LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

Summary: How do you deal with dead or stuck pixels on LCD panels?

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I've just taken delivery of two 22" widescreen LCD panels.  Since these beauties can run at 1680x1050 that means that there's huge scope for coming across dead and/or stuck pixels!

Now personally I hate having a panel with dead or stuck pixels on it.  Even having one pixel out of 1,764,000 that isn't pulling it's weight is one too many for me (my eye will be drawn to it and the more I look at it the more I'll be annoyed by it).  Because I buy a lot of IT gear I tend to get my own way with suppliers and vendors and haven't had a problems replacing any screen, even if there's only one errant pixel, but being able to get this kind of service seems far from normal.  Many people who end up with a new LCD panel that has one or more dead pixels seem to have to live with it as many vendors or manufacturers won't take panels back if there's only a few duff pixels.  The attitude is that you bought it, it's your problem.

I'm wondering how you folks that frequent ZDNet deal with this issue?  I'm guessing that since you are smarter and more discerning than the average user you're not going to be happy with paying for something that's defective.  Do you live with the dead or stuck pixels or do you kick up a fuss and get the panel replaced?  Have you ever bought a panel that had an annoying stuck pixel and not been able to get a replacement for it under warranty? 

Share your thoughts?

Topic: Hardware

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  • re: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    re:I just took delivery of a Samsung 2232BW Pebble (sounds weird when you say it like that). Thankfully I've had no dead pixels on it, and the performance is astounding, especially considering I was upgrading from a CTX VL700 17" CRT that was new in 1999! In DVI mode it's flawless.

    However, on a related note, I purchased a PSP when they first came out (second day on sale in the UK I believe) and that has two dead/stuck pixels. One I can live with, as it's right on the edge, in the corner. The other is nearby, but very irritating. If I'm watching a letterbox movie (i.e. there are stil black bars top and bottom) I can still see a small red dot in the bottom right hand corner just below the picture, about 1 inch in from the right hand side. And would Sony replace it? Nope! Would the store take it back? Nope!
  • RE: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    I think companies should not be allowed to get away with their dead pixel policy. It's lazy production standards that are the cause.
    If you a car with a tiny little nick in the paintwork right beside the door, would you not be within your rights to get it fixed free of charge. You pay for quality, not acceptable tolerance levels.
  • Re: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    On the personal side of things, if I pay a decent price for something and that product/service is not to my liking I have found that getting it replaced or returned is quite easy. Sometimes there will be customer service that will continue to try to talk around things but if you're assertive and don't act like and idiot toward them you can usually get your issue taken care of.
  • There's a reason

    it's a $199 LCD display. Suck it up.
    • Dumb

      Maybe you don't work hard for your money. Me, I don't toss away $200
      In my state I can return any item for 30 days for no reason. Stores can charge a restocking fee provided they post the practice in advance. I don't do business with those stores. If I get a screen with dead pixels I don't bother to try to get the store or manufacturer to fix my problem, with the attendant headaches and pleading. I simply return the monitor to the store and buy another one. If I get more than one with problems I don't buy that brand anymore.
      • Missing the point

        It's a $199 display because they cut production costs by allowing more dead pixels. Whether or not you work hard for your money is irrelevant to the fact that cheap displays are cheap for a reason.
        • What point?

          If I buy a cheap book I don't expect pages to be missing. Would you?
  • RE: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    I will only major purchaces from stores like Cosco that have an excellent warranty.
  • How to fix a stuck or dead pixel

    How to fix a stuck or dead pixel:

    A program that fixes dead pixels:
  • RE: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    I got a 19 inch Dell monitor a few months ago that had 2 stuck pixels side-by-side. I knew they would not replace it for 2 pixels, so I went online and found software that attempts to unstick pixels. That did not work, so I tried the manual method that I had found. I put a soft tissue against the panel and lightly tapped the spot with the stuck pixels. Amazingly, they became unstuck. If I hadn't seen this, I would not have believed it. Maybe I just got lucky, as I suspect you can easily damage the display this way.
    • It does work!

      You're not lucky, it does work. I did the same thing to my work laptop which had a cluster of 5 pixels dead centre. They were stuck on red, which was indredibly annoying, especially as I do a lot of word processing work, so on a white screen they stuck out a mile.
  • RE: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels

    Just test the hardware before you pay
    • I'll have to TRY that...

      ...the next time I order [i]over the internet[/i]. I don't know about you, but there isn't a B&M around me that consistently sells at prices that can compete with web retailers, let alone even HAVING the wide variety and choices to start with. And it's not like that local price premium buys me any better CS [i]after[/i] the point-of-sale, anyways.

      Suggestions that are next to baseless given the realities of the times are even worse than not saying anything at all.
  • $500 Samsung LCD 17' SyncMaster 172x has 1 dead

    I was told by Newegg I need 8 dead pixels for them to exchange it. Samsung support told me I needed 8 or 2 side by side dead.

    They didn't care about the fact it was a $500 LCD monitor. I will never by a Samsung LCD again unless I buy from a store that will hook it up and let me see it work before I buy it.

    I only see it on a black screen so it is not really that bad. It does make watching a DVD movie a bit of a pain.
  • Sony Requires Dime-Sized Defect

    A friend of mine bought a Sony LCD panel a few years ago. It was brand new, factory sealed, but the last unit in the store.

    It had blue pixel constantly lit, and he uses a black background a lot. After calling Sony asking for warranty replacement, they told him the defect had to be the size of a U.S. dime!

    He returned the Sony for a refund and bought a no-name brand that was OK. However, he still buys many Sony products in spite of this.

  • Only Costco from now on for monitors

    This why I only buy monitors from Costco. They will exchange/refund any item for ANY reason. I was burned once buying a $1000 Samsung monitor several years ago that arrived with a stuck pixel. For that price, one is too many, but I couldn't return it. Since then, only Costco will get my money when it comes to LCD monitors (or HDTV, when I get around to getting one). In my most recent purchase of a 22" monitor, I ordered on-line, and the monitor arrived with 1 stuck pixel. I simply took it back to my local store, and was fully refunded, including shipping. I then ordered a second one on-line, and that arrived in perfect condition. Given the current state of LCD manufacturing, with dead/stuck pixels being common, it seems insane to purchase anywhere else, especially considering that, although you are limited to the models that they offer, they almost always have a price that is as low / lower than anyone else out there.