My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 9 - WiFi Update

My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 9 - WiFi Update

Summary: Fixed the WiFi issue on the MacBook!


Minutes before giving Apple Executive Relations a ring reagarding my MacBook WiFi issues I've fixed the problem.  My router was set to be 802.11g only and not mixed b/g.  I made the change and the MacBook just connected.  Odd though given that the MacBook Pro is g-capable.

Anyway, I'm now happy as I don't have to mess around with cables.  :-)

Topic: Wi-Fi

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  • it is actually a Broadcom ....

    ... draft N chip. If Apple hadn't crippled the driver it would operate at N speeds. Now they want to charge their customers to reenable this functionality.
    • Only because...

      ...they are required to by law.

      It may be that the mac uses B to locate other wifi's?
      • Why are they required by law to cripple the ...

        ... hardware by not including the "N" driver? Please get a clue before you post more utter rubbish!
        • Law? probably not really.

          Odd & Creative Accounting or interpretation

          I believe they are referring to the news the other day,
          "Apple Charges For 802.11n, Blames Accounting Law"

        • They are required by Law to ....

          .... charge for the driver.

          • Required by Law?

            I think is pushing it.

            Even the link you point to says:

            "Apple said it is required under generally accepted accounting principles to charge customers for the software upgrade. "The nominal distribution fee for the 802.11n software is required in order for Apple to comply with generally accepted accounting principles for revenue recognition, which generally require that we charge for significant feature enhancements, such as 802.11n, when added to previously purchased products," Fox said in a statement."

            No mention of Law, just "generally accepted accounting principles"... What this has to do with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act I am not really sure. Just an excuse to take advantage of something, even so minor.

            Since when has it been "required by law" to charge for an upgrade, not to mention it is really a supposed feature.

            If I understand correctly, No Charge if you buy their N router, but nuisance charge if you don't & want to use theirs.

            Oh well... have heard of stranger things, can't wait for others to get on this sort of bandwagon.....
  • Wifi

    Are you connecting at b or g speeds? I wonder if WEP encryption requires b and not g on Macs. Which also begs the question: Why in the world are you using WEP and not WPA?
    • I'm using WPA

      ... and speeds seem to be what I'm used to on "g". Odd.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • speakeasy

        What do you get for the speedtest at [url=]speakeasy?[/url]
        D T Schmitz
        • 802.11b > Broadband

          Your test is not realistic. 802.11b can easily sustain 6 mbps which is better than most broadband connections. To really test 802.11g throughput he'd have to copy a large file and time it to figure out if he's getting 20-26 mbps.
      • odd...

        through 2 different dlink routers, and also the one I'm using at the moment typing
        this, they are set to G only and my macbook pro is working fine connected to them.
        WPA doesnt seem to be a problem. Did you connect just telling it "password" or did
        you select the actual real and right type of password you were sending it from the
        drop down list on the connection?
  • Now see if you can get an Airport Extreme

    Now see if Apple will loan you a new Airport Extreme and upgrade your MBP
    Airport card to 'n'

    Although it received little fanfare on it's introduction a week or so ago, this is a
    pretty slick device for PCs or Macs!

    -802.11n is 5x faster
    -Hard Drive sharing via USB2! (Why even bother with a home server?)
    -Printer Sharing via USB2
    Len Rooney
    • It probably won't be out before his MBP trial ends

      • When does it ship?

        I'm just so surprised that their wasn't a Macworld keynote mention made of this
        device, especially in light of the add-on value it holds for the whole Digital Hub/
        AppleTV living room solution package. I mean, I heard about this product, but I sure
        didn't hear the part about it being able to serve up storage.
        Len Rooney
      • I'll try and get one when they're out

        Thi snotebook might be back at Apple by then, but they've got plenty!
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Did you pay for the driver upgrade?

    [i]Odd though given that the MacBook Pro is g-capable.[/i]

    You have to pay Apple $5 to unlock the 'g' capability. Once you pay that, it will probably work. This is Apple's new business model. I guess they weren't getting enough money charging people for OS patches so now they've decided to start charging for drivers.

    The really disgusting thing is that they tried to blame SOX for this act that is obviously born 100% from Apple greed.
    • That's ok, Apple can do no wrong

      They'll take their beatings and they'll like it, you should know better by now :).
      • Clearly the strawman never gets old for trolling Ou

    • Tht's "n" you pay for ...

      ... not "g".
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • You can always ignore ShadeTree and NonZealot

        Both of them are fact-free zones and ABA (Anything But Apple) fanboys.