Microsoft says no new Xbox 'anytime soon'

Microsoft says no new Xbox 'anytime soon'

Summary: Microsoft confirmed there will be no new Xbox hardware announced either at the E3 video game conference in June or anytime soon.


Hoping that Microsoft will update the aging Xbox 350 games console any time soon? Well, you're out of luck, as Microsoft confirmed there will be no new Xbox hardware announced either at the E3 video game conference in June or anytime soon.

Speaking to AllThingsD, Microsoft's head of corporate communications Frank Shaw dispelled rumors that the six-year-old console would continue to be sold through 2012.

"While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future, we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon. For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360."

This comes days following a rumor which claimed that the next-generation Xbox console would abandon the optical drive in favor of flash storage. This rumor didn't really make sense to me because it seems counterintuitive for Microsoft to abandon cheap discs in favor of more expensive flash storage 'cartridge' options.

The only even plausible reason why Microsoft might have abandoned an optical drive was because it wanted to have greater storage capacity for games that DVD currently offers, but didn't want to take the Blu-ray approach because that would be putting royalty money into Sony's pocket.

The news is bittersweet. It's bad news because old and outdated hardware is going to continue to stifle console gamers for at least another year. However, it's good news for gamers as their investment in the platform both in terms of hardware and games will stay relevant for 2012.

Hoe soon until we see a new Xbox? Right now, rumors I'm hearing say that we're unlikely to see a new console until at least spring 2013, and maybe even not until 2014.

Image source: Microsoft.


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  • Why a new console?

    And exactly WHY would Microsoft introduce a new console? They're making money hand over fist right now with the 360! It only became profitable within the last few years. As long as people still continue to buy 360s then there is no reason to kill that cash cow yet. Milk it for all its worth. Seriously, it would go against financial common sense to kill the 360 line right now!
    • There's a BIG why coming their way...

      When the WII-U (or whatever it's called) is released and can deliver full 1080P graphics with AA, etc, and we start seeing larger than life games with realism we've never seen before (assuming the WII-U brings a modern GPU to the game), then the 360 will be in real trouble, real quick.

      I'm a bit surprised that Sony and Microsoft chose not to follow suit when Nintendo made their big announcement. I still enjoy my 360s, and my PS3, and am not looking to spend a quadjillion dollars on yet another gaming unit, but the promise of delivering graphics at modern GPU standards sure sounds smexy to me...
      • Does anybody care about the Wii-U?

        The novelty of the Wii wore off very quickly. Most of them are sitting on shelves collecting dust right now. Unfortunately, the short life cycle of that console will also affect the Wii-U because potential buyers see how short the cycle is for Nintendo. Nintendo stock plummeted after people actually saw the device. The Wii and Wii-U are in a different class of device from the Xbox and Playstation. It's not even a threat to the current Xbox, much less the next one that's coming.
      • Xbox 360 already does 1080p

        Not all games support it, but some do and you can also watch movies in 1080p resolution.
      • @A.Sinic It "does" 1080p, but...

        But like the PS3, it does not have the strength to push a full-fledged AA 1080p game. This is why the only 1080p games you see are low polygon XBL or kids games.
      • @risk_k@... You are sorely mistaken...

        Wii-U was to bring Nintendo back into the traditional console market. Its capabilities will put the other two 7 year old game systems to shame in terms of raw CPU/GPU performance. Game manufacturers will be on this like white on rice to showcase what their companies can bring to the table.

        It isn't some blow off to the competitors, as it's going to be at least 7 years ahead of them. When the game manufacturers start strutting 1080p AA, and down-porting to the other two consoles, people will start thinking long and hard about jumping ship on the other two.

        Everyone needs to be bringing their A game, but Sony and MS seem to be taking the approach that they are going to sit it out and watch what ends up happening to Nintendo. I think it's a bad bet. If WII-U gets traditional controllers as well (or their touch screen controllers turn out to be usable), I'd put money that numbers are going to start falling on the competitors.

        I love my XB360 and to a lesser extent, my PS3, but if they can't keep up, we'll have to start seeing other people...
    • Why a new console?

      That is one reason and it's quite brilliant. The launch of Windows 8 is a major shift. You already have a Metro based UI with Xbox 360 and it just happens to have millions of units in place. Why jettison a stable, successful platform when you already have a huge user base? MS will be able to use this as leverage and get people excited about Windows 8 and how it can be integrated across eco-systems from gaming consoles, phones to the PC. This is a big year for Xbox 360 and Microsoft in general. Windows to Go is a new feature in Windows 8 that could usher in some exciting features on the next XBOX. Imagine taking your XBOX "TO GO" on the road with you....Plug it into your Windows 8 PC, Laptop or Tablet and you have instant XBOX! This is how you can use Flash to do some wicked stuff. Microsoft is making nice software these day...
      • I see huge potential as well...

        But perhaps not with this generation. When MS can mod its XBox into a working PC using a hybrid W8, then they can obsolete desktops completely, and no longer need to separate the gap between what is a gaming computer, what is a console, and what is an office computer. Tablets will take the place of your day to day mobile computing needs, and will interface with the home's primary PC/Server (the XBox). Want to see MS turn the industry of computing and entertainment on its head? Implement this.

        I'm still excited to see the beginnings take shape with W8 and its integration with XBL, but I think the broader scope is far more exciting (assuming this is what they are doing) then what we are seeing today.

        The WII-U, as previously asserted, will steal a great deal of thunder from the current consoles, however, if they bring a modern GPU into the mix.
      • And when you wake up...

        So, you are expecting to run a full fledged Windows 8 on the gaming console? With Office etc?
        Does Xbox run x86 and ARM Windows applications? Why not?
        Ah.. because it's running an completely different architecture: PowerPC

        And, dream that Microsoft is going to let this happen?

        Even if the console has the horsepower and other things necessary to make this happen, it is extremely unlikely that Microsoft will let it happen.
        Their current non-x86 focus is ARM. Porting all their applications to PowerPC just to please some gamers does not sound Microsoft's way.
      • Have you watched the trends?

        They are already porting over to ARM. Why do you think it would be such a huge leap to turn the XBox into a computing device by porting a few Office apps and throwing in a remote keyboard.

        Think about it. If they had one central unit acting as the central hub, they would OWN the home computing industry (from a desktop standpoint).

        The XBox is already making the transition to become the central area for home entertainment, by including Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu (and even covering their bases on social media - Netflix, Twitter, etc.). They already have their own Music environment with on demand music, and they already have the external storage area for transferring files and media.

        How big of a leap do you think it is to throw I.E. 10 and a light office on the machine making them the center of EVERYONES computing needs in one tiny box that sits under your TV?

        The day is coming quickly when the next generation of HD negates the need for a monitor in lieu of a TV (I already use dual 37"/42" TVs for my home PC). At one point, people speculated the XBox could not be the central hub for their entertainment needs, and they are rapidly proving them wrong.

        How long do you think it will be before everything gets bundled into one low cost unit? With one fell swoop (if they did it), they could eliminate a good 80% of the desktops and claim the market as solely theirs. It would be an epic move that would position themselves in the most basic users' household across the nation. It may not be the "perfect solution" for us techies, but we will have mobile devices to satisfy our needs outside of what they provided. Will they do it? Good question, but you seem to think "they can't." That's a downright absurd thought given the transitions in computing we have seen over just the past half decade. Did you even notice that they officially ported the Kinect over to the PC? Have you noticed that most XBox peripherals are dual use PC / XBox? Why do you think inside the box (pun intended)? I'm "hoping" Microsoft doesn't.

        Do you recognize that the needs of at least 80% of home consumers could be met with just a few small tweaks to this little black box?

        You need to think outside the present moment, as that's where you're running yourself into a brick wall.
      • Let's take that a step further...

        How many XBL gold accounts ($60/yr) do you think they could rope in from non-gamers if IE10 and a light Office was introduced as part of the plan?

        What if "desktop users" never had to worry about upgrades, or being up to date with the latest operating system/security measures because it was all contained in one neat little box that they never had to push any buttons other than "OK" to update?

        What if the standard for gaming and high end graphics never came into question, because there was only one standard?

        How absolutely enormous do you think this opportunity would be for Microsoft? Will they miss it? That remains to be seen.

        And with Microsoft's strong arm tactics on the XBL plane, doesn't concerns over DRM and piracy become a thing of the past?

        Sure, the XB360 has been modded and hacked, but those hackers have to keep up on an all too regular basis just to keep from getting banned.
  • What? No "Is XBox360 being discontinued?"

    or "Is Microsoft abandoning game consoles?" spin?

    This just isn't like you, Adrian.

    John Zern
    • So, great...

      We're going to suffer through more ****** DX 9.0c games through 2014!? Effin great.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Buy a PC

        And have DX 11. Problem solved.
      • @xpect

        $2k+ vs $200. That extra zero tends to kill the argument.
    • Hang On

      I think there might be a shadow here. What if the console sector is being disrupted by gaming apps on mobile devices? While that growth curve plays out, a new console isn't going to expand the market, or take any additional share from the other console makers, and, therefore, will not generate additional revenues for the additional development costs.

      Agreed, this is not abandonment, but that would fill the bill as benign neglect, to borrow a phrase constructed by the late Senator Monyihan when he was a Democrat in a Republican President's Cabinet.
      • or something not worth concentrating on in 2011?

        The managed to change the gaming console/industry in a big way with Kinect, and with the added features updated into the XBox360 OS, so might be worth releasing a new version in 2013.
        William Farrel
  • Well ...

    ... when they (Redmond) do get around to updating, at least streamline the device - and decrease the size of the console - so it isn't the size of an Edsel Cruiser the way the current, aged, 360 design is.
  • Xbox is mature

    And just now it is becoming really interesting. I believe Microsoft needs to focuse on exclusives right now, and not on a new console. They have so few exclusives, while almost in a week basis the competition announces a new one. It can be changed in the next days tough, looks like Microsoft will announce a new Killer Instinct, and THIS will make half world buy a Xbox.
  • Still enjoyed

    I still thoroughly enjoy my Xbox 360. BF3 is awesome!