Microsoft tweaks WGA Notifications

Microsoft tweaks WGA Notifications

Summary: Yesterday I blogged about the fact that Microsoft has made some changes to how the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Notifications application works.  Today I'll show you some of the changes that Microsoft has carried out to this application to try to make it fairer.

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Yesterday I blogged about the fact that Microsoft has made some changes to how the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Notifications application works.  Today I'll show you some of the changes that Microsoft has carried out to this application to try to make it fairer.

The changes that Microsoft have made to the WGA Notifications applications are designed to make it fairer, offer more information to affected users and offer information useful troubleshooting information.

Complete gallery of images available here.

Have a look.  See what you think.

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New Installation Wizard: Intro

WGA Notifications update - 1

The first screen in the Wizard provides an introduction to WGA Notifications.  This screen clearly explains the benefit, and the possible consequences if the system is non-genuine.  It also offers optional automatic installation of future updates with no interruptions.  Clicking “Cancel” will prevent installation of the update.

New Installation Wizard: License

WGA Notifications update - 2

WGA Notifications previously installed with license screen opt-in only.  Users asked for more detailed information about what was being installed onto their systems.  This new screen provides a full license to read, along with a link to privacy statement, plus the option to print.

If user wants to install, they click “I Agree” followed by “Next”.  If user does not want to install, they click “I Do Not Agree” or “Cancel”.

New Installation Wizard: Feedback

WGA Notifications update - 3

Users now receive immediate feedback on whether validation of their system was successful or not.  Previously, they had to wait until the system rebooted.  Now a reboots is no longer required.

Users receive notice that validation may be required in the future.

Indeterminate State

WGA Notifications update - 4

If validation can’t be completed due to a local system error or network error, the following notification is displayed explaining that they system is in an indeterminate state.  WGA Notifications offers full details and troubleshooting options.

Non-Genuine Notification

WGA Notifications update - 5

Systems that fail validation receive notification that their copy of Windows “did not pass genuine validation” and they may be a “victim of counterfeiting”.  User can click on the message to learn more about what this means, including the following options:

  • Qualify to receive a free replacement (high-quality counterfeits qualify)
  • Purchase a genuine Windows key online
  • Troubleshoot further

Explaining Validation Failure

WGA Notifications update - 6

When a user clicks to learn more, they are taken to a customized Web page.  From this page they have several options:

  • Learn what caused the failure
  • Purchase a genuine Windows key online
  • Troubleshoot further
  • Learn more about the risks of running non-genuine Windows, and how to protect yourself

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  • Pigs will fly before...

    ...I use a new POS MICROSUCKS product.
    • Nah: - Purple winged monkeys

      When pigs fly - time to buy a Dell.

      When purple winged monkeys fly out of your butt - time to install M$ suckerware like Windoze Genuine Disadvantage.
      • Please see my reply to "Fool".

        The same goes for you.
      • Let me guess....

        second grade?
        Why don't you run on home to Mommy little fella and stop with the baby talk.
    • If you are not interested in running Windows ...

      ... why did you read the article and bother to reply? Your post provided no benefit or usefull information. Instead of wasting time here you should be of patching your Mac or compiling your Linux kernel.
      • Aboslutely

        And if you never plan on driving a porsche, shut your mouth, you
        have no right to express your opinion. If you never plan on eating
        at Wendy's shut your mouth, you have no right to express your
        opinion. If you didn't vote for the Democrat congress, shut your
        mouth, you have no right to express your opinion.

        Hey, look out, your strawman is burning.
        • Can you see the difference between ...

          ... your post and mine? I'll give you a clue. Where as I merely asked why he was wasting his time commenting on something he has no intention of using. In yours you tell me to shut my mouth. If anyone posted a strawman it was you. No where did I tell him what to do. I will also say that your post like his was neither informative or usefull. It was just rude.
          • Reading skills

            I suggest you brush up on them, since you obviously don't have

            I'll make it simple: I was illustrating the philosophy behind your
            post (shut up you have no right to an opinion because you aren't
            going to use the product) using a literary device known as irony.
            (Look it up.)
          • Oh, sorry. Thought it was strawman.

            Why am I asking you anyway, you clearly do not have a clue.
          • And yet

            You fall into that very same category. How many negative post have
            you posted on Linux and Mac articles and blogs? I post on all sorts
            of articles, because I have experience on both, what's your excuse?
        • You do not even know what a "Strawman" is

          As apparently most members of the "We Hate Windows" gang seems to lack knowledge of what MUST go into an argument to qualify as a "strawman tactic". I for one am getting tired and #$%&@ of people who are so low brow they try to sound like they have a clue about critical reasoning or logic and fall back on the "strawman" title to try to sound intellectual when they are attacking someone else.

          I have grown weary of posting the criterion for a strawman argument and providing links to qualify those criterion, but I haven't posted the criterion for being a member of the "WE Hate Windows" gang in quite some time, and as I have them saved its a simple cut and paste to do so, so...I will do that for fun.

          But first, let me state my own opinions first so nobody misunderstands where I am coming from;

          1. I use Windows but I accept that, not only is Windows not perfect (a position similar to that of most OSX users, that OSX is not perfect or flawless) I also accept that Windows has numerous past, present and bound to be future problems ( a position about OSX endlessly refuted by too many OSX users.

          2. I like Linux for what it is, I have used Suse for some time in the past and was very impressed but it is still a little primitive in my opinion compared to Windows and does not play games and still has a few quirks I do not want to deal with so I am still waiting for the 'real deal' Linux OS. I for one hope to see it one day.

          3. I think Apple puts together a fine hardware package and I know a few OSX users and have seen OSX in action and its a damn good operating system but still it doesn't play games and has a few other quirks I don't care for so for all the extra money Apple charges its computers and OS its not the right hardware or OS for me.

          4. My honest opinion is that all three of the major OS's can work close to perfection for the people who NEED what the particular OS supplies and do not need what the other OS's supply, each have their advantages and disadvantages.

          5. I think, to few of the posters here are willing to accept the fact that each major OS has some significant advantages over the others, and as such are to ready to make arguments based on nonsense and lies and overblown fanaticism about their OS of choice. They have far too much of their own self esteem tied into their OS, and thats a little weird.

          6. I think WGA is a very bad idea and that it relies on unworkable notions that come out of despiration of the bad decision to go with recordable digital information combined with the recordable CD/DVD format that on one hand is so cheap it provided software and media producers with obsene profits before the public gained the easy ability to record on this kind of media, and on the other hand ignores the worldwide social and cultural reality that people will always copy something for themselves when they can.

          Here it is, the "We Hate Windows" rules once more:

          I?m going to provide a public service to the ?We Hate Windows? gang here and publish a page out of their rule book in case there are some in the gang who have missed it;

          RULE 1.0
          When any Windows flaw or issue of negativity is reported all members of the ?gang? should endeavor to engage in the following:

          (a) No matter how negative the report already appears to be, attack Microsoft mercilessly in order to give the most possible negative perception imaginable, even if;

          ( i ) the issue appears to be minor or obscure

          ( ii ) the issue is highly unlikely actually result in even minimal actual exploits or negative consequences for a majority of the public

          ( iii ) there is a potential that similar such issues or flaws may eventually be exposed in the ?gang? members personal choice of OS, if it ever becomes popular enough for anyone to even bother looking for it

          (b) If anyone should ever have the audacity to defend any Microsoft product, for any reason, that has had an ?issue? or ?flaw? reported;

          ( i ) ignore any facts or common knowledge that is given in evidence of such a defence and continue your attack mercilessly as you never ever want to admit there is anything good about a Microsoft product

          RULE 2.0
          When a ?gang? members OS ( or other related software )of choice is criticized, or if in fact a genuine flaw is exposed, no matter how serious, or no matter the proof or empirical evidence provided;

          ( a ) NEVER, under any conditions or circumstances, admit or imply, directly or
          indirectly that any report of a ?flaw? or ?issue? with a ?NON MICROSOFT? OSor ?OPEN SOURCE?or?APPLE SOFTWARE? product, in any way gives any type or kind of superiority to any type or kind of Microsoft product in any way shape or form

          ( b ) the ?gang? member shall defend their OS of choice ( and all related software)both sedulously and with extraordinary vigor, with every effort directed towards
          belittling any ?Microsoft defender? to a degree where the said defender will abandon any further efforts at questioning the superiority of the ?gang? members OS (or related software ) of choice.

          ( c ) be very aware of what may be considered to be ?reasoned? or ?proper? arguments
          of maligned ?NON MICROSOFT? products and counter such arguments in the following manner;

          ( i ) Imply or declare outright the argument presented against the said product is purely the result of a desire to garner favour with Microsoft

          ( ii ) Assert your own superiority and intelligence and discount the intelligence and personal integrity of an author of any such argument

          ( iii ) Make as many broad and sweeping claims as is possible that the author of such an argument is some form of ?apologist? and is creating the
          argument out of blind loyalty to Microsoft and said argument has no merit

          RULE 3.0
          Whenever a user of a Microsoft product objects to an attack by a member of the ?We Hate Windows? gang, or such a Microsoft product user attempts to make any valid point that draws a negative inference towards a member of the ?We Hate Windows? gang or their behavior, attitude, opinions or anything whatsoever that may imply that a non Microsoft product or the user of such a product is not inherently superior to all others, and where such objections or complaints are difficult to argue against, even in the case of clear legitimacy in such Microsoft users complaints or objections, apply the following failsafe when nothing logical can be said;

          ( a ) Use the term ?STRAWMAN? in your commentary against the Microsoft user you wish to discredit.

          (i)If required use this term without explanation or without knowledge of its actual meaning or definition.

          (ii) Use use the term with total impunity as if you had a real point to make and ignore complaints of improper use of the term; as if the complainant did not merit a response or somehow had less brains then you.

          Beware ye of the organization of scallywags known as the ?We Hate Windows? gang. We have your wretched book of rules and tactics and we are aware of the nonsense and blather you conspire to impinge upon reasonable people and we are fully aware of your vacuous attempts to imply we are shills, where in fact we could care less of product loyalties and simply want the best we can get. You on the other hand would be far better a person to drop your unreasoned hatred of all things Microsoft and simply engage the reasoned minds with reasoned discussion as opposed to the sheer nonsense you typically rely upon to make your points.
      • They Don't Want You Spreading Your Experience Here

        "So hey, git outta here 'fore someone heres yew. 'En no-wun gits hert ... if'n yew no wut ah meen ..."
        • It wasn't they it was I ...

          ... and I never told him to anything. I asked a question.
          • Oh, You're One Of Them, Alright

            and that definitely is the attitude I've come to see in you.


            Yep, I consider you "Shady."
          • Pressing The Replay Button

            Re: "... I never told him to anything. I asked a question"

            Fron Talkback 5, ShadeTree, 11-29-2006:

            "... Instead of wasting time here you should be of [sic] patching your Mac or compiling your Linux kernel."
          • Ummm...what the @#$%& are you on about?

            Either make a point or go someplace else. We could care less about who you like/don't like/or could care less about.

            Want to see how that works? I could care less about your opinion and I don't like your ideals. Does that matter to you or make any difference to you?? I hope not. So drop the nonsense and move on.
          • No, I Couldn't Care Less

            Since you have neither thoughts nor opinions to offer.
          • Misrepresenting Facts And Outright Lies

            will get my response most of the time.

            But I will provide documented references. Like external links that refute someone else's (like ShadeTree and No_Axe) "unawareness."

            Or, in this case, an outright "misstatement" that denies having said something that, in fact, ShadeTree's own post shows he did.

            You don't like that?

            Then I wonder whether you're posting under the same name you normally use.
      • If you're not interested in running Mac or Linux...

        ShadeTree, your post sounded sensible until the last part. If you don't like one OS being insulted, don't complain and then insult two other OS's in the process.

        A lot of us aren't interested in running Windows but need to keep tabs on all the latest developments in order to support those who are.
        • I do have to support Linux ...

          ... and have to keep track of Apple. Apple is after all a competitor. I respect your keeping track of and learning about Windows. I have little patience for those that merely post to bash Microsoft and Windows. If they want to have a reasoned debate that is totally different.