iPhone FAQ

iPhone FAQ

Summary: I've had a load of questions about Apple's new iPhone. So many that it's not worth me answering each one individually so I decided to create this FAQ.

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I've had a load of questions about Apple's new iPhone.  So many that it's not worth me answering each one individually so I decided to create this FAQ.

  • What network can I hook the iPhone up to?
  • How long until other networks get the iPhone?
    At least two years is what I've heard.
  • Can I swap SIM cards with another phone to hook it up to their network?
    No, from what I gather you're stuck with Cingular for the first 2 years.
  • Can it be unlocked?
    Maybe ... certainly not legitimately within the first 2 years.
  • Can I replace the battery?
    Nope.  Well, kits are bound to be available, but taking a cellphone apart isn't an easy job, and your warranty will evaporate by doing so.
  • Does it support 3G?
    Not in the US.
  • Can it take headphones/earphones?
    Yes, it has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket.
  • Can you load Mac OS software onto it?
  • Will the touchscreen work when wearing gloves?
  • Does it support voice dialing?
  • Is there a GPS on-board?
  • What's the screen made of?
    The same material that the iPod screens are made of. 
  • Can it open Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents?
  • Can it open PDF files?
  • Can it record video?
  • Does it support the iPod dock?
  • Are there games installed?
    Not yet, but this might change.
  • Is it a one-handed or two-handed phone?
    Some features seem designed for single-handed use, but others look best suited to two-handed use.
  • Does it support Bluetooth?
  • Does it support Flash?
  • Does it support speed-dialing?
    Doesn't look like it does yet, but I would imagine that the final version will (it's a pretty standard feature).
  • Does it support JavaScript?
  • Does it support Java?
  • Will it work in other countries?
    Yes, it's quad-band GSM phone so worldwide coverage should be good.
  • Does it have a speakerphone?
  • Will it support my iPod accessories?
    No idea.
  • What if a better iPhone (2nd gen) comes out within the first year?  Will Cingular let me upgrade?
    It's hard to get a definitive answer on this.  If you're gonna be wanting to upgrade then my recommendation is that you make sure your contract states that you'll be allowed to do this.  Get it in writing, don't take someone's word on it.

Topic: iPhone

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  • Cingular now AT&T

    D T Schmitz
    • Yes ...

      ... I still can't get used to that!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Raising the Bar ;)

        D T Schmitz
  • Nokia

    I'll keep my current phone until the next anniversary and still the N800 from Nokia is worth acquiring and you can bt pair it up with bt enabled phones.

    You get a 'true' linux kernal (debian-based)--which means you can configure it as though it was a free-standing pc up to the limits of current flash memory (what 8gigs I thing).

    OK then!
    D T Schmitz
    • I hope it won't have any crazy features...

      like the ability to install programs on it. That's a bad feature and ruins the flow of a smartphone.
      • Not sure I follow

        Why is installing programs 'bad'?
        Take a look at the N800 [url=http://www.nokiausa.com/N800/1,9008,feat:1,00.html]features[/url]

        Buddy of mine showed me his last week--he purchased first day it went on sale, Monday Jan 8--reheheeeallly nice.
        D T Schmitz
  • Locking a phone is illegal

    According to US Patent Law, it is illegal for a provider to lock your phone into their service. However, if there is no removeable SIM, I hope there are facilities within the iPhone to get the information needed to carry over to a new provider.
    • ahhh

      But the network has to support the phone. The phone wont work on other networks regardless if you unlock it. That is, until other networks upgrade their services to allow the iPhone to function on them. Apple/Cingular have already stated that Cingular/ATT have to upgrade the software on their network to support the iPhone.
      • Actually, I doubt this is true. Cingular/AT&T want you to stay...

        and they will bill you for breaking their contract early, but you can still swap the SIM and use another network. You will just have to live with the old fashioned way of listening to voice mail rather than the scrollable window. As far as I know, that is the ONLY thing that Cingular's network was modified for.
    • Wrong

      Locking a phone is perfectly legal. However, you are legally allowed to unlock said phone:
      tic swayback
  • LOL @ Internal LOCKED sim card

    Lets see now... If the Sim is inside the phone, and the battery can't be removed, and the Sim card is behind the battery... I'm thinking that you can't use a different carrier with the device. And that being the case, to open it, you would have violated the warrantee, to change the Sim card. But law states that the phone CAN'T be locked to one carrier ?... I don't think that you'll see it on Ebay anytime soon. More likely it'll evaporate, because of all the MAC type restrictions.
    • The Law and one carrier phones

      I think you need to check into that "Law". Since time began, Sprint phones ONLY work on sprint -- they dont have sim cards (this is not true with the nextel branch. And to my knowledge (6years with sprint) there is no rush to change this fact.
  • One definite correction

    I don't think this one is correct:

    ---Can it be unlocked?
    Maybe ? certainly not legitimately within the first 2 years.---

    According to this recent decision:

    You can definitely unlock your phone, legitimately, any time you want. Now, the carrier and the manufacturer certainly don't have to help you, but they can't stop you from doing so. One could, very easily, buy a phone with a service plan from Cingular, break the contract and pay a fine, then have a phone available for use elsewhere. This, of course, relies on someone out there hacking up a way to unlock the Jesus Phone, but given the inability of any other such lock to stand up to scrutiny, I don't see this as being a problem here.

    I think the same thing will apply to some of the questions of loading programs and capability. If Apple foolishly does not provide these abilities, the hacking community will. Apple has a choice of profiting from them, or standing by the sidelines while others do so.
    tic swayback
    • I still think that's a "maybe"

      Without help from the carrier you're relying on third party hacks. They're bound to come but they could take a while.

      I'm stillw aiting to see what kind of contract the iPhone is going to be shackled to.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • We'll see, but I think it will happen

        Considering there's not a phone on the market that has withstood efforts to unlock it, this one won't be the exception to the rule. One assumes, however, that if you did bring it to another carrier, some of the functionality would be lost (the display of voicemail, for example).

        ---I'm stillw aiting to see what kind of contract the iPhone is going to be shackled to.---

        Probably the same contract Cingular uses for all their smartphones and service. I've been with Cingular for a few years and they're no better/worse than the other cel phone companies I've used (Sprint, the old AT&T). Hang around the cel phone forums and you'll find just as many people who hate each particular provider with a passion.

        Also, one other question--if Apple is going to be selling this phone through their store/website, will the usual education/military discounts apply? How will Apple handle signing you up for Cingular's service? Will AppleCare programs be available for the phones (which, if cheap enough, would alleviate the worries about the batteries/potential fragility of the phones).
        tic swayback
        • What I've been told is ...

          ... that selling the iPhone will be handled by Cingular/AT&T. As for AppleCare, not sure, that would sure help.
          Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
          • Apple says they're selling it

            "iPhone will be sold in the US through Apple?s retail and online stores, and through Cingular?s retail and online stores."
            tic swayback