Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

Summary: Do you prefer a matte LCD screen or a glossy one?

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Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

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Overall, I prefer matte screens because they don't show up every molecule of dirt and grease that's on the screen.  However, I bought glossy screens for the kids the other day to replace their aging 20 inch monitors and I have to say that I'm impressed by how vibrant the colors are.  But then again, I'm not the one who has to clean them ...

Which do you prefer?  Why?

Topic: Hardware

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  • Headache inducing glare...

    ... is the reason I prefer Matt screens. I find that no matter how I position the gloss screen I get reflections, glare or me looking at the screen They make great mirrors (may be popular with ladies? ;-) ) Jason Bourne should have one so he would see someone sneaking up behind him!

    I wind up "squinting" and "bobbing" around to see past the reflections and glare. After an hour of this the muscles around the eyes start to ache and the headache is on its way.

    Matt screens are a lot less prone to this. I wish we could ditch the current tendency towards black keyboards for the same reason. Matt beige may be dull, but is less prone to reflections and glare.
    • agreed. glare is painful. (nt)

  • Glossy seems to be in the minority

    I have to say I prefer glossy screens after watching a DVD with some mates on Sony Vaio laptop. Even though the 'top was across the room, the film was brilliantly portrayed, and, as you say, the colours were bright. I also appreciate the viewing angle and ease of cleaning. I feel it's easier to wipe them off when they're dirty, whereas matte screens take more to clean when they get too grim.

    I doubt there'll be any consensus on this one, though!
  • Matte, but I'm glossy for now

    I actually picked up one of the new, glossy iMacs despite my preference for matte displays. The speed difference was just too great for me to ignore, and none of my work is so color-sensitive that I need a completely matte screen.

    That said, 24 inches is a lot of area for reflections, and it's a bit annoying to see part of yourself in the screen when you're watching a movie trailer.
  • to watch movie i'm prefer glossy!

    absolutely glossy for movies with friends and just for you , but on plane that's not good idea.
    for day-to-day work I'm prefer "anti-glare" (the dell pronounce).
  • Matte

    Having recently got a 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor having finally getting shut of my old Dell 17" Flat screen trinitron I can certainly say that I would never go back to a gloss/glass screen again.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    I have a 20 inch Westinghouse,Matte finish. But my Mom just purchased a HP 19 inch & her's has a glossy face & I do have to say that the colors are Awesome, In the right lighting I would have to say that Glossy does have it's advantages.!
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    I prefer the matte. I bought my wife a laptop with a glossy screen and yes it has great colors, but it also shows reflections of everything behind you and not to mention the glare if you happen to go outside or are near a window. If I were to use one for movie viewing I prefer the glossy. But thats what I have a TV for.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    Matte for work, glossy for play
  • Glossy for me

    Matte screens tend to look blurry to me and obscure small fonts.
    • What?

      Obscure small fonts? That is desktop/system font preferences or resolution settings, has nothing to do with mage display quality whatsoever. I have seen a lot of screens, there is no difference in what you speak of.
  • Matte is much easier on the eyes

    And there is no glare or annoying reflections from other bright items in the room. I find no trouble cleaning them either.
  • Who would even want glossy screen?

    I still remember highly reflective CRT screens. They were painful for eyes and we moved lights or used anti-glare filters just to get rid of reflections. Why anyone in their right mind would even consider using glossy screen?
  • Color vibrance has nothing to do with gloss or no gloss

    Color vibrance has nothing to do with gloss or no gloss, it has everything to do with the quality of the LCD. If it's the typical TN type panel with 47% CIE 1976 color gamut, it's going to look dull and the color changes the instant you drop your head a few inches.

    If it's one of the newer 112% IPS or PVA displays or it's an OLED display, it's going to look awesome.

    By the way, LG was showing off a new dust free glass material they put on one of their LCDs.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    Having used both, I find that I have a preference for glossy as the print looks very crisp and easy to read, and pictures and photos look great too.
    Of course, even matte beats a CRT screen.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    It depends on the ppi.
    In general I prefer matte, but there is a case for glossy.

    Matte screens diffuse light transmitted and reflected. With larger ppi monitors this diffusion is actually somewhat helpful. When your ppi gets very small this diffusion can become significantly harmful to individual pixels. My notebook screen has 110dpi and a matte screen. That is about the limit. At 120ppi I begin to prefer glossy, despite it's other problems.

    However, I also generally prefer larger ppi screens because neither windows nor macos have a truly dpi independent gui. So my preference for matte screens meshes with my preference for large dpi screens.

    Tiny fonts piss me off.
  • Matte due to multiple light sources

    causes too much glare on glossy. Outside light, work lights, lamps, just enough sources to make a minor chore of angling LCD panels and notebook screens. Same with tv, having to find the sweet spot for sitting, not so sweet.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    Matte is great 24 hours a day. If you only use your screen when it's pitch-dark outside, glossy colours seem a little bit better. I'm sticking with MATTE.
  • RE: Matte or glossy LCD screens - Which do you prefer?

    Glossy....'cuz EVERY LCD I've seen in stores looks like blurred garbage compared to my cheap OLD CRT....with a glossy screen! It's like the matte finish disperses reflections....along with all picture detail.

    I've been looking for a large LCD monitor for years, but have yet to see one that looks as good as my CRT....even when I've played with their settings! They look ok at a distance, but at sitting length, I am NOT impressed.

    I'm sure SOME company makes a screen that shows great detail. I have yet to find it. When I do, I'll bet it has a glossy screen.
  • Matte or glossy

    I prefer glossy. The colors are much better and I don't have much of a problem with
    glare. If glare is a problem, there are filters for it. If smudges get on the screen it's
    easy to clean them. Anti static wipes are cheap and easy to use.