New iPad is bad news for Android tablets

New iPad is bad news for Android tablets

Summary: This hardware refresh is more than enough to keep the iPad ahead of the Android competition for the foreseeable future.


Well, we now know a lot more about the new iPad than we did a few hours ago. ZDNet's Jason D. O'Grady has a quick rundown in case you've not been keeping up.

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Is this an evolutionary upgrade or is it revolutionary? Personally, I think that it's evolutionary. There's nothing here that stands out as particularly revolutionary, but Apple tends to use the iPhone as the platform for revolutionary updates. Think Siri. Possibly the most revolutionary aspect of this device is not the technology, but how it will be put to use, especially that high-resolution display.

The biggest disappointment? No Siri. Strange and somewhat surprising. I wonder if this is because Siri is still in beta?

This iPad refresh is bad news for Android tablets on a number of fronts:

  • The iPad has a tremendous graphics advantage over Android tablets, even ones powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 processor. Apple claims theA5 chip in the iPad 2 had twice as much graphics power as the Tegra 3. The new A5X has four times the graphics power.
  • Screen density will blow away the competition.
  • Price is exactly what consumers expected it to be. No nasty surprises.
  • Awesome battery life for a high-end device.
  • Availability is a little over a week away, not weeks or months like many tablets.
  • The 16GB iPad 2 will continue to be sold at a reduced price of $399 for the WiFi model and $529 for the WiFi+3G ... that's a clever ploy that helps stitch up the mid-range market.

Bottom line, this hardware refresh is more than enough to keep the iPad ahead of the Android competition for the foreseeable future.

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  • I agree,

    Android tablets will not be able to keep up with the NiPad. The Transformer Prime is the only one that comes close. This doesn't mean that I will buy a NiPad, it just means that Apple is staying on top of their game and their competitors. It's going to be a long time before we see them crumble in the tablet market share. The NiPad is going to be a massive hit.
    • It is a solid upgrade.

      The Qualcomm chips will be the next good chip option for the competition. TI has nice new ones out that are also better than the gimped Tegra line.

      I agree that Asus is the only company that seems to be really trying to outdo Apple and their Transfomer lines are compelling.
      • Well ASUS is the only one doing it right,

        in the Android tablet market. I think the claim of the A5X being 4x more powerful then a Tegra3 is a little over zealous , but just saying that will sell more NiPads.

        The fact is, Apple OWNS the tablet market, and will continue to own it for a long time. Apple could stop making iPads right now, and it would take 2 years or more for Android and Windows combined to even come close to closing the gap on the market.
  • what?

    Android?! dude iPad sold 15 million in 3 months! At lease say something like WINDOWS 8 TABS lol
    • Windows 8 still has a leg up on iOS

      No amount of hardware will be able to change that.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Which leg would that be?

        Or do you possess some special sauce from Redmond that mere mortals can only wonder about?
      • I don't agree, but I don't disagree.

        I've seen some pretty sweet things that Windows 8 is doing that IOS just won't be able to do. Probably ever.

        The whole split screen thing, playing a video on one side, and typing an email or document on the other side of the screen got a pretty good round of applause from the crowd.

        It's been stated plenty of times that iPad's won't be doing much multi-function or multi-tasking because they want the entire processor dedicated to whatever you are doing right that second.

        While I think that is great and is what minimizes crashes and freezings, I think iOS is due for something like this to update it.

        That's why leave my iPad at home and take one of my other tablets most of the time. I need multi-tasking.

        In the end, it all comes down to marketing and reputation, and Apple has built a monster of a marketing machine for their products.
  • Me too!

    I have the original iPad and the Xoom and I can tell you that even the original iPad does not stutter or have any lock up or reboot problems that the Xoom has. It's all good though. It keeps both Apple and Android honest and competitive.

    But for now, it looks like if you want the best of the best, you are better off getting an iDevice.
    • My iPad 1 has problems with new multimedia heavy text books...

      Crashes quite a bit.. that's the 1st and only time I felt any kind of performance problems on iPad 1...
    • You're insane

      I have an iPad 1 that I gave to my son when I got the iPad 2... it's a pile of poop now. Whenever I have to go on that thing, I shutter.... It's slow, choppy as hell and laggy. Don't lie. Use an iPad 2 and then tell me the 1 doesn't stutter...LOL
      • iPad 1 is fine

        I still use one and it doesn't "stutter." If yours does, I suspect it's time to do a re-installation of the OS from scratch and remove some dross: I did that when I got two crashes in a day, which is unheard of, and since then I've recovered quite a lot of storage space and the iPad 1 is running as smoothly as ever.

        (Any device will slow down massively when you fill more than 90% of the storage space, because of virtual memory paging. Before reinstalling iOS 5.1 I was using almost 93% so it's not surprising that I had problems.)
  • The software is what puts the nail in the coffin.

    New iPad ships with new, current OS, something many Android tablets still can't do. iPhoto looks amazing. 3rd-parties are turning out amazing, lucrative software, and it's a major gaming platform. All that plus the great-looking, high-end hardware at competitive prices and you have what should make many hardware product managers reach for an antacid.
  • Fad?

    Phew! Good thing this 'newfangled' device is just a fad!! ;)
  • Thank you but no thanks

    for the same about for I Ipad I can but a Laptop or a net book and still do more with it like run a MIDI to my keyboard, write a short story or record a podcast using a pro usb mic. To me a reading and video device should cost no more than $200 better $100 before I bite.
    • Regarding MIDI support.

      I purchased the inexpensive iRig Midi interface for my keyboard and iPad 2. It works just fine.
      • And with Garage Band's sweet update ...

        I can now compose music on the train!

        It's much easier than using a PC ... BUT ... still can't export MIDI.
  • why

    It still doesn't do as much as the Tablet S even if the screen is higher res.
  • Android isn't going to just crumble.

    I always laugh at articles like this. "Ahead of the competition?" Give me a break man! iPad and Android are two different devices. Just like Ford and Chevy. Both will likely always be around. So this idea of which Android tablet will "dethrone" the iPad is so out dated and, to be honest, fairly unreasonable at this point. There are so many Android tablets now, it's obvious that people want them. I've got one and I know many many others that do as well. I've also got an iPad. I know many many others that do as well. It doesn't mean that one is better than the other, but both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'll be honest and tell you that more often than not, I'm leaving home with my Android tablet much more often than my iPad because I can type so much faster on it because of the different on screen keyboards I can install. But that doesn't make it the best tablet in the freaking universe people.

    The common consumer isn't using these devices for anything other than browsing the internet, shopping, email, and playing games. Both iPad and Android do all of that very well.

    I'm not playing favorites here or trying to say one is better than the other. But obviously, this is not a race between these two devices anymore. Asus (and other manufacturers) aren't just going to up and decide to pack it up and quit production. And I highly highly doubt that Apple would ever just give up on the concept since they started it.

    So quit fooling yourself fan-boys of both sides. If you're waiting for a crash and burn on either side of this coin, you'll be waiting a long long wait.
    • Doesn't seem like you are laughing...

      In reading between those lines, it's more like a seething wimper... But you have fun crying yourself to sleep tonight and the rest of us will be laughing at you.

      Apple is better than the rest and yes, I am playing favorites as well as playing common sense... Good night sweetie... LOL
      • Wow. That's mature

        I'm not here to mud sling or anything dude. What's your deal?

        Do you own anything other than Apple? Have you realized that there are other devices out there in the world? Apple doesn't make a device that does every single thing perfectly. So stop pretending that it is a flawless device.

        If you don't think it has flaws, go wait around in an Apple store at the "Genius Bar" and listen to hours upon hours of complaints about an iPad locking up or rebooting.

        Besides, there have been a handfull of articles that have come out plaining stating that iOS is starting to look old. I concur with that. I switch between iOS, Linux, Winblows, and Android all freaking day dude. iOS works great, but the UI is lacking luster now. They need an update and some changes to make it look like it's keeping up outside of the specs.