Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3.0 - Which one will you choose?

Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3.0 - Which one will you choose?

Summary: Opera 9.50 is out today. Firefox 3.0 will be released on Tuesday. Which one will be your browser of choice - or are you going to be using another browser?

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Opera 9.50 is out today. Firefox 3.0 will be released on Tuesday. Which one will be your browser of choice - or are you going to be using another browser?

I've been running betas/RC of both of these browsers over here and I've had very few issues. And one thing is for sure, if you're currently running Internet Explorer 7, then switching to either of these browsers will mean you gain speed, get improved CSS compliance, and consume less system memory. In fact, the truth is that you can't do any worse than run IE7. That browser really is a dog.

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So, will one of these new versions entice you to change your default browser, or are you going to stay with what you know?

Me, I'm still on track to make the leap to Firefox 3.0.


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  • Firefox 3 mainly, but some others as well...

    Firefox 3 is and will remain my main browser. Partly because of my favourite add-ons Adblock and Noscript.

    However, I have Opera and Epiphany installed as well. Mostly for troubleshooting Firefox.

    Greeting, Pjotr.
    • MY choice for browser

      Without question is Firefox 3. I have used the betas since November, and I like what I see.

      No Script and Ad Blocker Plus are two addons I can not live without.

      It is such a pleasure not to see all of those annoying ads blocked. On this page, the filter "http://adlog.com.com/*" blocked a lot of hits. Using a filter can stop javascript from being loaded. If you surf the 'net, then you have to "use protection" and IE doesn't have it.
    • Firefox for Me

      I also use noscript; and I love nosquint! Firefox 3 is SO MUCH FASTER than Internet Explorer. I would be lost without Firefox.
  • the one that's free.

    • Say What??

      All browsers for desktops are free...
      • He probably means RMS's definition of free

        Free as in freedom. Firefox is open sourced. Opera and IE are not.
        Michael Kelly
        • Won't work for Firefox

          It may be open source but it's not GPL.


  • I really wish I could use one of these browsers

    But the fact remains that I have too many admin tools that require IE to function and ditching these isn't viable. So I'm stuck with IE. Doesn't make sense to use both together from a resources standpoint, so I don't.

    Maybe someday these tools will be less dependent on IE but until then using Firefox, Opera, Safari, or the rest remains something I do at home where my demands are less of any issue for any of them.
    • IE Tab

      There is an interesting plug-in for Firefox that is called IE Tab. It allows to use IE within Firefox. It works pretty well and even uses the auto proxy configuration URL often used by companies.

      In my company, some internal sites require IE to be accessed. With IETab I can still sue Firefox.

      It works with Firefox 3.0 RC2.
      • I'll check it out. Thanks. (nt)

        • IE Tab is nice, however...

          Just be aware that sometimes you'll have rendering issues. Not every page will necessary look correct in IE tab. It's not perfect, but then again, it can't be since it is, by definition, trying to emulate the most imperfect browser around... =D

  • RE: Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3.0 - Which one will you choose?

    I have been using opera since it was first made available years ago. It was a great lightweight browser then and it still is now. I will stick with opera.
  • RE: Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3.0 - Which one will you choose?

    I love Opera and IE, but now i use Maxthon.
    • So...

      If you use Maxthon, you're really using IE. Maxthon doesn't fix enough of IE's flaws to make it a viable option, I don't think.
  • Firefox 3.0 for sure

    First of all because it is multi-OS and one can have one's Bookmarks on all systems. Seconldy, it is fast and efficient. Third, I prefer the user-interface, though I am not fond of the new Mac look version (I have tried, and never got used to Opera).
    • Opera is...

      Also multi-OS (Windows, Mac, Linux), booksmarks share across systems, fast, doesnt use much memory, its the most standards compliant, and 9.50 has a nice look to it.

      The one up that FireFox has is more plug-ins. I actually use them both depending on the system I am using. I do not like FF for Mac either though, I use Camino or Opera on my Macs.
      • Opera's...

        UI is totally disgusting. Firefox 4 life. I predict Opera's death in the near future!
        • I like the new opera 9.5 interface....

          It gives opera a more robust look and feel. The redesign makes using tabs much easier. Opera is here to stay...so is Firefox...Safari for windows needs a quick painless death ..i have Safari 3.1 installed for it's speed..but thanks to FF3 and Opera 9.5 it's utterly useless now...deletion imminent!
          • One problem with Opera

            I do a lot of browsing using Google maps and Opera does not support that on any of the sites I use. In fact one of them says to use Firefox.

            I do like the Opera Community site. Lots of good stuff there and the people are really nice. Firefox is more tuned to problem solving and not so much to a community of users who have a lot of interesting things to share.

            I also like that first screen of Opera where you use the speed dial. Works very well.

            Now if Opera had more of the tuning options that Firefox has I would probably be using Opera more.
          • Try version 9.5

            I don't remember ever having a problem with google maps when using the previous Opera versions, but this version runs Google maps flawlessly based on the testing i just did in response to your post.In fact i even went as far as to test google maps in opera 9.5 for Linux and it works there too..