Microsoft releases handful of Vista bug fixes

Microsoft releases handful of Vista bug fixes

Summary: Microsoft releases a number of bug fixes for Windows Vista.

TOPICS: Windows

Microsoft has released a number of updates for Windows Vista:

If you've been affected by any of these issues (I've heard about the PPP and iPod issues from a number of people) then these patches will come as a relief.

I'm sure we'll see more bug fixes real soon.

Topic: Windows

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  • Not on my machine

    Howcum my Vista install tells me that I don't need any of these updates, and the last thing updated was March 26, and was simply a Defender update?
    • I Was Wondering the Same Thing

      It seems that certain updates are only available on Microsoft's Download site, which I don't understand at all. These updates may not affect everyone (not everyone has an iPod, for instance), but Windows Update should at least offer them as optional downloads.