Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

Summary: Now, I think that Apple's Time Capsule and the new MacBook Air products are likely to be very popular with Mac fans, but something that might not go down so well - the $20 upgrade fee to add Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather, and Maps to the iPod touch.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

Now, I think that Apple's Time Capsule and the new MacBook Air products are likely to be very popular with Mac fans, but something that might not go down so well - the $20 upgrade fee to add Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather, and Maps to the iPod touch.

Come on  Steve, give your biggest fans a break.  $20 is awfully steep to add a little functionality to the iPod touch - functionality that already exists for the iPhone.  I know that there's huge demand for apps on the iPod touch, and where there's a demand there's a profit to be made, but I feel that this is going too far.  Customers have to put their hand in their pocket for every new feature, but as with the 802.11n "activation" it seems that increasingly this is becoming so with Apple.  Once again the early adopters get an arrow in the back.

My guess is that I'm not alone in feeling that this is a bit of a rip and I have a feeling that we'll be hearing about it a fair bit over the next few days.

As to whether the upgrade is worth $20 - I'll let you know later.  In the spirit of investigation I'll upgrade my iPod touch when I update my iTunes software and find the update.


Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • Adrian....

    this is one of the few times you write something about Apple and I agree with you, I see it as a screw the early adopters again.

    Maybe if there is enough backlash they will drop the $20 cost.
    I doubt it.
    • mrOSX....

      unfortunately, this ISN'T the first time that Apple have screwed the early adopters (iPhone anyone).

      Maybe if there is enough backlash SJ will finally get a clue and stop treating the Apple faithful like cashcows.
      I doubt it.
      • How about the $1 dollar upgrade to drivers

        Something about setting a wireless chipset so that it would work with Draft N equipment.
  • I had faith for a while

    I was waiting for the new SDKs before I did anything to my ipod touch. I had faith in SJ to remain flexible enough to allow the users to add apps without extra cost.

    Now that I see how the future of this platform is going to look like, looks like its time for me to Jailbreak this thing already.

    Man, I wouldnt really mind the cost if the new ipod touch owners had to pay also, but instead I have to because I purchased it early. I guess you can also charge me to refresh iTunes or refresh posdcasts, technically that adds value so maybe I should pay for that too...
  • RE: Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

    In truth, though, is $20 too much to pay for software
    with this functionality? It really isn't. It sucks that new
    customers don't have to pay for it and early adopters
    do, but really, it's a pretty good value for the added

    On the other hand, there is no reason this software
    should not have been available at product launch,
    other than to artificially distance the iPod touch's
    feature set from the iPhone's. In a way, it amounts to
    charging for features that should have been there in
    the first place.

    I also wonder if the $20 price tag isn't a concession to
    some agreement with AT&T.
  • The law REQUIRES Apple to charge for 802.11n, Touch apps

    Adrian, please learn something about
    the Sarbanes-Oxley act before
    thoughtlessly promoting rumors that
    Apple is soaking customers to give
    them new features. Due to Sarbanes-
    Oxley requirements Apple COULDN'T
    just GIVE away the 802.11n feature
    (nor can they give away Touch apps),
    they HAD to satisfy regulations with
    some form of accounting of value.
    The easiest way to do this was a
    NOMINAL fee for the activation of the
    software. You can read all about it on
    your sister site, CNet:

    So they're going to HAVE to charge to
    add new features to the Touch as
    well. How much? Well, if Notes is as
    non-functional as it's been on the
    iPhone, I'd say for Notes + Weather (a
    small app) + Stocks (a small app) they
    should charge $2-5 (a couple of
    songs?). How much is Mail, a fairly
    valuable app worth? As much as a
    game? Or a couple of songs? Ok, $5.
    How about maps? Another $5? Ok,
    so we're up to $15 max now. All
    right, yes, $20 for the whole bundle
    probably is over-charging. Do better

    And yes, I know I'm overstating things
    to say the law REQUIRES Apple to
    charge for 802.11n or Touch apps.
    The law only requires Apple to do
    SOMETHING to address the issue.
    Charging is simply the least
    complicated solution to the issue.
    • Well then why is the new Apple TV software update free ????

      • Because Apple TV is ALSO doing deferred revenue, JUST LIKE iPhone


    • ha ha

      I do Sarbanes-Oxley... LOL... it is not the law... the only reason SnO effects Apple is because they let it. the update should have been free.... they could have easily made it so... they strategically set up their accounting practices in order to charge consumers money for the update. :)
  • RE: Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

    y'all are morans! 'specially that sir kingsley-hughes fella
    with his high and mighty britches.

    jayk_z hit it the skunk right on the noggin'

    so quite yer belly achin' and piss in someone else's pot

    keep yer 20 spot and go buy another mp3 player with
    email, ya morans!
  • I disagree with that

    $20 is a reasonable price to charge for the software if you weren't buying it with the hardware. And why would you assume that everyone who wants the device also wants that functionality? Maybe most people just want a portable video and audio player without all that other crap. And if that's the case, why charge them $20 extra for something they don't want? And don't delude yourself into thinking that the price would have been the same if the software had been included.

    Personally I like the idea of selling the device with bare essentials at a lower cost and having to add (and pay for, if that's how it has to be) any additional functionality.
    Michael Kelly
    • re: I disagree with that

      DELUDE ourselves into thinking the price would have been the same? It *is* the same when you purchase one...this $20 charge is only for people who already bought an iPod Touch!!! If you buy one new, the software *is* included for free!! This really hurts (again, just like with the iPhone) the early adopters of Apple products, who I would dare say are the most important customers to Apple.
      • So instead of a price cut

        like they did for the iPhone they added more software. What's the difference? I'd rather have the price cut.
        Michael Kelly
  • Apple's policy vs. Microsoft's

    Neither company treats their customers properly in my book, but from what I can tell, Microsoft, for the first time in recent history, has provided better customer service than apple has. In fact, it's a rather (sorry about the pun) apples to apples comparison...

    When Microsoft released the new Zune, they provided upgraded firmware to current Zune owners to give them everything short of the new touchpad and better capacity (both hardware changes) for free. The Zune 2.0 was a separate product launch, but initial Zune owners got alot of the new features.

    iPod Touch owners got new software for the exact same hardware. Software that already existed on the iPhone (no major programming, likely just a few tweaks to accomodate the different hardware), will be shipped with new units, but Apple is charging for it.

    Not that I was ever a die-hard Apple fan, but I always thought that they had interesting products and took care of their customers. Apple has always been good at changing peoples' perceptions of them...

  • RE: Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

    You were just finally staring to win me back
    to the proprietary (often closed) world of Apple.

    Yeah my iPod touch was a great holiday gift.
    But now in less than a month, I'm feeling abused and unvalued as a customer.

    Looks like it's time to return the iPod Touch
    and order my replacement Dell system.

    Shame on you Jobs and Apple.

    You had the re-start of something good started and now
    you're blowing it again.


    I've never posted to something like this before...
    so I must be really finally pissed and taken advantage
    • uh huh

      go get a dell ya moran!
      • I have no choice here.

        I hate to do this, and the comment may end up deleted, but I have no choice. It's compulsive, and I have to.....

        If you are going to throw insults at people, it is much more effective when you spell them properly.

        I'm not much on being the spelling police, but you have no right to question people's intellegence when you misspell "moron." With an "o." Not an "a."

        And it's "whiners" not "winers."

        The rest of your post is so grammatically poor that you are seriously fortunate that it's even understandable. This is not a chat room. Try using English. And you may want to consider using it properly as well.

        Everyone makes typos. But, ffs, even the most idiotic person I have ever met could sound out "moron" and manage to get it closer than you did.

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        Bookmark it. Next time you are going to act like an ass, at least it will be readable by others.

        Thought you'd like to know that you made yourself look like a "moran." Or, perhaps idot is more appropriate? Maybe, dumass? Stoopid? Take you pick. They all apply here.
        • Thanks and...

          Laura you've made some very good points.
          As usual, we have to keep in mind the source
          of some of these comments with those kinds of responses.

          Nevertheless, you brought some smiles to all this

  • RE: Onto Apple's Macworld stumble - $20 iPod touch upgrade

    I'm so mad about the $20 Touch upgrade extortion
    fee that I canceled my order for a Mac Pro Tower
    today. Why does Steve Jobs penalize people who
    purchase early? Us loyalists who help make their
    products a success. I've been a 20+ year Apple loyalist
    but this is the last straw. When my Touch is obsolete
    it's goodbye ipods for me. And for now I'm boycotting
    itunes and buying my mp3's from Amazon (better
    quality no DRM and cheaper to boot). I'm not buying
    anything from Apple anymore. I'm sick of being
    dumped on by Steve Jobs.
    • yer a moran!

      dint'cha know that technology werks that way?

      buy a gizmo today, an' next week ya can get it fer less bucks an' more thinga-majigs.

      go buy a dell ya moran!

      btw: yeah, steve jobs hates you, its all his plan and all to keep ya winers outta his