from-scratch, touch-enabled operating system for tablets that runs on Intel that we don’t have today. And secondly, we have the ability to put our lowest-power Intel processors running Windows 8, or "next-generation Windows," into phones, because it’s the same OS stack. And I look at that as an upside opportunity for us.

Ummm, OK.

Unification may be the way to go. If Microsoft can solve the power issues and drop the heavy compatibility burden that comes with the OS Windows 8 might work on mobile devices (note that I said 'if' and 'might' ... there are no certainties yet). But where does this leave Microsoft brand spanking new Windows Phone 7 OS? You remember, that OS that got a big launch a little while ago? The one Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent a lot of time talking about at CES? Yeah, that one. Kinda soon for a partner to be talking about another mobile OS, isn't it?

Also, where does this leave consumers who've parted with cash and given the OS a chance? And let's not forget the developers.

Where does this new tidbit from Intel fit into the big picture?

Is there even a big picture?

I'd expected that Windows Phone would end up being Microsoft answer to Android and iOS - an all-purpose mobile platform that would scale up or down depending on the size of the device. Given the confusing messages that we're getting from the Windows team, the Windows Phone team and now partners, it's clear that there's a lack of a coherent vision for mobile at Microsoft. It seems to me that the Windows and Windows Phone teams each have a conflicting vision for mobile, and this is already starting to cause confusion on the ground, all of which helps Apple and Google increase their already comfortable grip on the market.

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  • Uhhhhhh, yeah...

    Didn't they try that with Windows XP and fail miserably? I would never install Windows on my phone.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

      @Cylon Centurion 0005

      Never say never. However I would not be an early adopter, that's for sure.
      Michael Kelly
    • It's happening Anyway

      @Cylon Centurion 0005
      Microsoft is unifying codebases. The WinCE kernal will start loosing relevance by the time Windows 8 ships. And when Windows starts running in a phone it would be a seamless transition (hopefully) from WinCE based Windows phone 7 to Windows phone 8 or what ever they end up calling it.
      • You're right.


        If this is the case, Windows 8 seems like it'll be a radical change in the Windows lineage.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • I guess most don't understand the roadmap...

      ...which seems perfectly clear if you check the facts.<br><br>First and foremost, Windows Phone 7 was originally added a "Series" moniker at the end, which meant it was not a lonely "OS" but rather collection of OSs.<br><br>With that said, Windows 8 might be the actual realization of that vision. How? Doing the following action points:<br><ol type="1"><li>Discarding Windows CE in favor of the Windows Vista kernel for all offerings (from phone to PC) <b>You read right.</b>: Windows 7 actually uses the same Vista kernel just bumped one version point (6.0 to 6.1). Windows 8 will just bump it further to 6.2. All drivers stay, or core stuff stays. [BTW. This project used to be called <a href="">MinWin</a>].</li><li>Port the above to several SoC, including Atom, Cortex A9 ARM Tegra2/3, Snapdragon and OMAP</li><li> Separate the deliverables into three separate entities (or series) after that:<br><ol type="A"><li>Phones, using the Zune HD like Silverlight Metro UI</li><li>Tablets/Slates, using "Jupiter" (which is a new Metro like UI but create for slates) and</li><li>Plain old PC with a WPF 2 UI and standard bar. WinForms apps may or may not work, but Win32 will definitely not work or work under a App-V emulation or Windows XP emulation</li></ol></li></ol>With that said, you can figure out why the hell Ballmer mentioned it is the "riskiest" Windows yet, 'cause he knows what his people are doing and how much can go wrong before the're done.<br><br><i>So that's apparently the roadmap... if it's the correct one, it's another story....</i>
    • Where do I buy

      I know that Windows 8 on a phone would be a slow, expensive device but I don't care. If I can play crysis on a phone which most intel phone you could I wouldn't care how much it cost. Crysis only needs one gig of ram which a lot of phone have. It would be laggy as hell, but if I set the settings to the lowest then it would probably be playable.
      Brock Jones
  • Windows 8: Vapor Ware

    How much will this mean in the long-run? Too early to call.
    W8 is vaporware.

    Whatcha got next Adi? Anything interesting?
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
    • are you just baiting?

      @Dietrich T. Schmitz, Your Linux Advocate
      Or would you concede that every Ubuntu release is vaporware when it's release date is announced?

      per our friends at Wikipedia: Vaporware describes products, usually computer hardware or software, not released on the date announced by their developer, <b>or announced months or years before their release.</b>
      • Funny lack of basic logic ..

        @ericesque Whining about somebody calling Win8 vaporware .... then you go ahead a post the reason why IT IS considered vaporware.

        Let me see, Win8 ... announcement? 2010 .... projected release date? Oct 2012.

        What part of "announced months or years before their release" don't you understand?
      • So 10.7 is vaporware

        11.04 is vaporware.
        Most of the phones at CES that are only available "at some point in the future" are vaporware.
        Honeycomb is vaporware.

        Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

        No. Honeycomb actually powers existing phone that was demoed and is advertised actively to be out in March.
        Ubuntu 11.04 alpha is available and you can download it here:
        And yes, Win8 is vaporware. Show me a line of code or even detailed specs please.
      • Windows 8 was shown powering ARM devices at the CES

        Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

        I think you bias blinded you. Go back and watch CES, like honeycomb was demoed, Win8 was also demoed on ARM processors.
        Ram U
      • @wacko

        I understand the definition full well. I was looking for D.Schmuck to either eat crow --expecting full well he was calling W8 vaporware without regard for the actual definition-- or else watch him put his hypocrisy on display. Of course, he went for option 3: Pretend I didn't see the post when I've been called out with no wiggle room and let some lesser linux fanboy take the blow.

        Wacko, I think your post makes you the whipping boy.
      • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

        Right. I thought this was Win 7.
        Still my point is valid. Win 8 is supposed to be released sometimes in 2012 (judging on past performance 2013 is more likely).
        Ubuntu 11.04 is supposed to be out in April, therefore my argument is just as valid.
    • Yawn. Sad to see you've become even more pathetic with age

      @Dietrich T. Schmitz, Your Linux Advocate
      or is it just sour grapes at the lack of interest in you Linux business?
      John Zern
    • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!

      @Dietrich T. Schmitz, Your Linux Advocate

      Hmmm, you sound worried DTS. Just keep supporting your hobby, as we all know the final OS was created in the 1990s ;-) Pity your few apps are lame copies of MS from the same era.
  • Windows 8

    From some of the leaked slides and documents we've seen, Windows 8 is going to be very componentized. Much like Windows CE -- the underlying OS for Windows Phone. Perhaps Intel has seen roadmaps showing CE and desktop Windows on a convergence path?
    • RE: Intel to put Windows 8 on phones ... Wait ... whaaaaat?!?!


      Windows 7 was leaning in that direction. Install it on a single core processor with half a Gig of RAM and watch it scale.
  • Is that all you have?

    Really? No real analysis of a desktop OS on a smartphone?
    Michael Alan Goff