OEMs to be hit by Italian class-action suit

OEMs to be hit by Italian class-action suit

Summary: It seems that some Italians aren't happy about having to pay for Windows with a new PC when they didn't want the OS.


It seems that some Italians aren't happy about having to pay for Windows with a new PC when they didn't want the OS.

Vincenzo Donvito, president of ADUC (Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers) will later this week file a lawsuit against OEMs to seek the return of the cost of unwanted Microsoft software on PCs bought by those wishing to use Linux on the system.

According to reports, some 2,000 people have expressed interest in the lawsuit.

It is worth noting that reports that it is Microsoft that is the target of this lawsuit are incorrect. It is aimed at OEMs. Also, Italian law only allows for recovery of the cost of the unwanted software, and not punitive damages or additional awards.

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  • European linux adoption

    At the risk of being a little inflammatory, Europeans love to rebel against anything that looks to them like American cultural hegemony.
    • That's one possible reason

      Another might be that they dislike the the American technology in question, and prefer something more reliable, that requires less work to keep it secure, and does everything they want at a considerably lower cost.

      my 3 h'pence.
      tracy anne
      • Then why would they claim to choose linux?

        It doesn't offer any of what you said and is a good reason why this lawsuit is bogus.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Bogus? Are you lawyer? Do you know Italian law?

          Nope, you know nothing except spouting your mindless drivel all over zdnet and techrepublic.

          Nice credentials those of yours, hey donovan?
          The Mentalist
          • If there's anyone that knows about

            spouting mindless drivel, it's you mentaleconomist.
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            Go, fight the ninjas and save you family, we're counting on you.
            The Mentalist
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            that "d***" word, it's rtk.

            Wintel BSOD
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            You really should keep your homosexual tendencies to yourself, rtk.

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            ya can't stop talking about it in fact.

          • No, it was you rtk

            I know you 'love' me but I'm really not inclined that way.

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            Wintel BSOD
          • I know italians consider 12% a majority.

        • Oh my

          Looks like I struck a nerve.

          I was talking about BSD, but it's not developed for just anyone, so they'll have to make do with Linux, I suppose.
          tracy anne
        • Why choose Linux

          I'm willing to accept that, for some people, Linux might provide "everything they want". Whether Linux is more secure, or requires less effort to keep it secure than Windows is certainly debatable.
          • debatable

            I'm willing to accept that, for some people, Windows might provide "everything they want". Whether Windows isn't more limited or requires a lot more financial resources to give it the same benefits as Linux is certainly debatable.
      • Lots of assumptions there ...

        ... about American technology.
        M Wagner
  • Seems reasonable

    It also seems reasonable to expect anybody expecting a refund to send their license keys to the OEM (or MS) to deactivate them.
    Michael Kelly
    • I'd think its reasonable to have these people pay more

      I think that Windows boxes are subsidized by
      crapware so much (which is how OEMs have such
      low prices on Window machines), that if you
      switched to Linux OS, these people would have to
      pay more.

      Looking at these prices:
      and the hardware you get, I can find lower
      prices with better hardware when it's Windows.

      So these guys ought to be careful of what they
      ask for. Instead of getting a refund, they may
      get a bill to offset the losses on crapware
    • or

      As with many Linux users, they could just not have activated them in the first place.

      Of course, as with a few comps I bought recently, they may have had to sign the the EULA before even getting to leave the store.