No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

Summary: Yes, you read that right. Nokia won't be implementing Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform on handsets.


Yes, you read that right. Nokia won't be implementing Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform on handsets.

But wait? What was that announcement all about the other day? Didn't we see Nokia CEO Elop and Microsoft CEO Ballmer on stage talking about Windows Phone?

Sure you did. But if you paid close attention to the Nokia/Microsoft pow-wow you'd have realized that at no time did either company mention "Windows Phone 7," only 'Windows Phone." I noticed this at the time, and as The Guardian's Charles Arthur said, it's critical:

Though the difference between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone may sound trivial, Elop, who previously ran the hugely profitable Office division of Microsoft, will have been keenly aware of the importance of the difference in naming and the need not to be seen at any future date to have misled investors, analysts or customers.

And that's a key difference. See, Windows Phone 7 is shipping right now, on dozens of handsets across a variety of vendors. But Microsoft is planning an update to the platform called Mango which might see the platform being rebranded as Windows Phone 7.5. But Mango is some way off, fall at the earliest. This means that Nokia handsets powered by Windows Phone 7.5 (we'll call it that for now ...) might arrive towards the end of the year, or maybe early 2012.

So ... Nokia's announced that it is making Windows Phone its primary smartphone platform, and Symbian being relegated to second place, what's Nokia going to sell for the remainder of 2011? Sure, sales of Symbian handsets won't wither and die overnight, but given this announcement they're unlikely to be stellar either. If I were an investor, I'd want some some clarity as to what Nokia will be doing over the next six to 12 months.

Windows Phone might be a good long-term gamble for Nokia, but in the short-term it have quite an adverse effect on revenue.

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  • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

    Nokia is keen to differentiate, and they are now the only vendor with rights to customized WP7.

    My guess would be they are shooting for an actual Nokia brand of WP7 that is app compatible with the "main" branch.
    • So did MS...

      @SlithyTove <br><br>just "stick it" to their other WP7 partners? If so, watch them abandon the platform if they feel they are at a disadvantage. If they get the same privileges, will the platform fragment?
      • Others may stick crowded android phone market

        any advantage for that?
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        AKH doesn't have a clue about. The thing is there is no fragmentation.,2817,2380424,00.asp

        >>"Will there be new ways that Nokia and other OEMs can differentiate and build some uniqueness to their offerings? Yes. Will the UI on those products still obviously be the Windows Phone UI, and will the platform APIs be consistent? Yes," he said.

        AKH conveniently ignored it and twisted it. Only thing is Nokia can sell their location based services to other WP7 vendors and monitize it.
        Ram U
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        @Economister. The other OEMs already have differentiation: HTC and Samsung both have their own 'hum' and LG has DLNA capabilities and well as apps specific to LG models. The other OEM's have no right to complain about Nokia, but if they do, is it Nokia's fault that they are more polished and advanced that the other OEM's? The other OEM's either need to step up their game 100% or just go with either the Android OS or their own in-house os (Bada, Sense)
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        @Economister I bet most will abandon Mobile Windows 7 phones. Most of there efforts so far can be best define as half hearted an that being kind, being unkind would be say that they were trying to make Microsoft new operating system fail so they do not have to make phones for it anymore. Most were only making the phones in the first place to keep the patent lawyers quite.
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        @Economister well its fine because they should be focused on Android anyway. Since its the only worthy platform out.
  • See the slide

    In his slide, he clearly think the announcement will have no impact on Symbian sales, a smooth transition from one to the other, as though people buy whatever 'Nokia' is selling....

    I disagree, I bought an E7 as a development platform, I've sent it back for store credit now.

    My expectation was that he's get the development house in order, not that he'd farm that out to a company with < $50m revenue from selling phone software.
  • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

    Sounds like they will be using Windows Phone 7 if they are going to be deploying the 7.5 version of it. If not then we will all look forward to a Windows Phone 8. Either way Nokia can't lose in this deal.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Yes they can, and lose BIG

      @Loverock Davidson

      The are betting the farm on WP7 or whatever version. It will take them time to transition, and Symbian sales may tank prematurely due to the platform being abandoned.

      The success of WPwhatever is NOT guaranteed. This is two desperate companies cooperating. The whole thing could crash and burn.
      • Should they bet the farm on Symbian

        The OS on the decline?


        Tell me which you think would have been better? The declining OS, the OS that isn't on a single device, or the one that is on the rise?
        Michael Alan Goff
      • Hardly the point


        LD said "Nokia can't lose".

        When you have run the company into the ditch, ALL options may carry a high risk. Historically, MS screws their partners eventually. Time will tell.
      • Think, McFly, think ...

        Check out the "Nokia + Microsoft" graphic above. That product mix looks an awful lot like Apple. A merger between Nokia and Microsoft is not far off.

        This is definitely a situation where both Nokia and Microsoft can lose and in a big way. The best way forward for both companies is together.
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        @Economister - the point with Symbian is that it scales wayyyy DOWN the handset scale and is used on the bulk of the lower-end devices that are affordable by far more people than high-end devices we're used to in the west.

        If Nokia does the right thing and introduces both high-end leading-edge devices along with smaller, cheaper devices for the colossal market that is currently getting-by with low-end feature phones, then they could be onto a VERY good thing indeed.
    • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

      @Loverock Davidson -always seeing the world in redmond-colored glasses. If Nokia is abandoning Symbian, why align with a phone OS with very little traction or sales? Nokia is in a fight for its life, and can't afford a misstep. What is it about "Nokia with Windows Phone Whatever" that will draw current Nokia customers (I am one) or new ones?
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        They are aligning because they want to see it grow. Its different and stands out from whats currently out there.
        Loverock Davidson
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        @Loverock Davidson Being different and/or standing out from the others does not guarantee success.
    • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

      @Loverock Davidson Nokia, the phone nobody wants to buy; running Windows phone OS a system missing features and apps everyone wants, then waiting for a new version of the OS that doesn't exist yet, and the consumer has been left totally in the dark with no assurance except that we should be happy that at least it can render fish well. Sure, how could Nokia possibly lose in this deal?
      • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

        Patience, give it time.
        Loverock Davidson
    • RE: No Windows Phone 7 for Nokia ... no, really ...

      @Loverock Davidson <br>Why do you say that Nokia can't lose?<br>Nokia is now out of the game, totally!<br>You are forgetting that Nokia up to Q3 2010 was the largest smartphone producer in the world!<br>Only MS is set to gain from this deal, giving new hope to a system (WP) that was dwindling.<br>Now MS gets market share, publicity, more traction on developers, Ovi Maps, Ovi store, Nokia technology & know how...<br>While Nokia only becomes one more WP supplier!<br>Thanks Olilla!<br>It is as if in the 90s Apple had switched to Windows!<br>Where would Apple be now?