iPhone - Beyond the iHype

iPhone - Beyond the iHype

Summary: Here's pretty much everything you need to know about the iPhone launch ...

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

Here's pretty much everything you need to know about the iPhone launch ...

  • Out of a batch of 3 million units, an estimated 500,000 - 700,000 have been sold.
  • Polls seem to suggest that people are going for the 8GB version over the 4GB.
  • The main problem early adopters seemed to have had is activating the iPhone.  For some this process took longer than 24 hours.
  • A six-hour AT&T network crash on Monday didn't help things.
  • Sporadic crashing/lock-ups also seem to be an issue discussed in length on the Apple support forum.
  • Check your iPhone for dead pixels - I've seen numerous reports over the past couple of days from customers who have discovered a number of dead screen pixels.  If your iPhone is suffering from this problem, take it back to the store for exchange (stores seem to be keeping a few phones back for exchange, so even if the store is listed as being sold out, you should still be able to swap the phone).
  • Battery life seems varied depending on who you listen to.  Some claim spectacular battery life, others not so spectacular.
  • When your battery does die, expect to pay $85.95 for a replacement and be without your iPhone for several days. 
  • A few bugs/potential bugs have been discovered, but nothing earth-shattering.
  • Many iPod accessories will work with the iPhone.
  • Despite there not being any real shortage of iPhones, suckers are still paying over the odds for them on eBay/craigslist etc.
  • Manufacturing costs on the iPhone have been put at around $200 for the 4GB version and around $250 for the 8GB version.  That means a comfortable 50% profit margin for Apple.
  • Many users have said they would like the ability to add personalized ringtones.
  • Inside the iPhone are components from Intel, Samsung, Infineon, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Skyworks, Marvell, Cambridge Silicon Radio and Linear Technology.
  • The iPhone (or more specifically, the iPhone/iTunes interface) is incompatible with Windows Vista 64-bit.
  • Jon Lech Johansen (aka "DVD Jon") claims to have a way to activate an iPhone without needing to sign up to an AT&T contract.
  • There are a huge number of iPhone related scams making the rounds.


Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • Probable typo and possible omission

    I was under the impression that the cost of manufacture was $200 for the 4GB version, not $20.

    Also, the iPhone apparently doesn't have business type functionality or 3G (or 3.5G) support.
  • Ahh the mind of a 12 year old

    "Manufacturing costs on the iPhone have been put at around $20 for the 4GB version
    and around $250 for the 8GB version. That means a comfortable 50% profit margin
    for Apple."

    This seems a little short signted to me. You must also factor in the cost of R&D,
    marketing, packaging, distribution, etc. etc. etc.
    • Most Probably Typo

      I sort of agree that it should be a typo. Might be 200 bucks instead of 20. No need to think too much on it though.
      • Typo

        Maybe so...I'd be willing to bet that Apple hasn't broke even on the R&D part of the
        iPhone yet.
    • The problem with youth is...

      ...it's wasted on the young. ;)
      D T Schmitz
  • Some ramblings

    Regardless of how many were sold it's obvious that ATT was not
    ready in some markets - the markets that had the greatest sales.
    Considering that the lower estimates (200,000+) probably
    exceeded the first month's sales of any game box on the market I
    would guess that ATT engineers simply didn't believe what was
    coming their way. Look for the same problems on Christmas

    I've read a post (maybe a rumor) that ring tones are coming, but
    they are not part of Apple's iTunes agreement with the record
    companies. That's probably going to mean a 99? charge if the
    record companies have anything to do with it. At least it will put
    pressure on the other carriers to drop their price. Maybe the
    songs you loaded from your CD collection will be free.

    Battery life will probably vary a lot depending on the features you
    use. My guess is that the internet user will drain their battery
    faster than, say, someone just using the iPhone/iPod features.
  • Hype Calling Hype "Hype"

    This blog is hype. So, as it turns out, beyond the hype lies more hype. Because the
    message is skeptical, doesn't make it "counterhype". The ZDNet echo chamber is
    priding itself on being the rational antidote to iPhone fever. The actual result is
    more like the Far Side Cartoon: "Blah, blah, blah, iPhone, blah blah".

    This isn't it's intent of course. It's intent is to mollify those who have already made
    a decision that the Apple logo will never darken their door (the iPod for the
    daughter doesn't really count right?). This is supposed to be a immunization from
    the iPhone bug, and who better to deliver it than the PC Doctor.

    The essential problem lies in the fact that iPhone takes the attention off the PC
    economy. Every iPhone article, whether critical or not, bumps another piece of
    great news about Vista, or another blurb about a smashing innovation like fully
    interactive furniture.

    What's that you say? Vista news not that great? Fully networked chesterfield not all
    it's cracked up to be?

    Ok, never mind then.
    Harry Bardal
  • Aido, you're just playing the hits game, right?

    Seems that you're scared that if you're not blogging about the iPhoney, no one will listen. If so, you're mistaken. There are enough other desperate bloggers blathering on about the iPhoney. You don't need to.

    PLEASE! I beg you! Start to talk about real and useful hardware again. The rest of the world just DOESN'T CARE about such an insignificant piece of over-hyped techno-junk!

    Rabid Reseller sums it up for Australia: http://www.crn.com.au/blogs.aspx?CIaBID=2

    I thank you for the refreshing change in advance.
    Big Scoddie
    • Heheh don't count on it...

      the iPhone articles are here to stay. Even those that said they would NEVER blog about it again seem to blog about it nearly the next day. Same Shtuff, just regurgitated.

      It's sad, I know. I feel like I'm watching rerun after rerun after rerun...maybe they are just trying to make us sick of the iPhone by blogging about it so much? I don't know, it is quite trite.

      Can't you guys find something other to lean on now that the iPhone has launched. No? Ok. moving on....
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • a comfortable 50% profit margin for Apple?

    Yeah - absoultely NO costs for R&D, marketing, etc.?

    Boy, Apple is freakin' amazing, huh?
  • Leopard never changes spots

    My first puter was an Apple, then came the Apple II. There was NO compatibility between the two, nothing was interchangeable. Then came the Apple 2E. Nothing here was compatibile with the two previous models. At this point I mentally told Apple to perform a biological impossibility--- I went to the IBM clone and never looked back. What Jobs did to the Apple puter, he is now doing to the ipods. I hope the general public will dump on him the same way they dumped on him in the early days of Apple.