Mozilla 'Boot to Gecko' prototype hardware demonstrated

Mozilla 'Boot to Gecko' prototype hardware demonstrated

Summary: It seems that Mozilla is serious about going up against Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

TOPICS: Browser, Hardware

Telefonica today unveiled prototype hardware running Mozilla's browser-based 'Boot to Gecko' operating system for smartphones at a press conference today at the Mobile World Congress show (see CNET News roundup) in Barcelona, Spain.

Here's a video demonstration of the current hardware and software.

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko (B2G) project is an operating system that runs HTML5, JavaScript and CSS directly on device hardware without the need for an intermediate OS layer.

Based on the above demo, I'm left asking myself a few questions:

  • Where does Mozilla see this fitting into the bigger smartphone picture? How will it get a foot in the door?
  • Who's the target audience? This seems to me more like a feature phone than a smartphone OS.
  • How does it fit into the current market (in particular when pitted against iOS and Android)?
  • Does Mozilla have the cash backing to have a shot at bringing this to market and making a success of it?
  • Is Mozilla too late to the game? Market seems very tightly stitched up to me.
  • How many hardware partners is Mozilla hoping to bring on board?
  • Has Mozilla considered the litigation dangers of entering into such a fiercely competitive market?

Interesting demo, but B2G obviously has a long way to go still and there are still a huge number of questions that remain unanswered.

What do you think?


Topics: Browser, Hardware

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  • Perhaps you missed it. Mozilla & Telefonica are partners in 'Openwebdevice'

    This isn't pie in the sky. And you fail to mention an important fact.
    Telefonica is huge.

    This is another example of your 'shoot from the hip' lazy unresearched blurb.
    Put forth the effort to do some research before rattling off a paragraph or two.
    Dietrich T. Schmitz *Your
  • Do they realize that html5 perf in gecko still sucks?

    Ok for words with friends, not even close for high end games. With FF marketshare dwindling by the day I can see why they were tempting to do something to carve out a future business for themselves but this is a distraction they dont need. They just dont have the muscle for the carrier mine field.
    Johnny Vegas
    • You haven't tried ChromeBook have you?

      Johnny be good.
      Dietrich T. Schmitz *Your
  • When friends become enemies

    The obvious go-to places for an OS for your shiny new cell phone were Google and Microsoft. But both of them decided to get in bed with one specific hardware vendor, which makes adopting their OS a somewhat risky proposition,

    That's the opening. Can Mozilla fill it? Maybe. Especially if HP continues to baffle one and all with their intentions regarding WebOS, which might otherwise be a candidate.
    Robert Hahn
  • Who is it really targetting?

    Is this targetting Android or ChromeOS? And why did it take so long for them to start this?

    The offline capability makes it seem more android-like than ChromeOS.