Poll of the Day - Vista vs. Leopard

Poll of the Day - Vista vs. Leopard

Summary: In the TalkBack section of my previous post on Leopard and Vista, bahamude came up with great idea for a poll. Being a sucker for polls, I decided to run with the idea!


In the TalkBack section of my previous post on Leopard and Vista, bahamude came up with great idea for a poll. Being a sucker for polls, I decided to run with the idea!

So, here we go. One Vista poll, one Leopard poll. As always, try to answer as honestly as possible! ;-)

[poll id=195]

[poll id=196]

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  • Leopard wins so far...

    It appears that out of the approx 19 votes so far, Vista was a disaster and Leopard was great. (I apparently voted with the popular opinion)
  • Ah, but the second Vista machine!

    Went flawlessly. Once I knew where the issues were I had no problems getting around them. I'd guess the same is true of Leopard. And, dare I say it, Tiger and XP. We're just so used to knowing what to avoid in the older systems that we don't even think about it anymore.

    Back in the earliest days of micro computers (pre PC) I used to install word processing systems. The users for the most part were transitioning from typewriters. They would often complain about the keyboard on their new system. The stock response was to tell them the keyboard needed a "break in period" and that I would visit them again in a couple of weeks to see if they still had an issue. This was total BS but without fail there were no complaints on my return visits. It was all in getting used to something new. New OSs are largely the same.
  • Early results match my experience...

    Vista was problematic initially, and just feels slower.
    Leopard was a pleasant surprise...
    Guess it's Adrian's turn to bash Apple on behalf of
    ZDNet... Makes it tough to take things seriously here...
  • Comparing Apples and diamonds

    So let's just review.

    MS releases a secure OS that will be used by open hardware on 90% of the world's computers. Some drivers aren't available, lots of ABMers and Mac fanbois complain, but essentially Vista does the job.

    Apple releases an insecure OS (firewall off yeah!) for less than 5% of the computing public on proprietary hardware. The OS has troubles installing, looks like it hasn't been tested with any third party software and its much lauded apps (e.g. Time Machine) have serious problems.

    Pity this wasn't Apple's usual strength - redesigning and rebadging other people's technology. They'll get there eventually, but lack of experience sure shows.
    • I totally agree

      XP -> Vista introduced a brand new network stack and [b]much[/b] tighter default security, something that all by itself, was pretty much guaranteed to cause problems with older applications that simply assumed administrator permissions. Vista's UI is also a huge upgrade from XP. While XP 64 bit existed, it certainly wasn't very popular, not as popular as Vista 64 bit is going to be so again, we have a huge change that really should cause huge backwards compatibility problems. The fact that I was able to upgrade from WinXP 32 bit to Vista 64 bit without any issues is actually quite a feat!

      Now we examine Tiger -> Leopard: same UI, same default permissions, an upgraded iChat, and a new backup utility. I was on record as saying this would be a flawless upgrade because Apple really hasn't given you very many new things for your $129 and the new things they have given you aren't really changes to core components, more like neato utilities that are tacked onto the OS. I am [b]blown away[/b] by how badly Apple screwed up such a tiny upgrade though. I will forgive them for the hell they put everyone through during the OS9 -> OS X upgrade since that was a radical change but 10.4 -> 10.5 should have been smooth sailing. Yikes! The truly scary thing is that Apple has a habit of throwing everything out and starting again every few years (have to get more money out of their vict... um... consumers!!). Considering how badly they screwed up 10.4 to 10.5, I shudder to think what the 10.5 -> 11.0 upgrade is going to be like!

      Every day I thank G-d that I never got trapped in the Apple ecosystem. Give me Linux for functionality and Windows for compatibility any day of the week! There is no need for Apple.
      • Jobs has never done well with success.

        He's an egomaniac like no other. Fine as an underdog, but give him a success and he'll knock the wheels off himself.
        • You're joking right?

          Apple is growing. What are you talking about?
        • You're funny -

          Job's hasn't been convicted of operating an Abusive Monopoly either,
          but he's still very successful. And it's SO cool that Apple has been
          successful without forcing an OS on people who don't want it. Before
          you flame me - it's a civil case and I know Gates isn't considered a
          criminal - Just his actions are. Here's the findings of fact to read if
          there are any questions - MS Civil Action No. 98-1232.

          So tell me what's wrong with being an egomaniac when no one gets
          hurt? Not even Steve apparently.
          • if jobs had a monopoly instead of 4-5% of the market you can

            if jobs had a monopoly instead of 4-5% of the market you can bet he would be 100X worse than bill has ever been hes a classic
            narcissistic. who thinks the world should bow down and kiss his feet. like banning a publishing house from the apple stores just because they published a book he did not like.

            tell me he would not abuse his power if he ever had any.
            SO.CAL Guy
          • No one hurt?

            [b]So tell me what's wrong with being an egomaniac when no one gets hurt? Not even Steve apparently. [/b]

            Try telling that to the folks who actually LOST data.
      • Your post is laughable considering -

        The poll so far. More Leopard users who have upgraded did it
        flawlessly - 45% (Leopard) vs. 35% (Vista) - 345 votes. It's a sad day
        when people read the stats and still quote the wrong results.

        My upgrade path is similar to this poll. After numerous upgrades on
        both platforms - pretty much equal in hardware specs - Leopard
        upgrades in 45 minutes (30 min more to verify dvd - didn't have
        option to verify dvd on vista upgrade) and Vista upgrade was 90+

        No real problems though, and all machines have all updates installed.
        That's something I read in a prior post last week. Update your
        machines - THEN - upgrade them. Works great.

        And please tell me when you haven't been able to install an OEM
        video card/hard drive/network card/modem/usb or whatever in a
        Mac box. I've been doing that for more than a decade. Just because
        PC's have more generic hardware doesn't mean it's not there for
        Apple. But most Apple non-users don't know the facts - just the

        Oh - the UI has changed too - use Leopard a bit more to refresh
        yourself. (and i didn't pay $129 but still got ALL the upgrade - not a 6
        tier, multi-priced, peicemeal OS unless you bought Ultimate ).
    • And what job did Vista do?

      Spur Hardware sales? Software upgrades? Purge piracy through intrusive
      measures? Stealthy installing software at no ones discression but MS's?

      I'm still trying to figure out exactly what job Vista does serve, seems MS
      is having the same problem...
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • Don't repeat things like a zombie

      You should know what you're talking about before blurting out misinformation.
    • Interesting you forgot to mention -

      In XP's opening day - the firewall was off. The abm'rs were quick to
      point that out. Now it's your turn. Go for it - again.

      Also, please explain "insecure"? If you mean "NEW" then it is insecure.
      But please show me a *nix system that is less secure than a windows
      system? If you can, you better tell most of the internet/governments/
      airlines and most of the world they are wrong about security.

      Windows boxes are strong for workstations, but weak for servers/
      security/enterprise reliability. That's why *nix still runs the world.
      Let's see what the future brings - and if MS can pull off its' Singularity
  • Wow, Leopard is more of a disaster than Vista!

    21% of people who installed Leopard thought it was a disaster. Only 13% of people who installed Vista thought it was a disaster. I guess this proves once and for all that the positive spin you see in the blogosphere regarding Leopard is nothing more than paid Apple advertisement! Real people voting in a real poll have spoken and they think Leopard is more of a screwup than Vista!
    • Bad statistics and analysis

      You don't have a good sample size to make any conclusions based on the numbers.
      Besides the population of readers at ZDNet is not representative of the average user.

      Also, you can't make generalized comments about reviewers and bloggers because,
      this may come as a shock to you, but, there are no conspiracies.

      I'm not paid by anyone, and so far my Leopard experience on two machines has been
    • Gotta agree with YinToYourYang

      Especially when it's changing. Overall, I'd say a Vista upgrade is the
      best MS has done so far. I've never had an MS upgrade that went well
      - till Vista. It was always - backup data/format hd/clean install/install
      app's/restore data/count the day complete cuz it took it away.

      I've been upgrading Apple versions over the years with no problems
      ever. Had to buy new stuff when I bought OSX though, my PowerPC
      was getting old.
  • Hmmm...interesting numbers

    So if, Mac only has like 5% marketshare and
    Windows has like 75% market share, how
    come the total percentage of voters are not
    reflected here?

    Totals right now are 86 total Mac votes and
    Windows has 112 votes. That sure means
    there are alot of Mac voters to Windows
    voters on this poll. 75% of the votes were
    Mac users? really? Is there really that many
    Mac users to Windows users here?

    Makes you go hmmmm....
    Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • Herd mentality.

      Mac fanbot: "there's a leopard vs. vista poll on zdnet, tell all your friends".

      Just kidding. Honestly, this poll is worthless, since zealots will vote disaster on the opposing OS.
    • Mac zealots use multiple accounts

      They've admitted to that already.